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2018 Flash Sale Email Marketing Campaign Formula [TEMPLATE]


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Send this 3-Part email campaign to your segmented list of non-buyers and generate a customer acquisition frenzy turning inactive prospects into engaged buyers.

To convert new buyers for your business you must answer this important question in the prospect’s mind…

“Why should I buy RIGHT NOW?”

Price going up? Limited quantity?

The Flash Sale Campaign Formula puts to use 2 major conversion triggers proven to activate buyers…

1- A deep discount
2- A limited time

Think Groupon... or ANY Black Friday Sale.

The campaign objective is NOT profit — instead, the primary goal is ACQUISITION. Offer as much value as you can at the lowest price you can stomach...

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2018 Flash Sale Email Marketing Campaign Formula [TEMPLATE]

  1. 1. THE “FLASH SALE” CAMPAIGN FORMULA This campaign is less about content, and more about getting the click.
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE ● Make as many sales as possible in as short a time-period as possible ● This is done by running a BIG sale for a VERY BRIEF period of time. NOTE: ● Due to the aggressive nature of this campaign, it is ​not recommended that you deploy it ​more than once in a 30-day period.
  3. 3. Email 1: Be direct as to the topic and benefit to segment as much “low-hanging fruit” as possible before scarcity kicks in. SUBJECT LINES: ● How to [INSERT KNOWN DESIRED END RESULT] (and save XX%) ● [FLASH SALE] - [PRODUCT NAME] ● 72-Hour Sale Starts Today [OPTION 1: Benefit-driven opener...] Have you ever wanted to [INSERT KNOWN DESIRED END RESULT]? Well now is your chance... Recently I [wrote/recorded/rolled out a report/video/training/widget] about… that does [DESCRIBE TOPIC/PRODUCT] and I want you to have [a copy/it/one].
  4. 4. [OPTION 2: Frustrated opener...] Are you frustrated by [INSERT REASON TO BE FRUSTRATED RELATED TO PRODUCT/TRAINING. Ex “the lack of traffic or leads you're getting from Facebook]? I was too, which is why I [CREATED/SOURCED/PUBLISHED/PRODUCTED/ETC.] [NAME OF PRODUCT/TRAINING], the [SOLUTION TO FRUSTRATION POINT ABOVE. Ex - “definitive, step-by-step formula for turning "fans" into customers”]. You can [access/get/buy] it right now at: [LINK TO LANDING PAGE] Normally ​[PRODUCT/SERVICE NAME]​sell for $​[XX]​, but for a limited time you can get this for just $​[XX]​. Yep, just $​[XX]​! That’s over ​[X]​%! No trials… no subscriptions… no shenanigans… …I want you to have it because even if you don't think you need it today, trust me… you will! So get access today before the price returns to normal: [LINK TO SALESPAGE]'ll be glad you did. :) Talk soon, [YOUR NAME] P.S. Be sure to grab this deal while it’s fresh on your mind, because if you wait it will be gone: [LINK TO SALESPAGE]
  5. 5. Email 2: While the first email was more straightforward to the topic, this one is more about the deal itself. Subj: Really…REALLY?! Subj: Have you seen this yet? Subj: ​[RESULT]​For Only $​[XX]​? Have you really not seen this yet? [LINK TO SALES PAGE] If you’re on my list, it’s fair to assume you ​[DESCRIBE INTEREST OR BENEFIT – ex. “...want to play the guitar” / “...want to get more clients” / etc.] If so, then this is the ideal next step: [LINK TO SALES PAGE] Best of all, for the next 24 hours you can save ​[X]​%!! But this FLASH SALE is ending, so check it out now...before it’s too late. Talk soon, [YOUR NAME] P.S. Remember, the ​[X]​% sale ends ​[TOMORROW]​at [TIME]… please don't pay full price… Claim your discount here: [LINK TO SALESPAGE]
  6. 6. Email 3: Pushes a little harder, and deploys scarcity as a "reason why" they need to click the link. Subj: Third and FINAL Notice Subj: LAST CHANCE Subj: [LAST CHANCE]​[XX]​% off sale ends today! Subj: Flash Sale is CLOSING Subj: Flash Sale is EXPIRING Sorry for the ALL CAPS in the subject line… …but this is important. A few days ago I released “​[NAME OF PRODUCT/SERVICE]​”… ...did you see it? [LINK TO SALESPAGE] If not, you need to get yours TODAY, because tomorrow the price will be MUCH higher. So if you're frustrated by ​[LIST FRUSTRATION]​, then you need this: [LINK TO SALESPAGE] But do it NOW because the ​[XX]​% off flash sale ends ​[TIME]​. Talk soon, [YOUR NAME] P.S. Sorry for making such a big deal about this, but if you’re on my list I know it’s something you’ll love, and the last thing I want is for you to be upset when [the offer expires / it closes / the price goes up / etc.]. People are loving it...the feedback is incredible and best of all it’s ON SALE! But the sale ends today, so this is absolutely your LAST CHANCE. Get it now before it’s too late: [LINK TO SALESPAGE]