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Buyer keywords SEO cheatsheet


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In this report, we share a buyer keyword list of 281 red hot keywords - with examples from certain niche markets - each with proven buyer intent.

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Buyer keywords SEO cheatsheet

  1. 1. Achieve Alleviate Auction Avoid Bargain Bargain [product name] Benefit Best Best [product name] (online) Best [product name] site Best [product name] website Best + product type + in year. Best of [product name] Best price for [product name] Best savings for [product name] Big [product name] Biggest [product name] Bonus Brand name [product name] Brand names Brand new [product name] Budget Budget [product name] Build Buy Buy [product name] (online) Buy [product name] with credit card Buy [product name] with paypal The Ultimate Buyer Keywords List Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 1
  2. 2. Buy one get one for 1 cent Buy one get one free Buy one get one half-off Buying Cash back for [product name] Cheap Cheap [product name] (online) Cheapest Cheapest [product name] (online) Cheapest price for [product name] Clearance Clearance [product name] Closeout Closeout [product name] Code with Compare Compare [product name] Comparison Computer tutorial Coupon Coupon code for [product name] Coupon for [product name] Cure Deal with Deals Dependable Direct Directions Discontinued [product name] Discount Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 2
  3. 3. Discount [product name] Discount code Easily Easy Economical Eliminate End Expensive [product name] Explain Explaining Fast Faster Find a [product name] Fix For children For couples For girls For guys For kids For men For newbies For sale For seniors For students For women Free Free shipping Free tutorial Free tutorials Frugal Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 3
  4. 4. Gain Get [product name] (online) Get a [product name] Get rid of Good price for [product name] Great buy Guide Guide (s) Guide to Heal Healthy High price [product name] High priced [product name] How How can How do How do i How do you How to How to … with [product name] How to build How to get rid of How to make Immediately Improve Improving Increase Inexpensive Inexpensive [product name] Install Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 4
  5. 5. Instruction Instructions Internet tutorial Learn Learning Lease Low cost Low cost [product name] Low priced Low priced [product name] Lowest price for [product name] Luxury Luxury [product name] Method (s) Model numbers Need New New [product name] Now Offer On sale Online Online tutorial Order Overcome Password Personalized Plan (s) Prevent Program(s) Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 5
  6. 6. Protect Purchase Quick Quicker Quickly Rebuild Recover Reduce Reduced Reduced [product name] Refurbished [product name] Relieve Remedy Rent Repair Resonable priced Restore Review Reviews (s) Sales-priced Sales-priced [product name] Save Savings Scam Second hand [product name] Secret Secret code Secret codes Secrets Simple Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 6
  7. 7. Software Solution Solve Step by step Study Technique That works Tips Top Top 10 + product type + in year Top of the line [product name] Training Treat Tutorial Tutorials Unique Unlock Used Used [product name] Value Video Videos Where can Where can i Where can i buy [product name] Where to buy [product name] (online) Where to find [product name] (online) Where to shop for [product name] (online) Wholesale [product name] coupon Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 7
  8. 8. [product name] coupon code [product name] discount [product name] for cheap [product name] in stock [product name] on sale [product name] overstock [product name] pre-owned [product name] promo [product name] promo code [product name] review [product name] special where to buy [product name] (online) buy [product name] (online) where can I buy [product name] where to find [product name] (online) where to shop for [product name] (online) cheapest [product name] (online) cheap [product name] (online) best [product name] (online) get [product name] (online) best [product name] website best [product name] site best price for [product name] cheapest price for [product name] lowest price for [product name] best savings for [product name] cash back for [product name] coupon for [product name] coupon code for [product name] [product name] bonus Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 8
  9. 9. luxury [product name] high price [product name] high priced [product name] brand name [product name] big [product name] biggest [product name] expensive [product name] top of the line [product name] best of [product name] how to … with [product name] new [product name] used [product name] budget [product name] inexpensive [product name] low cost [product name] low priced [product name] good price for [product name] reduced [product name] sales-priced [product name] clearance [product name] closeout [product name] compare [product name] buy [product name] with credit card buy [product name] with paypal bargain [product name] discontinued [product name] discount [product name] second hand [product name] refurbished [product name] brand new [product name] Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 9
  10. 10. find a [product name] get a [product name] Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 10
  11. 11. Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 11
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  26. 26. Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 26
  27. 27. Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 27
  28. 28. Is the intention of the keyword to solve a problem? How to cure acne. How to stop my dog from barking. How to get rid of ants. How to stop snoring. How to stop smoking. Is it to enhance your lifestyle? How to get a better golf swing. How to jump higher. How to be more attractive to women. Is it to show you how to do something? How to build a chicken coop. How to create a garden shed. How to create Youtube videos. Buyer Keywords SEO Cheatsheet 28