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Monroe college Brochure masters program


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Study Metro help international students to study in USA and Abroad Countries , Call our adviser at 91-8088-867-867 or visit

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Monroe college Brochure masters program

  1. 1. Urban Focus. Global Reach.
  2. 2. Why the King Graduate School is Unique King Graduate School programs are designed to train individuals to become leaders equipped to face unique challenges. To accomplish this, the King curriculum features project-based and community-centered learning and research that is immediately applicable in a wide range of workplaces and community settings. While we emphasize an urban context, our graduates are valuable in any setting that requires management and leadership skills to tackle problems, find solutions, and discover new opportunities for growth and change. At the King Graduate School you will advance your career and make a positive impact on your workplace and community. “The King Graduate School prepares you to become a leader, face challenges and apply solutions.”
  3. 3. What King Graduate School offers: 4 A common core curriculum—provides you with a solid academic foundation. 4 A choice of contemporary concentrations—to customize your experience and pursue your passion. 4 A caring faculty of knowledgeable professors and practitioners who are with you every step of the way. 4 Unmatched academic, career and personal support services — for life. MISSION: The King Graduate School prepares students to understand the unique challenges of urban communities around the globe and to have a positive impact on them through a focused curriculum and applied research. King Master’s Degree Programs The King Graduate school offers four Master’s degree programs: 1. Master of Business Administration 2. Master of Science in Criminal Justice 3. Master of Science in Executive Leadership in Hospitality Management 4. Master of Public Health KING GRADUATE SCHOOL VALUES • A commitment to teaching and learning in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, criminal and social justice, public health and safety • An integration of local, national and international perspectives • A practical, research-based approach to improving communities
  4. 4. New York City is our Backyard With a curriculum that emphasizes experiential learning, New York City is the ultimate training ground for our graduate students. New York City is home to over 8 million people, the largest city in the United States. An economic powerhouse with thriving finance, hospitality, healthcare, media and technology industries, New York provides many internship opportunities for our graduate students. Plus, it contains an incredibly diverse population and an excellent laboratory for the new ideas that our students wish to test. On-Campus, Online, or Both Our graduate programs take into account today’s busy schedules. The vast majority of our graduate students are already working. Therefore, we offer students a wide range of formats and schedules to allow them to earn an advanced degree. Flexible classes allow students to attend after work or on Saturdays. Students can study fully online, while still reserving the option to take some classes in person. It’s a unique blended benefit that delivers the best of both worlds.
  5. 5. Master of Business Administration For any Business that Suits You Today’s business entrepreneurs are scientists, computer programmers, chefs—you name it. Furthermore, you’re just as likely to find them on Main Street as you will on Wall Street. That is why the King MBA is as customizable as your business. The core curriculum teaches all the fundamentals. Students can then add concentrations in some of today’s hottest fields including healthcare, finance and information technology. People have noticed. In a short time, we’ve grown into one of the top 15 largest MBA programs in the metropolitan area, according to Crain’s New York Business. Please, give us a call and share your business passions. We’d like to help you make them a reality. M.S. in Criminal Justice Su Revitalizing Urban Communities, Holding Them Together The M.S. in Criminal Justice prepares professionals for the challenges of the 21st century. Whether you aspire to join a leadership role in law enforcement, child advocacy or substance abuse prevention, you’ll be helping communities build a safety net that is essential to their foundation. Our innovative curriculum will deepen your understanding of the changing national and international environment while allowing you to focus on specific areas of interest such as urban crime policy, community development or human services. Whatever your choice, you’ll gain the specialized knowledge needed to genuinely make a difference in people’s lives. student’s Corner “I wanted to participate in a program that included complex and critical analysis of organizations utilizing business management principles.” student’s Corner “The M.S. in Criminal Justice program at Monroe allowed me to tailor my curriculum to my interests. The focus on research and urban development has increased my passion and knowledge for human services. I think that when I graduate I’ll be well prepared with novel solutions to tackle the long standing issues that urban communities around the world face every day.” M.B.A. Concentrations: 4 Marketing 4 Health Care 4 Entrepreneurship 4 Community Development 4 Finance 4 Information Technology M.S. in Criminal Justice Concentrations: 4 Urban Crime Policy 4 Community Development 4 Human Services
  6. 6. student’s corner “The MPH provides me with an understanding of global health issues on a local community level.” Master of Public Health Place Yourself at the Vanguard of Urban and Global Health Issues The Master of Public Health program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in public health and for those who want to enhance their careers. The program offers two concentrations: Community Health, and Health Administration and Leadership. These concentrations are driven by a curriculum that provides extensive knowledge and skills needed to conduct the essential public health services. The first semesters involve traditional public health coursework, while the last semesters are devoted to a practice-based internship, and a thesis paper based on an outcome-oriented project. The MPH program prepares students to pursue careers in government agencies, academia, health care institutions, public health interest groups, and non-profit organizations upon graduation. M.P.H. Concentrations: 4 Health Administration and Leadership 4 Community Health M.S. in Executive Leadership in Hospitality Management Rise to Your Highest Potential The M.S. in Executive Leadership in Hospitality Management program prepares students for leadership positions in a variety of industry sectors as well as entrepreneurial endeavors. These areas include senior management of hotels and resorts, convention services, strategic development for tourism boards, international tourism development, real estate development projects, business ownership and academia. Travel and hospitality have become prominent national industries across the globe, requiring an increasing number of professionals at all skill levels. As hospitality expands, professionals holding graduate-level degrees will be required to fill the needs of the bourgeoning industry. student’s corner “My career in Hotel and Hospitality management will expand with the practical knowledge I gain from high level industry professionals in my courses.”
  7. 7. InternationalDiversity InternationalDiversity Anna-Kaye Jamaica Apeksha India Bokyung South Korea Andre Spain There’s something about New York that inspires. The city has so much energy and students possess strong determination and big dreams. At Monroe, over 175 international students arrive each year with one common goal – success. Since 1933, Monroe has been more than just a home away from home for students from nearly every continent in the world; it has been an extended family. Today, that family includes scholars from Spain, India, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Japan, South Korea, the Caribbean and more. Add to this impressive mix a varied student body from the United States and you have a college as rich and textured in its diversity as it is in its educational curriculum. Join us!
  8. 8. When changing other people’s lives is as important as changing your own life… Applying to King Admission to the King Graduate School is competitive. Applicants should hold a bachelor’s degree or its international equivalent from an accredited undergraduate school and should have a demonstrated record of academic success. Depending on the program of interest, students may need to take foundational workshops simultaneously with their Master’s course work. 1. Complete and submit your application online. 2. Submit your credentials including: 4 All undergraduate transcripts 4 Two letters of professional recommendation 4 Current resume 4 An essay of 500 words describing your goals for the future 3. Pay your $50 Application fee. 4. Once your admissions package is complete, an interview is required between every prospective student and the Admissions Dean of the graduate school. International and Online Students may conduct their interview over the telephone or via Skype. The admissions interview covers the following areas: 4 A discussion of your educational goals, career goals and outside interests 4 An overview of the graduate program and course requirements 4 An introduction to the financial aid process and the affordability of Monroe Visit:
  9. 9. BRONX King Graduate School Monroe College 2375 Jerome Avenue Bronx, NY 10468 718.933.6700 NEW ROCHELLE King Graduate School Monroe College 434 Main Street New Rochelle, NY 10801 914.632.5400 ST. LUCIA King Graduate School Monroe College PO Box CP 5419 Barnard Hill Castries, St. Lucia 758.458.2120 email: