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Agent Singapore, By Study Metro


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Agent Singapore, By Study Metro

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Agent Singapore, By Study Metro

  1. 1. Tuition Provider Premier College by Cert No.: EDU-2-2071 Validity: 30/11/2015 29/11/2019 *Amity Global Institute (Registered with CPE ) Registration Number: 200606974C Registration Period with CPE: 18/07/2015 to 17/07/2019 *CPE denotes Committee for Private Education which is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) AGENT HANDBOOK 2018 Student Recruitment Student Recruitment
  2. 2. C O N T E N T S ABOUT SINGAPORE S ADVANTAGE 1 ABOUT AMITY GLOBAL INSTITUTE 3 VISION, MISSION, VALUES & CULTURE 4 LEARNING ENVIRONMENT 5-8 Facilities Teaching Staff Teaching Methodology Attendance Requirements Teacher-Student Ratio AGENT S CODE OF CONDUCT & OBLIGATION 9-10 STUDENT PROTECTION & SUPPORT SERVICES 11-22 Pre-Course Counselling Pre-Admission & Post-Admission Services Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) Medical Insurance Standard Student Contract Refund Transfer & Withdrawal Deferment Appeal Feedback & Grievance Procedure Dispute Resolution Policy HOW TO APPLY? 23-24 TRAVELLING TO SINGAPORE & ARRIVAL PROCESSING FOR 25-26 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS DO S & DON TS WHILE IN SINGAPORE 27-30
  3. 3. Singapore is a tropical country with a high average temperature of between 29 to 34 degrees Celsius throughout the year. It is located in South East Asia and is a small nation-state comprising ofapopulationofabout5.7millionpeople. A valid Student Pass is required for an international student to study in Singapore. This pass will be processed in Singapore and by Amity. Being a 4-year EduTrust Certi ed institution, Amity students are not required to make any security deposits to the Authorities. Students are encouraged to come to Singapore only when the student pass is approved. Amity will then arrange for the necessaryproceduresforstudentstocollectthestudentpass. All International students will need to be covered by a Medical Insurance and have their course fees protected under the Fee ProtectionSchemeofwhichAmityalsosubscribesto. Singapore laws state that International Students studying in Private Education Institutions are strictly not allowed to work. For further information on immigration requirements, rules, regulations and laws, please refer to the Immigration and CheckpointsAuthority(ICA)website WhyastudentwouldwanttostudyinSingapore? Education plays a crucial role in modern day societal development and is a life s chance to excel in individual s aspiration. Singapore strongly believes in the importance of investing in Education to enable the workforce to remain ready, relevant and responsive to the ever-changing needs of the Global Economy. With the Singapore experience, you will get a chance to be plugged into an education system that promotes excellence and experience rst-hand the vibrancy of a progressive, cosmopolitan rst world city, rich in culture and heritagenotedfor: BeingahubforEducationalExcellence Havingastableeconomythatispluggedtoglobalstage Its rstworldinfrastructuralfacilitiesandaccessibility Its rstworldqualityoflife ABOUT SINGAPORE S ADVANTAGE 1
  4. 4. HubforEducationalExcellence Over the years, Singapore has evolved its education system to one that endeavours to meet the needs of individuals aspirations and nurturing talents. Singapore is a strong proponent of life-long learning. Students with certi cates and diplomas issued by a Singapore PEI registered with the Committee for PrivateEducation(CPE),couldeitherentertheworkforce or continue with graduating programmes. There are numerous opportunities that graduates can choose from the menu of job opportunities; professional and skills-based programmes offered and widely accepted in Singapore. The presence of a highly-rated and rigorous education system, and a nation that believes in investing in education, will collectively offer local and international students an enriching and ful lling learningjourneytorealisetheirlife saspiration. StableEconomy The island state, though small in size and with a modest population of 5.7 million people, has become a reputable nancial centre, a key regional trading centre, the world's busiest port, and a much sought after location for investment opportunities. Singapore has earned global recognition and is often cited as a modelforgovernancetransparencyandef ciency;safe and secure environment with political stability to live in anddobusinesswith. InfrastructureandAccessibility The nation's rich multicultural heritage is an experience that students must attempt to assimilate in. Education is not just about paper chase alone. For an all-rounded education experience, one must also be enriched by the culture and be enlightened with the heritage of the foster state . Rich with the customs, cultures and traditions of the various ethnic groups (Chinese, Malays,Indians,Eurasians)livingharmoniouslytogether is the distinct value-add and takeaway that you can identify with the Singapore experience. Be sure to experience rst-hand, the multi-racial traditional practices, customs and festivals. With about over 1,000,000 foreign talents living and working in Singapore, their unique cultures and perspectives brought in, add colour and vibrancy to cosmopolitan Singapore. AVibrantCity Singapore, the island state bustles all over with attractions and activities. Dining and shopping are two of the top-rated activities of locals and visitors. The staggering range of local and international cuisines with the proliferation of shops in the city and suburban centres are sights to behold and experiences to partake of. ESTIMATEDCOSTOFLIVINGINSINGAPORE Accommodation International students are required to make own accommodation arrangements. Our Student Support colleagues at Amity may however provide advice to students on possible cost-effective accommodations at no charge or commission. The range of monthly accommodation rates tabulated below is for students informationandguidanceonly. CostofLiving The table below provides guidance to International Students on the expected estimated cost of living in Singapore. Expenses CostperMonth* Accommodation(Rent&Utilities) S$300-800 Food S$300-500 PublicTransport S$50-100 Books&Stationery S$30-60 Others S$200-240 TotalperMonth S$800-1,700 TotalperYear S$9,600-20,400 *Costs are only provided as a guide 2
  5. 5. ABOUT AMITY GLOBAL INSTITUTE Amity Global Institute is part of the leading world-wideAmityEducationGroupwhichhasover twodecadesofexperienceinthefieldofeducation. Amity offers Industry Oriented Management Programmes designed by leading academicians and corporate world members. Benchmarking with the latest content and teaching methodologies across the world, the Programmes are an ideal platformforthelaunchofonescareer. Backed by professionals with decades of experience in the corporate world and in the education field, Amity provides the best mix of practice and theorytoensureyoursuccess. RICHINTELLECTUALCAPITAL The distinguished faculty comprises of experienced academicians from leading institutions and corporate leaderswithrichindustryexperience. PRACTICALANDRIGOROUSCURRICULUM The curriculum at Amity is highly industry-oriented with emphasis on all round personality enhancement and is geared towards making students ready for the corporate worldevenbeforetheystepintoit. MAXIMUMCORPORATEINTERACTION Amity organizes a series of events like CEO Dinner Series, CEO s Forum, Guest Lectures etc to assist students to regularly interact with Corporate Houses and renowned ManagementGurus. CAMPUSLIFE The students at the Amity is made to work really hard at learning the nuances of the corporate world, but there are lots of opportunities for having fun too. The students are endeavouring to make their mark in a highly creative field and it is vital for them to be able to hone their skills and showcasetheirtalents. AMITY ADVANTAGE 3
  6. 6. VALUES & CULTURE AMITY GLOBAL INSTITUTE VISION, MISSION, VALUES & CULTURE Social Responsibility Integrity Innovation Research Focus Industry Relevance MISSION To be an institution that nurtures talent to serve business and society. VISION To be an educational institution of excellence that advances knowledge and fosters life-long learning. 4 VISION MISSION VALUES CULTURE
  7. 7. MAINCAMPUS(TANGLIN) Our Main Campus (Tanglin) located in Kay Siang Road, is situated along Embassy Row , the diplomatic center of Singapore and nestled at the fringe of the city with proximity and accessibilitytokeybusinessdistricts. Address: 3 Kay Siang Road, Singapore 248923 5 CITYCAMPUS(NLB) Our City Campus is located in the National Library Building, a knowledge icon right in the heart of the arts, cultural, entertainment and civicdistrictofSingapore. Address:100,VictoriaStreet,NationalLibrary Building,#11-01,Singapore188064 2 Class Room Floor Area (m ) Capacity 2 Class Room No. 1 73.23 m 49 2 Class Room No. 2 27.96 m 19 2 Class Room No. 3 23.56 m 16 2 Class Room No. 4 49.27 m 33 2 Class Room No. 5 29.00 m 18 LEARNING ENVIRONMENT LEARNING ENVIRONMENT
  8. 8. Level Classroom No. Floor Area Maximum 2 (m ) Capacity Level 1 Engineering Lab 1 66 44 Engineering Lab 2 36 24 Classroom 1 25 17 Auditorium 198 N.A. Level 2 Fashion Studio 65 44 Group Study Room 8 6 Classroom 1 16 11 Research Room 1 16 11 Research Room 2 16 11 Classroom 2 13 9 Classroom 3 23 16 Level 3 Business Incubator 1 5 4 Business Incubator 2 4 3 Business Incubator 3 4 3 Business Incubator 4 4 3 Business Incubator 5 4 3 Business Incubator 6 4 3 Conference Room 35 24 Classroom 1 16 11 Classroom 2 14 10 Classroom 3 32 22 Classroom 4 22 15 Moot Court 1 10 7 Moot Court 2 10 7 Lecture Theatre 1 42 28 Lecture Theatre 2 41 28 Group Study Room 1 8 6 Group Study Room 2 8 6 Group Study Room 3 10 7 Level Classroom No. Floor Area Maximum 2 (m ) Capacity Level 3 Group Study Room 4 9 6 Group Study Room 5 9 6 Group Study Room 6 8 6 Group Study Room 7 9 6 Group Study Room 8 9 6 Study Room 9 7 5 Level 4 Class Room 1 23 16 Class Room 2 23 16 Class Room 3 24 16 Class Room 4 14 10 Class Room 5 23 16 Class Room 6 23 16 Class Room 7 36 24 Class Room 8 7 5 Class Room 9 7 5 Class Room 10 9 6 Class Room 11 9 6 Class Room 12 10 7 Group Study Room 1 9 6 Group Study Room 2 7 5 Group Study Room 3 7 5 Group Study Room 4 7 5 Group Study Room 5 7 8 Group Study Room 6 7 5 Group Study Room 7 7 5 Group Study Room 8 6 4 Group Study Room 9 7 5 Group Study Room 10 7 5 Group Study Room 11 6 4 Group Study Room 12 7 5 6 The optimum teacher-student ratio stipulated for Amity's courses is as follows: Course Teacher: Student Ratio Doctorate / Masters / Post Graduate Diploma 1: 20 Degree / Diploma / Certificate Courses 1: 30 The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) 1: 30 Preparatory Courses CAMPUS FACILITY AT MAIN CAMPUS (TANGLIN) LEARNING ENVIRONMENT LEARNING ENVIRONMENT
  9. 9. TeachingStaff We believe that in any academic institution, the quality of faculty is of utmost importance. At Amity, we pride ourselves in having some of the most talented and dedicated thought leaders in the country who come from the best institutions around the world. Not only are they academically and professionally amongst the best, but have high standardsofmoralandethicalvalues,sothattheycanbetruerolemodels. CoreFaculty At Amity Global Institute, the core faculty comprises of senior academicians in Singapore who have taught in reputableSingaporeandforeignuniversitiesandhavevastindustrialexperiencetoaddvaluetothecurriculum. VisitingFaculty In addition to the permanent faculty, leading professionals from the corporate world interact regularly with the students in the classroom as well as their workplaces. The students get a different insight into the subject with the rich industry experience the faculty shares with each of them. They encourage the students to look beyond the books andexplorethesubjectwithexperientiallearning. 7 OUR FACILITIES For more information on teaching staff please refer to website For Organizational Chart, please refer to LEARNING ENVIRONMENT LEARNING ENVIRONMENT
  10. 10. ATTENDANCEREQUIREMENTS Attendance Requirement for Local Students (Full Time) All students must maintain at least 75% of classroomattendance Any student, who has not achieved the attendance requirement, will be barred from the examinations/ assessments of the module concerned. Further the student needs to repeat the entire module with attendanceandpaymentoftherelevantfees. AttendanceRequirementforInternationalStudents Amity Global Institute is obliged to report to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) on international students who have failed to meet ICA requirementonattendance. The student should not fail to attend classes for a continuousperiodofdaysorwithoutvalidreason. The student should not have a percentage of attendance less than 90% in any month of the coursewithoutanyvalidreason. All the International students will spend at least 5 hours per day (5 days a week) within the school premise engaging in academic studies or meaningful activities (for example classes, tutorials, project work, enrichment activities or co-curricularactivities). If the student failed to meet any of the above requirements, the student pass may be cancelled and renewal will be granted to the student on case to case basis and is subject to the Immigration Checkpoints Authority'sapproval. International students, who have not achieved the attendance requirement of 90%, will also be barred from the examinations / assessments of the module concerned. Further the student needs to repeat the entire module with attendance and payment of the relevantfees. Attendance Requirement for Local Students (Part Time) Part time students are encouraged to achieve an attendanceof75%. 8 TEACHINGMETHODOLOGY The conduct of the courses uses a combination of lectures and tutorials. The lessons are supported through audio- visual media, quizzes, discussions, case studies, case analysis, team project, student presentation, role plays, simulation games, seminar and exercises to allow for an overallteachingandlearningapproach.Amityisdedicatedto ensure that every student who participates in the course will understand,interactandenjoythelearning. For more information on teaching staff please refer to website: LEARNING ENVIRONMENT LEARNING ENVIRONMENT
  11. 11. AGENT'S CODE OF CONDUCT AND OBLIGATIONS Student Recruitment Agents (Agents) refers to people or companies who are not staff of Amity but are engaged by Amity to recruit students and/or to do marketingonAmity'sbehalf. Amity provides training to its agents to ensure that they are able to recruit students in-line with the regulatory requirements and adhere to the Code of Conduct as highlighted in Agent Contract. The training introduces agents to the EduTrust requirements and provides information on the school and its culture, courses and procedures, marketing skills, etc. All new agents are required to attend the training. For existing agents, attending the training is compulsory beforetherenewaloftheagentcontract. CODEOFCONDUCT CodeofConductforAmity'sAgentisasfollows: a. Agent must at all time conduct himself / herself with integrity and in a manner that will re ect positively on the image and reputation of the Amity as reliable providersofqualityeducationandtraining. b. Agent shall at all time carry out the services in a professional, responsible and ethical manner and should not do anything that might disparage or prejudice theAmity'sinterest,reputationand/orgoodwill. c. Agent shall not contravene or in any way act in contravention to any provision orexpectationstatedintheirAgreementwiththeAmity. d. Agent shall not be engaged in any unethical practice and shall not make or allow to be made any misrepresentations or false or misleading statements normakeanyclaims,warranties,representationsorstatementswhichmaybe false,untrue,ambiguous,misleading,inaccurateorfraudulent. e. Agent shall at all time ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, orders and any other legal requirements in the Territory in regards to the performance of the Services and the marketing and/or promotion of the Amity and/orthesaleoftheProgrammes. f. Agent shall at all time ensure that he/she is aware of all relevant Singapore laws and regulations and rules or guidelines of any Singapore government agency and shall ensure that he/she does not breach in any way or do anything thatgoesagainsttheselawsandregulationsand/orrules. g. AgentshallpromotethemselvesandAmityfairlyandprovidehonest,accurate andcompleteinformationaboutthemselves,thestudent,theAmity. h. Agent must apply principles of fair trading when recruiting students and must not engage in high-pressure sales, bait and switch advertising or similar unfairpractices. 9
  12. 12. i. Agent shall ensure that he/she is not negligent, careless or incompetent such that they compromise the integrity of the Amity and/or Singapore'sreputation. j. Agent must not collect any money from the students under any circumstances other than the fee or commission speci ed in the Agreement. All other payments by the students are to be made to theAmitydirectly. k. Agent shall follow the Amity's prescribed proceduretoclarifyanydoubt. OTHEROBLIGATIONS RepresentativeofAmity The Agent shall market the Courses and recruit students with due care, attention and professionalism without compromising the integrity and reputation of Amity in Singapore andworldwideinanycircumstances. Without offering any promises or representations or warranties in respect of the Courses beyond Amity's established offer unless permission has been sought from, and expressly given in writing byAmity. Without holding out, at any time and in any circumstances whatsoever, that it and/or its representative(s) is/are the sole Agent(s) of Amity withexclusiverights. PromotionMediaandIntellectualPropertyRights The Agent is to obtain the prior written approval of Amity on all promotional and marketing activities that are connected to or which makes reference to Amity including the use in any manner of Amity's name and logo. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Contract shall be construed to confer upon the Agent any rights in respect of any trade names or trade-marks belonging to Amity or ofthegoodwillassociatedwiththem. Any deviation for the approved use of Amity's name and logo shall be subject to the written consent of Amity. The Agent shall ensure that the intellectual property rights of third parties are not infringed. ADMINISTRATIVEEFFICIENCYANDACCURACY TheAgentshall Ensure all required documents are enclosed with the student's course and pass application forms and deliver them promptly to Amity by the deadlinesset. Ensure that all forms are duly and correctly completedwithno eldsleftunanswered. Comply with all and any laws and regulations, whetherintheTerritoryorinSingapore. Adhere to all Amity and the Immigration's guidelinesregardingvisadocumentation;and Follow Amity's procedures in clarifying any doubtsitmayhave. Marketing The Agent shall play an active role in promoting courses offered at Amity including but not limited to conducting study tours, hosting exhibition, organizing seminars, and advertising in the newspapers. 10
  13. 13. STUDENT PROTECTION & SUPPORT SERVICES International Students will take up direct dealings with the housing agents and hostels to find suitable accommodation. Setting up of Bank Account Different requirements by the different banks Provide passport and Student Pass for identification Passport needed to cash Travellers Cheque Receive money from Parents in terms of bank drafts and these can be deposited in the Student s Account and drawn in 1 to 2 working days Orientation for all Students A comprehensive Orientation Programme will be conducted to introduce all Students of Amity to the Course andtheadministrationfacilities TheOrientationProgrammewillcover: Amity Vision,Mission,Values,Culture,Goals,Policyetc Who'sWho@Amity IssueofstudentIDcard(ifapplicable) School's location(s) and a general description of the facilitiesandinfrastructures IssueofClassSchedule/Timetable DetailsonCourseProgressionPath Details related to Module Guides, Module Definition Forms,etc Details related to Assessment (deadlines, marking, mitigation, academic appeals, assessment criteria and markingstandards,etc) Academicregulations Typeofcertificationawardedattheendofthecourse StandardStudentContract Attendanceregulations FeeProtectionScheme RefundPolicies WithdrawalPolicies TransferPolices Feedbackandgrievanceprocedures SchoolRulesandregulations StudentSupportServicesandWelfare HighlightthecontentsoftheStudentHandbook Reference to CPE official website ( for moredetails Course Deferment/Extension criteria and procedures relatedtosuspensionandexpulsionconditions PRE-COURSECOUNSELLING Counselling to students can only be provided by trained agents of the registered agency. The following minimum information must be highlighted to students during counselling & are required to complete the Pre-course CounsellingChecklist: General Information of the School refer to About Amity GlobalInstitute Information on Singapore refer to About Singapore s Advantage Courseinformation refertoAmity swebsite Entryrequirements refertoAmity swebsite Feeinformation refertoAmity swebsite Student Services & Support refer to section on Student Protection&SupportServices Application and Payment refer section on How to Apply Fee Protection Scheme refer to section on Student Protection&SupportServices FeeProtectionScheme Refund Policy & Procedure refer to section on Student Protection&SupportServices Refund Transfer & Withdrawal Transfer Policies & Procedures refer to section on Student Protection & Support Services Transfer&Withdrawal Student Contract refer to section on refer to section on Student Protection & Support Services Standard StudentContract PRE-ADMISSION & POST- ADMISSION SERVICES Amity provides comprehensive Student Support Services both pre-admission and post-admission for students, especially for international students. These services are free of charge for new students when utilizing these services offeredbyAmity. PRE-ADMISSIONSERVICES StudentPassApplication Assistance will be given to International Students to apply for the Student Pass with ICA. Accommodation assistance Assistance will be provided to International Students with contacts to housing agents and hostels. 11
  14. 14. POST-ADMISSIONSERVICES CareerGuidanceandAssistance All the students at Amity are provided with Career Guidance and Assistance. The Institute conducts various industry oriented activities which help the students to interact with the industry and facilitate their career progression. Rigorous efforts will be made by the school to provide the best of exposureandmentoringtothestudents. The students attend lectures by industry guests, undertake practical visits to various companies and also get involved in the implementation of live industry projects. Amity organises International conferences and panel discussions involving CEOs, HR Directors and Financial Institutions so that the students have a rst-hand interaction with the best of the recruiters in the Industry and are able to get a good platform toleveragetheirpotentialinfrontofthem CounsellingServices Student Support Of cers provide a baseline support for studentsandhavegonethroughsometrainingincounselling. Formorecomplicatedcases,studentsarereferredtoexternal quali ed persons or relevant national agencies. Amity has also engaged the services of Professional Counselling should a student wish to seek outside help in issues and have professionalcounselling. FireEmergencyProcedures FirstAid:ForFirstAidsupportpleasecontactReception Feedback,SuggestionBox,Feedbacke-mail,etc EmergencyContactDetails Do's&Don'tsinSingapore Relevant Singapore laws especially those relating to ICA and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) including immigration requirements, laws on driving, drugs and alcohol abuse, employment,smoking,trafficandlittering,etc Adviceonpersonalandmedicalinsurance Adviceonaccommodationandthecostofliving GeneralhealthcareservicesinSingapore 12
  15. 15. STUDENT PROTECTION & SUPPORT SERVICES ESCROW SCHEME CPE will be phasing out FPS Escrow by December 2017 due to weak demand. As such, Amity has discontinued any payments of course fee to the Escrow account with effect from 15 Nov 2017. Students who are currently under FPS Escrow can now make their course fee payment at the Accounts & Finance Office in Cash and Cheque; or via Internet Banking, ATM Transfer or TT directly to: Bank Name : DBS Bank Ltd Account Name : Amity Global Institute Pte Ltd Account Number : 003-923926-2 Bank Code : 7171 Branch Code : 003 Swift Address : DBSSSGSG Bank Address : DBS Shenton Way Branch, 6 Shenton Way DBS Building Tower 2, Singapore 068809 Upon receipt of payment, Amity will purchase FPS Insurance within 7 working days. MEDICAL INSURANCE Under the EduTrust, all students need to purchase medical insurance throughout their course of studies with Amity Global Institute. A SC/PR or a non-Student's Pass international student who is protected by his/her own medical insurance coverage of S$20,000 and above in Singapore can opt out from the medical insurance scheme arranged for by the Amity. If you do not have medical insurance, Amity will purchase the medical insuranceonyourbehalfatafeeof$100perannum(plus prevailingGST)whichwillbepaidbythestudent. Amity Global Institute has appointed medical insurance provider:LibertyInsurancePteLtd. This medical insurance scheme shall minimally provide for an annual coverage limit of not less than S$20,000 perstudent,atleastB2wardingovernmentandrestructured hospitals and 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas FEEPROTECTIONSCHEME(FPS) TheFeeProtectionSchemeservestoprotecttheStudents feesintheevent a Private Education Institution (PEI) is unable to continue operations due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure. Furthermore, the FPS protects the student if the PEI fails to pay penalties or return fees to the studentarisingfromjudgmentsmadeagainstitbytheSingaporecourts. The FPS is applicable to ALL students (regardless of nationality and the type of passes, i.e. dependent s pass, student s pass, work permit etc) taking courses in PEIs with EduTrust certification. It applies to all courseswithcoursedurationofmorethan1monthor50hours. Amity Global Institute has put in place the Escrow Scheme and Insurance Scheme arrangements to ensure that fees paid by students totheschoolareinsuredbyCPE-appointedserviceproviders. All fees refer to all monies that are paid by the student to be enrolled in the Amity except for Course Application Fee and Miscellaneous Fees. GSTisnotinclusiveaspartofthefeestobeprotected. Students are advised to email (email address: accounts1@ and notify Amity immediately of any payment madebyInternetBanking,ATMTransferorTelegraphicTransfer(TT). Formoredetailson Fee Protection Scheme, refer to peis/protection-of-course-fees FPS Instruction Manual, refer to peis/resources INSURANCE SCHEME Amity has appointed Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd as the provider of Insurance. FPS Insurance premiums are paid by Amity, unless stated in the StudentContractwhichhastobepaidbythestudentseparately. Amity will purchase insurance within 7 days upon collection of fees (after signing the Student Contract) through the application system of the insurance provider. Students will receive the insurance certificate viaemailfromtheinsuranceprovider. The insurance coverage shall commence from the fee payment date till thenextpaymentduedateorthecourseenddate,whicheverisearlier. Students who seek Deferment resulting in extension of the course duration will have to pay additional premium for the course fees applicabletotheextendedperiod. Students can make their Course Fee payment at the Accounts & Finance Office in Cash and Cheque; or via Internet Banking, ATM TransferorTTdirectlyto: Bank Name : DBS Bank Ltd. Account Name : Amity Global Institute Pte Ltd Account Number : 003-923926-2 Bank Code : 7171 Branch Code : 003 Swift Address : DBSSSGSG Bank Address : DBS Shenton Way Branch, 6 Shenton Way DBS Building Tower 2, Singapore 068809 13
  16. 16. 1. Inclusive of meals, subject to overall maximum limit of 90daysincludingR&B 2. For surgery procedures performed in private hospitals, the reimbursable amount is based on a percentage of the compensation limit as stated in the Schedule of Surgical Fees in the policy. You may obtain a copy of the Schedule ofSurgicalFeesfromtheInsuranceCompany. 3. Must lead to hospitalization and/or surgical procedure within90days. 4. Treatment must be sought in a hospital or clinic within 24 hours from time of accident and with proof of treatment received. 5. For expenses incurred within 90 days from the date of dischargefromhospitalordaysurgery. 6. Reimbursementofmedicalreportfee(maximumuptoS$100) 7. FreeupgradetoB1wardinSingaporeGovernment/Singapore GovernmentRestructuredHospital Please visit toaccessmoreinformationregardingthefollowing. Certificate for Group Medical Insurance and Confirmation LetterfromLibertyInsurancePteLtd StudentClaimForm ProductSummary GroupHospital&SurgicalInsuranceor more information on the Private Education Bill/ EduTrust pleaselogontothefollowingwebsite: BENEFIT SCHEDULE: 1. a) Daily Room & Board (R&B)1 b) Intensive Care Unit 1 2. Hospital Miscellaneous Services 3. Surgical Fees (Subject to Surgical Schedule – applicable to Private Hospitals only) 2 4. In-Hospital Physician’s Visits 5. Pre-Hospitalization Specialist Consultation Fees 3 6. Pre-Hospitalization Diagnostic X-Ray & Laboratory Test 3 7. Emergency Outpatient Accidental Treatment 4 8. Post Hospitalization Treatment 5 9. Medical Report Fee 6 10. Co-insurance will apply if insured student is warded in a higher ward in Singapore Government/ Restructured Hospitals or in private hospitals in Singapore or in hospitals outside Singapore Overall Maximum Limit Per Policy Period (S$) (Item 1 to 9) Additional Benefit (S$) 11. Outpatient Kidney Dialysis and Cancer Treatment Mental Illness (admission to Institute of Mental Health only) 13. Special Grant 14. Personal Accident (Death/Permanent Disablement Scale II) S$ 1-7 As charged in B2 ward in Singapore Government / Singapore Government Restructured Hospitals 10% 20,000 3,000 1,000 5,000 20,000 (if student is involved in school related activities) throughout the course duration, and the Student is encouraged to seek advice on whether more comprehensive insurance cover is required or desired. Students need to submit documentary evidence together with the Claim Form to Liberty InsurancePteLtd. 14
  17. 17. STANDARDSTUDENTCONTRACT PrivateEducationInstitution-StudentContract CPE, in aiming to enhance the confidence of students and their parents in the quality of education in Singapore, has stipulated that all Private Education Institutions must sign a Private Education Institution-Student Contract with students. The contract sets out the terms and conditions governing the relationship between the student and Private Education Institution. Amity Global Institute will honour all terms and conditions in the contract and in all communication materials. Students may request for a copy of the Private Education Institution-Student Contract from AmityorviewitontheCPEwebsite( COOLING-OFFPERIOD There will be a cooling-off period of 7 working days after signing the Private Education Institution-Student Contract. Students have the right to cancel the contract within the 7 working days and be refunded the highest percentage of the fees already paid if the students submit written notice of withdrawal to Amity within the cooling off period (refer to Clause 2.3 of Private Education Institution-Student Contract). Afterthecooling-offperiod,Amity srefundpolicywillapply. 15 STUDENT PROTECTION & SUPPORT SERVICES
  18. 18. REFUND POLICY The school's refund policy is as follows: Refund for Withdrawal Due to Non-Delivery of Course: Amity Global Institute will notify the Student within three (3) working days upon knowledge of any of the following: It does not commence the Course on the Course Commencement Date; ItterminatestheCoursebeforetheCourseCommencementDate; It does not complete the Course by the Course Completion Date; It terminates the Course before the Course Completion Date; It has not ensured that the Student meets the course entry or matriculation requirement as set by the organisation stated in Schedule A of the PEI Student Contract within any stipulated timeline set by CPE; or The Student s Pass application is rejected by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). The Student should be informed in writing of alternative study arrangements (if any), and also be entitled to a refund of the entire Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fees already paid should the Student decide to withdraw, within seven (7) working days of the above notice. Refund for Withdrawal Due to Other Reasons: If the Student withdraws from the Course for any reason other than those stated in Clause 2.1 of the student contract, Amity will, within seven (7) working days of receiving the Student s written notice of withdrawal, refund to the Student an amount based on the table below: REFUND PROCEDURES: 1. Application fee for courses is non-refundable and non- transferable. 2. Requests for refunds arising from withdrawal must be accompanied with an original fully completed hardcopy withdrawal. Request Form and supported with relevant documentary proof, where applicable. [100%] Refund (“Maximum Refund”) More than [60] days before the Course Commencement Date [25%] Refund Before, but not more than [60] days before the Course Commencement Date [10%] Refund After, but not more than [7] days after the Course Commencement Date [5%] Refund More than [7] days after the Course Commencement Date, but not more than [14] days after the Course Commencement Date No Refund More than [14] days after the Course Commencement Date If Student’s written notice of withdrawal is received Percentage of [the aggregate amount of the Course Fees and where applicable the Miscellaneous Fees paid] RefundDuringCooling-OffPeriod Amity Global Institute will provide the Student with a cooling-off period of seven (7) working days after the date that the Contract hasbeensignedbybothparties. The Student will be refunded the highest percentage (stated in Schedule D in the student contract) of the fees already paid if the Student submits a written notice of withdrawal to Amity within the cooling-off period, regardless of whether the Student has started thecourseornot. 16
  19. 19. STUDENT PROTECTION & SUPPORT SERVICES TRANSFER & WITHDRAWAL Amity briefs the prospective students on the Transfer / Withdrawal Policy during pre-course counselling session (by the Agent/ Student Support Officers or Marketing Executive) and later again during the orientation programme. Full details of the policy are also available on the Institute website and student handbook. The school targets students with a minimum of level of proficiency in English, so that they should have sufficient language abilitytounderstandthepolicyinEnglish. Transfer/WithdrawalPolicy Theschool'sTransfer/Withdrawalpolicyisasfollows: The Institute allows students to transfer from a course X to another course Y within the Institute. This is treated as a withdrawal from course X (refund policy will apply) and a re-enrolment with the school into course Y. The Institute may at its discretion give the re- enrolled student a discount on the course fee for Y. The discount may be up to the un-used portion of the course feeforX. TheInstituteallowsstudentstowithdrawfromacourse inaccordancewiththefeerefundpolicy. A transfer to another private school is regarded as a withdrawalfromAmityGlobalInstitute.Ifthestudentis below 18 years of age, the parent or guardian's approvalforthetransfer/withdrawalwillberequired. Transfer/WithdrawalProcedure Proceduretowithdrawal/transfertoanotherschool Theschool'sprocedureforwithdrawal/transfertoanotherschool isasfollows: The student gives written notice of his/her intention to withdraw using Withdrawal Request Form to the Student Support Officer. Student Support Officer hands the notice of withdrawal to the Department/Head-Marketing,whowilltalktothestudenttofind outwhyhe/shewantstowithdraw. If student does not change his/her intention, the Student Support Officer / Department / Head - Marketing will inform Principal,whowillinterviewthestudenttounderstandhis/her situationandtoadministertheendcoursesurvey(ifnecessary) The Principal, working with the other staff, attends to the various withdrawalmattersincluding issuanceofalettertostudenteffectingthewithdrawal cancellationofthestudentpass terminationofthecontract informingtheFPSprovider refundingthestudentasperrefundprocedure issuingtheattendancerecord,ifapplicable Details Transfer Withdrawal Circumstances The (new) course Principal to in which request is being run and interview first will be granted has vacancies. Additional fee Nil Nil payable Status of student Cancel existing and Cancel the pass apply a new student existing student pass for student pass. Condition for As per refund As per refund refund policy policy Time frame for 4 weeks 4 weeks processing The table below summarises the key aspects of the transfer andwithdrawalpolicies. 17
  20. 20. 18 Procedure to Transfer to another course withintheschool The school's procedure for transfer to another course within theschoolisasfollows: The student gives written notice of his/her intention to transfer course using Transfer Request Form. Student Support Officer hands the notice of transfer to the Department Head - Marketing, who will talk to the studenttofindoutwhyhe/shewantstotransfer. If student does not change his /her intention, the Student Support Officer / Department Head - Marketing will inform Principal, who will interview the student to understandhis/hersituation thePrincipalwill check that the student satisfies the Entry Requirements/Pre-requisiteoftherequestedcourse discusswithstudentthereasonsforhis/herwanting to transfer, and explain to the student the implications for his /her student pass, etc. The school must cancel the current student pass and apply for a new student pass for the new course. Students should not hold the school liable should thestudent'spassapplicationbeingnotbeapproved bytheSingaporeICA. informthestudentoftheschool'stransferpolicy The Principal, working with other staff, attends to or overseesthevarioustransfermattersincluding issuanceofalettertostudenteffectingthetransfer cancellation of the existing student pass and applicationforanewpass termination of the existing contract and signing of thenewcontract informingtheFPSprovider transferring the student's account to the new course inaccordancewiththetransferpolicy Students will be notified of the outcome within 4 weeks from the receipt of the transfer request. International students will be notified of the outcome of student's pass application upon approval by Immigration and CheckpointsAuthority,Singapore. The school's transfer / withdrawal procedure is describedinitswebsiteandstudenthandbook. The transfer / withdrawal records are kept in hard copy in the student file. The school's data management system also keeps a record of the student status, as per therequirementsforthestudentregister. FPS providers are informed of the student's transfer/ withdrawal status. A copy of the document is kept in the studentfileforreference. ICA, CPE and other relevant government agencies for all withdrawalcasesarealsoinformed.
  21. 21. STUDENT PROTECTION & SUPPORT SERVICES DEFERMENT POLICY & PROCEDURE Any student wishing to defer his/her studies must submit a fully completed Student Request Form indicating the reasons for deferment together with all supporting documents. Deferments are considered only on exceptional circumstances.Broadly,theyare: Medical (supporting documents include a medical certificateissuedbyareregisteredmedicalpractitioner) National Service (supporting documents include an order issued by the Ministry of Defence or an authorised governmentorganisation) Compassionate (personal letter and any relevant documents which support the student's request for deferment) Upon receipt of the Student Request Form, the Student Support Officer will process the application. For straight forward cases with complete supporting documents, the decision may be communicated in writing to the student concerned within 7 working days. If the documents submitted are incomplete and/or in situations where further clarifications are required in order for a fair decision to be made, the process may take up to a maximum of 21 workingdays. If the request for deferment is approved, the student will be required to make a deferment fee payment for the period requested (maximum of one academic year). Students will be obligated under the terms and conditions of enrolments and would be required to make their course fee payment in addition to the deferment fee charge. The student is further obliged to commence / continue the course within the stipulated recommencement date. Further requests for defermentsfromthesamestudentwillnotbeentertained. Important note: Deferment, suspension or cancellation of a student's enrolment may affect his/her student visa. Amity in accordance with the ICA regulations, will notify the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) in such instances. 19
  22. 22. APPEAL PROCESS • Students who have not passed their modules may submit an appeal for review of results using Results Appeal Form throughtheStudentSupportOfficergivingtheirreasons. • This appeal must be submitted within 1 week of the releaseofexamresults. • The Student Support Officer passes the Appeal Form to the Principal, who obtains the response from the teacher/markeronthemeritoftheappeal. • Principal then submits the appeal with the teacher's responsetotheExaminationBoardfordecision. • ThePrincipalcommunicatesthedecisionsoftheExamination Board to the students of the outcome of their appeal and the same is updated in the results in the Examination Register and the student is issued with the revised Results Notification Letter. (subject to any changes in the results) • Amity Global Institute works within the following timelines for processing and release of the final examination results andappealresults. a) Release of final examniation results – within 4 weeks aftercompletionofthefinalpaperoftheexamination b) Release of appeal results – within 4 weeks from the official date of release of the examination results (or 3weeksfromthecloseoftheappealperiod) • Amity returns the examination scripts / assignments to students after 4 weeks or more from the official date of releaseoftheexaminationresults. • A student whose appeal is unsuccessful may apply to Amity to take a re-test (also referred as re-sit) with payment of a re-test fee. This application must be submitted within 1 week of the release of the appeal results. If the student fails the re-test, he must either repeat the module in order to accumulate the required numberofpassedmodulesforgraduation. • A student who chooses not to appeal may apply to Amity to take a re-test, with payment of a re-test fee, within1weekofthereleaseoftheexaminationresults. 20
  23. 23. FEEDBACK & GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE 21 A student seeking resolution of a grievance should follow the steps outlined below. These steps have been put in place to facilitate resolution of grievances with a minimumofdelay. a. The Institute accepts feedback / complaints in hard copy (e.g. letter or fax) or soft copy (e.g. email) from thepublic,stafforstudents. b. The Institute gives an acknowledgement or initial responsetothefeedback/ complaintwithin3days. c. The Institute targets to resolve feedback / complaintswithin14workingdays. d. If the student still refuses to accept the second solution and before the maximum of 21 days, the school will propose that the matter to be resolved through the Dispute Resolution Scheme of the CommitteeforPrivateEducation. resolution e. All feedback / complaints (including disputes) and the actions taken to resolve them are filed in the school's Complaint Log that also provides information on nature of complaint / grievance and thetimetakentoresolve. *If the parties fail to reach a settlement through mediation, the student may opt to progress to Stage 2 – arbitration for a resolution.
  24. 24. DISPUTE RESOLUTION POLICY It is the Amity s policy to reach a fair and amicable solution (that is, a solution is found to address the grievance that is fair and acceptable to parties, the student and theschool). POLICY The Institute gives an acknowledgement or initial response to the feedback/ complaintwithin3workingdays. The Institute targets to resolve feedback/ complaintswithin14workingdays. The aggrieved party, the student, must submit the grievance in writing to the Institute. 22
  25. 25. HOW TO APPLY Step1:AdmissionRequirements Ensure that you have met the entry requirements for the coursethatyouareinterestedin. Please refer to Entry Requirements in the Website ( Step2:Fillupalltheforms Pre-CourseCounsellingChecklist StudentApplicationform ICAform16&V36(forinternationalstudent) Step 3: Provide the following supporting documents 4passport-sizephotographswithwhitebackground 1 photocopy of applicant s original passport (Please photocopy the page showing applicant s personal particularsandtheexpirydateofthepassport) 1photocopyoforiginalbirthcertificate Certified True-copy/Notarised copies of your highest educationalcertificatesandtranscripts Proof of English Proficiency; either IELTS/TOEFL scoresheet or a letter from institution certifying English is medium ofinstruction 1 photocopy of original birth certificate (for international student) Letter of employers certifying period of employment (If applicant has left school for work after completion of last qualification) Documentaryproofoffinancialabilityandparent smonthly income statement/Bank statement/Fixed Deposit accounts/ Saving accounts indicating deposit of USD $18,000 equivalentormore(forInternationalStudent) LegalGuardian sNRIC(asapplicant ssponsor-ifapplicable) The Course Application fees is non-transferable and non- refundable&payableto"AMITYGLOBALINSTITUTEPTELTD". Course Application fees for Masters, ACCA, Amity PG Diploma, Amity Advance Diploma, Foundation & Certificatecourses S$150 -(onetime for Local i.e, Singaporean, Dependent Pass&otherPasses) S$350-(onetimeforInternationalstudents) CourseApplicationfeesforBachelors&AmityDiplomas S$100 -(onetime for Local i.e, Singaporean, Dependent Pass&otherPasses) S$350-(onetimeforInternationalstudents) CourseApplicationfeesforDoctorofBusinessAdministration S$500 -(onetime for Local i.e, Singaporean, Dependent Pass&otherPasses) S$1000-(onetimeforInternationalstudents) NOTE: Theaboveapplicationfeeisexclusiveof7%GST. Additional supporting documents may be required on a case-to-case basis, which our staff will advise the applicantaccordingly. Onlyduplicatecopiesofthesedocuments(exceptphotographs) should be submitted to the School. Original copies of the documents may be required by the ICA upon approval of theStudent sPassapplication. 23
  26. 26. HOWTOAPPLYApplicant MUST bring along original copies of these supporting documents when entering Singapore to complete formalities for Student s Pass application at theICA. Documents in foreign languages MUST be translated into Englishlanguageandlegallycertified More Information on Student s Pass application is available on the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority s Types of payment Modes for course application fee: Cash / Cheques / Demand Draft / Banker's Draft / Online Transferonly OnlypaymentinS$isaccepted Step4:Sendusyourapplication You are required to mail application form and all required documents to AMITY GLOBAL INSTITUTE at the following address: AMITY GLOBAL INSTITUTE Main Campus (Tanglin): 3 Kay Siang Road, Singapore 248923 Phone: +65 6602 9500 ; Fax : +65 6602 9509 E-mail : Note: Please make sure that your application forms and documents reach us at least 3 weeks before course commencement Step5:AcceptancebytheSchool If the student meets the eligibility requirements, an interview is conducted. Upon clearing the interview, the student application is considered as accepted. Once the student application is accepted, the following Enrolment Documentation areprovidedtothestudent: Offer Letter (generated by Student Management System andsignedbythePrincipal) AdvisoryNote Student Contract (2 copies) generated by Student ManagementSystemandsignedbythePrincipal DetailsforStudentEscrowForm StudentHandbook Confidentiality&Non-DisclosureAgreement Students acknowledgement on joining the course after thecommencementdate(ifapplicable) Students acknowledgement on availing discount on the coursefeesinsteadofLaptop/Ipad(ifapplicable) Declaration for Opt-Out of Medical Insurance Scheme (if applicable) Once the above documents are received, student will providetheschoolwiththefollowing, CopyofOfferLetterwithdulysignedasaccepted Advisory Note signed by the student and guardian / parents(whereapplicable) Student Contract (2 copies) signed by the student and guardian/parents(whereapplicable) Step6:FeePayment Upon receiving the letter of acceptance from the student, the Amity shall also ensure that the following are adhered to: All fees refer to all monies that are paid by the student to be enrolled in the Amity except for Course Application Fee and Miscellaneous Fees. GST is not inclusive as part of the fees tobeprotected. Students are advised to email (email address: and notify Amity immediatelyofanypaymentmadebyInternetBanking,ATM TransferorTelegraphicTransfer(TT). Amity will purchase insurance within 7 days upon collection of fees (after signing the Student Contract) through the application system of the insurance provider. Students will receive the insurance certificate via email from the insuranceprovider. PaymentMode Cash Cheque(Payableto:AmityGlobalInstitutePteLtd.) ATMTransfer InternetBankingandTelegraphicTransfer(TT)directlyto: BankName : DBSBankLtd. AccountName : AmityGlobalInstitutePteLtd AccountNumber : 003-923926-2 BankCode : 7171 BranchCode : 003 SwiftAddress : DBSSSGSG Bank Address : DBS Shenton Way Branch, 6 Shenton Way DBS Building Tower 2, Singapore 068809 S t u d e n t s s h o u l d e m a i l ( e m a i l a d d r e s s : and notify Amity immediately of any payment made via ATM Transfer, InternetBankingandTT. 24
  27. 27. FlightArrangements Student makes flight arrangements to Singapore upon receivingtheConditionalLetterofOffer. Ensurestatusof StudentPassbeforeconfirmingdeparture. Money International Students should travel to Singapore with about US$1,000 (S$1,700). This will help in the payment of down payment for accommodation and living expenses forabout2weeks. Money-changing services are available at the Airport and atotherapprovedmoneychangersinthecity. International Student should also have the means to pay for thefirstpaymentoftheCourseFeesaccordingtotheInvoice. Relevant original documents for Immigration atChangiAirport,Singapore Documentstobeproducedinclude Validpassportforminimumof6months ConditionalLetterofOfferfromAMITYGLOBALINSTITUTE CopyofApproved-in-PrincipleLetterfromICA ArrivalProcessingbyAmityGlobalInstitute Amity will process the International Student for admission andpayments includingverifyingalloriginaldocuments Payment should be paid according to the Schedule of Payment for the Course as stipulated in the Student Contract. Student will proceed to ICA for completion of student passprocessingformalities. StudentPassprocessingatICA Documentstobeproducedinclude Validpassportforminimumof6months BirthCertificate EducationalCertificatesandResultTranscripts ConditionalLetterofOfferfromAMITYGLOBALINSTITUTE CopyofApproved-in-PrincipleLetterfromICA ProofofFixedDeposit ProofofParents Occupations Other Documents as advised in the In Principle Approval ofStudentPass MedicalScreening International Students receive the In-Principle Approval LetterfromICAandproceedforMedicalScreeningataclinic. Estimatedcost:S$50 Obtain the Medical Report and submit to ICA to exchange fortheStudentPass. Requiresabout3workingdaysforthewholeprocess. 25 TRAVELLING TO SINGAPORE & ARRIVAL PROCESSING FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
  28. 28. WHILE IN SINGAPORE All foreigner entering Singapore are required to hold a valid pass allowing them to stay in Singapore. The purpose of the valid pass is to regulate the stay of foreigners in Singapore. It may be granted at the checkpoint to a foreigner who wishes to enter Singapore for social, business or professional purposes or as a tourist. Students of foreign nationality are not allowed to work in Singapore during study time or vacation time unless they are granted Work Pass exemption under the Employment of Foreign Manpower (Work Pass Exemptions)Notification. in-singapore/Pages/employment-of-foreign- students.aspx#sthash.agjtseSo.dpuf. Source: Singapore has strict laws on littering of any kind. First-time offenders face a fine and subject to Corrective Work Order (CWO). The CWO requires litterbugs to spend a few hours cleaning a public place, for example, picking up litter in a park. They are made to wear bright jackets, and sometimes, the local media are invitedtocoverthepublicspectacle. Source: cleanliness No smoking in allowed in public areas, E.g.; buses, MRT, taxis, lifts, theatres, cinemas, government offices, and in air-conditioned restaurants and shopping centres. Dropping a cigarette butt in the street would lead to fine of minimum S$300. Singapore has a mandatory caning sentence for vandalism offences. Caning may also be imposed for immigration violations and other offences. Source: There are strict penalties for possession and use of drugs as well as for trafficking in illegal drugs. Trafficking charges may be brought based on the quantity of illegal drugs in a subject's possession, regardless of whether there is any proven or demonstrated intent to distribute the drugs. Possessing these quantities is considered evidence of trafficking. This means, if a person possesses these quantities, they are deemed to be a trafficker and therefore subject to the death penalty; is a maximum of 10 years' jail or fine of S$20,000, or both as defined by the authorities. This MISUSE OF DRUGS ACT (MDA)compel both residents and non-residents to submit to random drug analysis and do not distinguish between drugs consumed before orafterenteringSingaporeinapplyinglocallaws. Source: There are strict penalties for those who possess or carry arms, or who commit crimes with arms while in Singapore. The authorities define "arm" as any firearm, air-gun, air-pistol, automatic gun, automatic pistol and any other kind of gun or pistol from which any shot, bullet or other projectiles can be discharged or from which noxious liquid, flame or fumes can be emitted, and any component part thereof. This definition also includes any bomb or grenade and any component part thereof. The unlawful possession of any arm or ammunition could result in imprisonment and caning. Any person convicted of committing a crime with an arm could receive punishment which could result in the maximumpenaltyofimprisonmentforlifeandcaning. Source: olled+and+Prohibited+Goods.html 26 DO s & DONT s
  29. 29. Any possession of Cigarettes, Liquors and branded goodsaresubjectedtoCustomsClearance. Source: olled+and+Prohibited+Goods.html AsSingaporeisacompactcity,weneedtosharemanyof our public spaces. It is common for the practices of different races and religions to exist side-by-side in one locality. For example, public housing void decks can be used for private events such as weddings or community functions such as block parties. The Sedition Act and Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act preserves harmony among the different races and religious groups, by preventing individuals from inciting ill-will, division or hatred among different groups, or among those from the same ethnic group. One thing that must beobservedinSingaporeisnottodirectethnicinsultsat a person of a different race or religion. We should also not insult or defame the ethnic and religious practices of other groups, our national symbols and other Singaporeans. In Singapore, discussion and mediation are encouraged as ways to solve differences and Singapore enforces strict laws pertaining to the propriety of behavior between people and the modesty of individuals. The Singaporean law "Outrage of Modesty"isdefinedasanassaultoruseofcriminalforce on any person intended to, or knowing it to be likely to, outrage the modesty of that person. Penalties may include imprisonment for up to two years, a fine, caning, or a combination thereof. Men are sometimes accused of inappropriately touching other people, often women, resulting in their prosecution and punishment under thisSingaporeanlaw. Source: Students of foreign nationality are not allowed to work in Singapore during term time or vacation time unless they are granted Work Pass exemption under the Employment of Foreign Manpower (Work Pass E x e m p t i o n s ) N o t i f i c a t i o n . in-singapore/Pages/employment-of-foreign- students.aspx#sthash.agjtseSo.dpuf. Source: To drive a vehicle in Singapore, a valid Singapore driving licence for the class of vehicle that intended to drive. This requirement applies to all citizens and permanent residents of Singapore and also foreigners who are residing in Singapore for more than twelve (12) months. Foreigners who reside here for less than twelve (12) months must possess a International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by an authorised body in their country of origin e.g. the Automobile Association (AA). If an International Driving Permit is not available, an official translation of your foreign licence in English is required. Driver from ASEAN member countries only need to possess a valid driving licence issued by the relevant driving licence Authority in order to drive in Singapore withoutIDP. Source: http://driving-in driving_in_singapore/services/information.html Other: A person is below 18 years old, are prohibited frombuyingandconsumingtobaccoandliquor. 27 WHILE IN SINGAPORE DO s & DONT s
  30. 30. Residents and visitors to Singapore must abide by all prevailing Singapore laws Source link: (Type penal code on the seach and click Penal Code (chapter 224)) Refer to Singapore Penal Code for more information on Singapore law CULTURE AND ETIQUETTE Handshaking is a warm way of greeting others regardless of racial background. Once invited to a home remove your shoes and also while entering a temple or a mosque. Be punctual for the appointments. Exchange of cards is quite common and while giving hold it with both hands. It is considered proper to address by using Mr., Mrs. or Miss and not first names. Don't touch opposite sex as it may not be received in a good light. On the other hand don't point with your finger this is considered rude and you may use entire hand with the palm to drawattention. Source: 28 WHILE IN SINGAPORE DO s & DONT s
  31. 31. HEALTHCARE Singapore s healthcare system has gained an international reputation for impeccablestandards,withstate-of-the-artmedicalfacilities. OutpatientMedicalServices Outpatient medical services can be sought at private clinics. In Singapore, you can find a General Practitioner (GP) in practically every neighbourhood. In fact, there is often more than one clinic within a neighbourhood. Anyone can walk into these private clinics, although you maywishtocallfirstforanappointmenttocutdownonwaitingtime. HOSPITALS PublicHospitalsinSingapore There are seven public hospitals in Singapore comprising seven general hospitals,awomen sandchildren shospitalandapsychiatrichospital. Six national specialty centres provide specialist services for cancer, cardiac, eye, skin, neuroscience and dental care.There are also community hospitals for intermediate healthcare for the convalescent sick and aged whodonotrequirethecareofthegeneralhospitals. For medical emergencies, you may head straight for a hospital s Accident and Emergency (A&E) unit. Usually, some form of identification and a doctor sreferralletter(ifany)willberequestedfor. At public hospitals, non Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents may only stay in A (with 1 or 2 beds per room) and B1 (4 beds) wards. The charges in these wards are not subsidised and charges for Class A wards are SGD 200 per day onwards. There are no restrictions for private hospitals which charge from SGD 310 per day for a single room. These chargesexcludetreatmentandotherfees. PrivateHospitalsinSingapore The private hospitals in Singapore include Camden Medical Centre, East Shore Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital, Mount Alvernia Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Raffles Hospital, Thomson Medical Centre. Most private hospitals offer executive or VIP suites. Some also offer premium medical services, such as Gleneagles Hospital s elite health screening and the International Patients Centre at Raffles Hospital. Camden Medical Centre, which is also centrally located, houses some 59 specialist clinics andthelatestsuiteofsupportingmedicalfacilitiesandservices. OtherMedicalServices There are also many specialist clinics in Singapore offering services in dentistryandoptometry. 29 WHILE IN SINGAPORE DO s & DONT s
  32. 32. For further information contact: + 65 660 29500 (9 Lines) Version 5.0 *This brochure contains key information, accurate as at time of print on 18th May, 2018. For the most updated and complete programme information, refer to our website at Amity Global Institute reserves the right to change the information, herein at any time . Main Campus (Tanglin): 3 Kay Siang Road, Singapore 248923 City Campus (NLB): 100 Victoria Street, National Library Building #11-01, Singapore 188064 Phone: + 65 6602 9500 (9 lines) | Fax: + 65 6602 9509 | E-mail:, | Website: