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Tiffin university international brochure by Study Metro


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Tiffin university international brochure by Study Metro

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Tiffin university international brochure by Study Metro

  1. 1. 800.968.6446, x3401 Email: » MASTEROFBUSINESSADMINISTRATION &TIFFINUNIVERSITY MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) Concentrations » Finance » General Management » Healthcare Administration » Human Resource Management » International Business » Leadership » Marketing » Sports Management ONLINE AND SEATED OPTION DISCOUNTS Fraternal Order of Police, FOP Discount Current members of the Fraternal Order of Police who apply for the FOP discount may be awarded a $250 per credit hour discount off of the normal tuition cost. Military Discount A serving member of the armed forces, including the Armed Forces Reserve and National Guard, will be eligible to receive a $250 per credit hour discount from Tiffin University off the normal tuition price. Tiffin Bachelor’s Degree Discount Alumni of the Tiffin University bachelor’s degree program are eligible for a discount on TU graduate school tuition. The discount will save students $150 per credit hour. Marathon Employees Current employee of Marathon Petroleum may be awarded a $250 per credit hour discount off of the normal tuition cost. ACCREDITATIONS Tiffin University is authorized by the Board of Regents of the State of Ohio to award the MBA degree. The program is regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The program has also received a national and international stamp of approval with an accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) Concentrations » Finance » General Management » Healthcare Administration » Human Resource Management » International Business » Leadership » Marketing » Sports Management ONLINE AND SEATED OPTION $700 PER CREDIT HOUR 36 CREDITS
  3. 3. THE MISSION OF TIFFIN UNIVERSITY Offer quality, professionally-focused, learning-centered undergraduate and graduate degree programs and life-long learning opportunities to prepare traditional college-age students and adult students for successful careers and for productive and satisfying lives of excellence, leadership and service. Work with employers and specific professions to anticipate, design, and deliver effective academic programs that reflect evolving professional needs and intellectual requirements of the future.
  4. 4. Whatever your major in the SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, you will learn from teachers with real-world experience who will instill the skills and knowledge needed for you to succeed in your future. Employers look for well-rounded individuals who not only possess speak- ing and writing skills, but who can think critically and communicate ideas and beliefs. The faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences provide students with these skills in areas ranging from the arts and music to communications, culture, science, and history, and help students to prepare for their lives after college graduation. MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN JOYCE HALL-YATES, J.D. Without viable thinking and commu- nication abilities, students in the 21st Century will not be able to engage intensively in the cultural, social and technological changes impacting all professional roles in society. The School of Arts and Sciences is the educational foundation for all academic programs at Tiffin University. Our general educa- tion courses prepare students to be critical thinkers, engage in teamwork, communicate with clarity, and understand cultural and ethical implications of human behavior. With these abilities, a person will be successful in any career choices they make. The School of Arts and Sciences supports degree programs in Arts Administration, Communication, Education, English, Exercise Science, Forensic Science, General Science, History, Paralegal Studies, and Professional Music. Our school also has supporting coursework with other majors at Tiffin University in the School of Business and the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences. We have diverse, talented professors who help our students investigate many different facets of human thought that shape our culture and society. The faculty and staff of the school will assist any student to discern her or his area of interest and pursue a course of study leading to profession- al success. We take the time to listen and guide students to achieve their highest potential. It is my privilege to represent the faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences. We welcome your interest in Tiffin University, whether you’re a present or prospective student. SCHOOLOFARTS&SCIENCESSCHOOLOFARTS&SCIENCES
  5. 5. ARTS ADMINISTRATION Have you ever pictured yourself managing a dynamic music or visual arts organization? Major- ing in Arts Administration at Tiffin University can provide you with real opportunities in arts management. For example, you could be in charge of a community or regional perfor- mance hall, or a professional musical ensemble or entertain- ment company. You might be managing an advertising agency, a recording studio, or a related music business. You could just as easily find yourself in man- agement for an art museum, art gallery, or art co-op, either in the public or private sector. The pos- sibilities are as limitless as your imagination, and as boundless as your motivation to succeed. Concentrations » Music Industry gives students the opportunity to develop a foundation in the language and practice of music. The curriculum includes core courses in music theory, practices, and historical development. » Visual Arts equips students with the tools to recognize, discuss, and criticize works of art and architecture, both verbally and in written form. Career Opportunities » Art / Gallery Manager » Art Handler » Booking Agent » Audio / Recording Engineer » Tour / Event / Booking Manager » Box Office Manager » Production Coordinator » Technical Director COMMUNICATION If you’re looking for a “people profession,” Communication could be the perfect fit for you. Among the many professions that hire graduates with a Communication degree are education, training, corporate communication, public relations, personnel, sales, media, advertising, journalism, law, marketing and politics. In fact, employers often identify communication skills as the most important asset of their employees. Concentrations » Electronic Media is designed for students interested in cre- ative or technical positions in film, television, or the interactive electronic or print design indus- tries. You’ll learn visual com- munication theory and practical hardware and software skills. » Journalism teaches you the specific investigative, writing and production skills neces- sary to work as a professional journalist. You’ll also learn the tradition and responsibilities of professional journalists. » Public Relations will prepare students to manage an organiza- tion’s images and campaigns. You’ll learn writing, conceptual, planning and strategy skills. Career Opportunities » Media Buyer » Copywriter or Editor » Announcer » Journalist » Public Affairs Specialist » Promotional Specialist » Graduate or Law School » Director of Communications / Social Media
  6. 6. EDUCATION Responsive, personable, connected, career-oriented are all words that can be used to describe Tiffin University’s innovative Education degree programs through a unique partnership with Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio. Concentrations » Integrated Language Arts major provides students with the coursework for a degree in English as well as license requirements for Adolescent and Young Adult teaching credentials for Integrated Language Arts, grades 7-12. » Integrated Social Studies provides students with all of the coursework for a degree in History and license requirements for Adolescent and Young Adult teaching credentials for Integrated Social Studies, grades 7-12. » Middle Childhood Education provides students with the opportunity to teach in one of the following disciplines: Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, and Science, grades 4-9. Career Opportunities » Grades 4-12 Teacher » Board of Education » Professional Associations » Graduate School » Intervention Specialist » Principal » Guidance Counselor » Reading or Math Specialist » Literacy Coach ENGLISH English majors study our liter- ary heritage from an aesthetic perspective and will develop analytical thinking, research, and writing skills. This major serves as an anchor for individuals seeking to teach language arts in grades 4-12. Good writers are always in demand. From creative writ- ing, script writing and public relations writing, to editing – it’s all relevant to a host of in-demand careers. Tiffin Uni- versity’s English majors study with professors who have worked in a variety of fields that demand good writers. English clubs » English Enthusiasts is a campus organization com- prised of English majors and other interested students. Among their activities are the operating and editing of the TU Review, Tiffin University’s literary magazine, and hosting movie nights, poetry readings, cultural events, and explora- tions of literature and writing. » The TU Times, the college newspaper, is published during the academic year. Students can write, edit, take photographs and design the newspaper. Career Opportunities » Technical Writer » Editor » Market Researcher » Teacher » Copywriter » Government Grant or Speech Writer » Script Editor or Writer » Journalist » Graduate or Law School EXERCISE SCIENCE This program will help students build a solid founda- tion of the scientific principles underlying modern exercise physiology. The Tiffin University Exercise Science Lab has been equipped with equipment that will allow students to experience and practice the new knowledge they have acquired in the classroom. Students will perform studies on body composition, flexibility, maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), musculoskeletal fitness and physiology, the biomechanics of exercise, thermodynamics, etc. Career Opportunities » Exercise Physiology » Occupational Therapy » Physical Therapy » Sports Medicine » Athletic Training » Personal Training » Coordinating Wellness Programs » Coaching for strength and conditioning SCHOOLOFARTS&SCIENCESSCHOOLOFARTS&SCIENCES
  7. 7. FORENSIC SCIENCE (with a focus on lab technology) Students earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Forensic Science learn the legal, ethical, natural science, and laboratory skills nec- essary for effective professional careers. You will be exposed to the same coursework as a stu- dent following the BCJ in Forensic Science track, but you will also obtain a deeper knowledge of microbiology, genetics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, forensic anthropology, forensic pharma- cology, physics, and calculus. With this degree, you will re- ceive the scientific background needed to work in any crime lab. You will develop proficiency in both knowledge and application of rules of evidence handling and processing, chemical and bodily fluid analysis, and presentation/ explanation in court, while also developing a broad understand- ing in the fields of chemistry and biology. All students interested in a Forensic Science degree major will first be admitted to the BCJ in Forensic Science. Students may then apply for admission to the BS track during their fourth semester or after achieving a 3.3 GPA in 9 specific core courses. Career Opportunities » Chemistry Laboratories » CSI Units » Forensic Laboratories and/or Law Enforcement Agencies » Forensic Science » Law » Allied Health » Medicine GENERAL SCIENCE The General Science program is multi-disciplinary (requires basic mastery of several sci- ences beyond the introductory level) and enables students to develop skills that relate to a wide variety of topics, ideas, and experiences. Concentrations Designed to provide the student with a broad-based science curriculum with interdisciplinary components for students seek- ing certification to teach science at the middle school level, or a broad base of content knowledge and laboratory skills in each of the major scientific disciplines to pursue a science related career. » Behavioral Science » Chemistry » Green Technologies Career Opportunities » Health-Related Careers - Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical Technology » Writing Careers - Science, Technology, Natural History » Business - Sales, Health Care Administration, Production HISTORY History majors study, assess, and interpret the past to de- termine what happened, how these events unfolded and why they were important. Such an educational experience provides students with an extensive knowledge of human thought and experience through time and across cultures. In addi- tion, History majors learn vital, widely applicable skills such as research, analysis, and written and oral communication. This major also serves as an anchor for individuals seeking to teach social studies in grades 7-12. History Internships TU has strong relationships with The Washington Internship Cen- ter in Washington, D.C., and with the Hayes Presidential Center, located in Fremont, Ohio. In ad- dition to formal internships, you’ll have the opportunity to work with professors in specific areas of research, as well as participate in History major-focused clubs. Career Opportunities Historians as: » Educators: Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, Post-Secondary, Historic Sites, Museums » Researchers: Art Galleries, Special Collections » Communicators: Writers and Educators, Journalists » Managers: Archivists, Librarians Museums and Historical Organizations “The classes in the School of Arts & Sciences give a view of what actually goes on in the career for which we are preparing. Not only do they teach us what the careers are about, but they show us how to prepare for reality. It’s not all about the books, it’s about life.” Erin Snapp ’14 Psychology major West Liberty, Ohio
  8. 8. SCHOOLOFARTS&SCIENCES PARALEGAL STUDIES Tiffin University’s Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies de- gree is designed for students interested in gaining substan- tive and procedural knowl- edge of the legal system in order to gain employment under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Students will develop knowledge and expertise concerning the legal system, engage in ana- lytical research and writing methods, draft court and legal documents, learn law office management and docketing systems and professional in- terviewing. Students will also study the application of legal principles to the resolution of problems in the administra- tion of criminal justice, such as jury selection, police stress, and designing effective reha- bilitation programs. Paralegal students will learn through both academic course work and technical skills classes while at Tiffin University. This education will be also supported through an internship, in which students will work in a paralegal position, implementing the academic knowledge and technical skills learned in the program. Career Opportunities » Law Firms » Corporation law departments » Governmental agencies » Courts » Insurance companies and agencies » Banks » Financial firms » Engineering Firms » Legal Clinics » Hospitals and medical service providers PROFESSIONAL MUSIC Professional Music is a performance-based degree designed to provide the student with a contemporary and modern musical skill set and marketable skills that are generally not taught in traditional university music degrees. The degree empha- sizes individual musicianship and a proficiency in multiple musical skills, rather than developing expertise on one instrument only, as is typical of traditional performance degrees. It uses a diversity of popular musical styles to teach musicianship, rather than the classical repertoire most often used to teach musicianship in traditional university programs. All students develop a high level of core musicianship while learning the skills needed to be flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing face of contemporary music. This degree responds to the needs of the projected job growth among musicians. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 30% growth among independent musicians (2008-2018), making it the fastest-growing sector among those employed in music- related industries. The BA in Professional Music places TU at the forefront of music higher education. Career Opportunities » Singer » Instrumentalist » Beatmaker/Emcee/DJ » Producer » Songwriter » Arranger » Orchestrator » Director/Conductor » Live sound engineer » Recording engineer WHAT CAN I DO WITH A DEGREE IN ARTS & SCIENCES? Jessie Miller ’01 is a Writer’s Assistant for Worst Week, Los Angeles, California Jon Hemmelgarn ‘09 studied English Education (Grades 7-12). He teaches and coaches football at Washington High School in Washington Court House, Ohio. SCHOOLOFARTS&SCIENCES
  9. 9. SCHOOLOFBUSINESS Tiffin University will develop within each student the intellectual skills and abilities required for a successful career. Tiffin University will develop within each student the intellectual skills and abilities required for a successful career. SCHOOLOFBUSINESS
  10. 10. When you decide to study in TU’s SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, you choose a program with options. Those options will take you everywhere— from small classes with professors who have real-world business experience to prestigious internships in professional sports and companies like Marathon Oil and Google, Inc. to careers in everything from sports marketing to equine business management. The future is yours to create, and TU is here to prepare you for success. MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN DR. JAMES PADILLA For Schools of Business, accreditation is the most impressive measurement of a distinctive and in- novative curriculum and Tiffin University’s School of Business holds this status with two of the most reputable organizations. Not only is TU’s School of Business accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Program (ACBSP), we also hold accreditation through the European Council for Business Education (ECBE) and are only one of two schools in the United States to hold this distinctive business school accreditation. This is in addition to the fact that all Tiffin University academic programs are authorized by the Ohio Board of Regents and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which is one of the six regional accreditation bodies recognized by essentially all of the major public and private colleges and universities in America. Besides our business programs offered on campus and around the state of Ohio, we also have campuses in several international loca- tions currently including Bucharest, Romania, and Taipei, Taiwan. We’re proud that our business program is truly global. The benefit to all of our students as a result is an exceptional group of faculty who are actively presenting and researching in their respective fields, and in many cases, teaching globally, and each brings that knowledge back into the classroom. Further, our students experience real world business practice by serving as an intern with- in their respective disciplines while at TU and can even do so over- seas. Finally, all our students benefit from a 100-plus year tradition of graduating competent, ethical professionals with the opportunity to attain real success in positions they desire; an essential factor, given today’s constantly changing, globally competitive marketplace. So, if you are looking for a program that will prepare you for the complex, global environment of today’s competitive marketplace, come see us. We are ready to help you make this happen. We look forward to meeting you and wish you the best in your educational endeavors!
  11. 11. SCHOOLOFBUSINESS “Tiffin University is preparing me for my future goals by allowing me to learn more about my field of study in and out of the classroom. I am able to work in the Information Technology Services department, which is giving me great hands-on work experience.” Benjamin Wagner ‘13 Computer and Information Technology major Defiance, Ohio ACCREDITATION TU’s School of Business is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), and also holds accreditation through the European Council for Business Education (ECBE). ACCOUNTING Tiffin University’s Accounting major places an emphasis on flexibility and versatility. You are taught the skills that will enable you to pursue not only short- term, entry-level positions, but also long-term career paths that are often beyond the field of ac- counting. The program is designed to en- courage analytical thinking and decision making. As a gradu- ate, you will have the ability to articulate solutions to business problems (predicting cash flows about economic resources, claims to economic resources, and changes in economic resources of an organization). TU follows a fairly traditional ac- counting curriculum with several distinct advantages. Our ac- counting classes not only stress practical applications, but also include both tax research and problem solving. In addition, management courses are inte- grated into the curriculum during the entire four years, stressing real-world applications. Account- ing students will participate in an internship during their junior or senior year. These internships often lead to permanent full-time employment. Accounting majors may also want to consider joining the Iota Epsilon chapter of Delta Mu Delta, located at Tiffin University. This is a national honor society for business. Career Opportunities » Financial Manager » Tax Preparer » Internal or State Auditor » Certified Public Accountant (CPA) » Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) » Certified Management Accountant (CMA) » Certified Financial Manager (CFM) » Graduate School » Financial Analyst » Bank Examiner COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS The Computer and Information Systems (CIS) major is designed for students who wish to work with all facets of an organization – from technology to people. The CIS field is rapidly expanding, as technology continues to develop and change. Your curriculum re- flects this and blends technolo- gy, software, programming, busi- ness theory and practice, while emphasizing the application of computers and technology in the business organization. In the CIS major, an emphasis is placed on versatility and flexibil- ity. You are taught skills that will enable you to pursue not only short-term, entry-level positions, but also long-term career paths. The program is designed to en- courage analytical thinking and decision-making. Concentrations » Application Specialist » Software Development » System & Network Support Career Opportunities » Programmer / Analyst » LAN Technician / Manager » Web Development » PC Specialist » Technical Services » System / Project Managers » Software Engineers » Network Manager » MIS Director » Chief Information Officer (CIO) SCHOOLOFBUSINESS
  12. 12. FINANCE The Finance major blends finance with accounting, economics, and management. Graduates are prepared for careers in areas such as banking and other financial services, manu- facturing, and retail. Additional study can prepare graduates to sit for such examinations as Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner, or Chartered Financial Planner. Finance is an integral part of decision making in any kind of business. The Tiffin University curriculum strikes a balance between applications and theory. Your program of study blends accounting, economics, finance and management, and provides you with the ability to: » Understand the planning and operations of the firm. » Master communication skills. » Apply foundations courses to financial decision making. » Develop prediction, planning and forecasting techniques. » Develop decision-making skills, which enable organizations to compete effectively in world markets. The Finance and Accounting Club provides opportunities for students to gain an understanding of the busi- ness world. Club activities include bringing in speakers, career concerns, and etiquette forums that focus on behavior for the workplace. Career Opportunities » Manufacturing » Retail » Non-Profit Organizations » Stockbroker » Bank Manager » Finance Director » Financial Planning / Consultant » Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) » Certified Financial Planner (CFP) » Chartered Financial Planner (ChFP) » Graduate School MANAGEMENT As a Management major at TU, you can expect to develop managerial problem solving and strategic think- ing skills that will help you become a leader in today’s ever-evolving global economy. Concentrations » Hospitality and Tourism Manage- ment develops managers for hotel resorts, restaurants, cruise companies, and special events and attractions. You will develop and hone the mana- gerial problem solving and strategic thinking skills that will help you become a leader. » Human Resources Management provides you with the skills you’ll need for the effective acquisition, training, appraisal, rewarding and fair treatment of employees – whether you plan on pursuing a career with a Fortune 500 company or a small business. This includes benefits and compensation, labor negotiations, and salary administration functions. STUDY ABROAD OPPORTUNITIES Developing Globally Minded Business Graduates. This program includes a globally- focused business curriculum in conjunction with a student’s major and/or concentration. Students are required to study abroad for a semester, hold an internship with a globally competing organization, fulfill a foreign language requirement and take additional courses in international business. WHAT CAN I DO WITH A DEGREE IN BUSINESS? Leonard Clouse ’74 is the President of Clouse Con- struction Company, New Riegel, Ohio Gwynn Reinhart ’82 is the Director of Finance for the City of Tiffin, Tiffin, Ohio Gary Robinette ’72 is the President and CEO of Ply Gem Industries, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina Amber Metzgar Romigh ’07 is the Brand Territory Manager for Marathon Petroleum Company, LLC, Apollo Beach, Florida
  13. 13. SCHOOLOFBUSINESS » International Business is increasingly significant as companies seek to compete more effectively in the global marketplace. As you work on your degree, you’ll have emphasis placed on the global issues in management that affect the world we live in, and especially so, the world of business. These include trade, competition, markets, organizational design, information technology and human resource management. » Managerial Studies focuses on the functions of management (fi- nance, marketing, and human re- sources). It is designed especially for students wishing to embark on a managerial career. The program takes a generalist approach and focuses on skill development and managerial problem solving. The field of management is studied as a science and a craft, with empha- sis on ethical conduct. » Supply Chain Management pre- pares students to be conversant in the language, applications and techniques needed. The Certifica- tion examination administered by the American Production and In- ventory Control Society leading to the Designation of Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) will be taken by all students. Career Opportunities » Healthcare Administration » Hospitality and Tourism » Event Planner » Human Resources » International Tourism Development » Government Agencies » Labor Negotiation » Manufacturing / Retail Management » Retail Store Manager » Investments Advisor » Director of Transportation » Logistics Manager SCHOOLOFBUSINESS
  14. 14. MARKETING The Marketing major is designed to provide you with real-world experience in such areas as marketing management, retailing, advertising, and conducting marketing research. Marketing has assumed a key role in most organizations because of its focus on the customer. It is the discipline that helps organizations determine which goods and services they should offer and what features and benefits can give them a competitive advantage. A recent article in Business Week re- ported that an astounding 74% of the Presidents and CEOs of America’s 500 largest corporations rose to the top by beginning their careers in the market- ing department. This makes sense, as marketing has assumed a key role in today’s business world because of its focus on the customer. That crucial focus in the world of business is re- flected on the TU campus, where the focus is on you and your education. The Marketing Club Marketing majors are encouraged to join the Marketing Club, which is as- sociated with Delta Epsilon Chi (DEX), a national student organization for marketing and other business students. The purpose of the club is two-fold: to provide you with an understanding of real-world busi- ness and marketing, and to build your résumé with a portfolio of demonstrated expertise. Career Opportunities » Advertising and Public Relations » Brand and Product Management » Professional Sales Management » Marketing Research » e-Commerce » Graduate School » Media Buyer » Press Secretary » Marketing Director » Marketing Communications Manager SPORTS AND RECREATION MANAGEMENT This major is designed to prepare stu- dents for careers and advanced study in the field of sports, the manufacture and marketing of sports equipment and services as well as the grow- ing fields of recreation and leisure management. Concentrations » Recreation and Tourism at the city, state, and national level. Students may seek employment in park and recreation settings, tourist destina- tions, country clubs, fitness centers, cruise ships, hotels, and resorts.
  15. 15. SCHOOLOFBUSINESS » Sports and Athletic Administration in the interscholastic, intercollegiate, and professional areas. Graduates may seek employment as coaches, athletic directors, team operations specialists, general managers, etc. » Sports Marketing concentrates on product development, pricing, licensing, sponsorship, endorse- ments, and communication as they apply to private, municipal, and corporate agencies, retail business- es, human resource firms, or sports teams. Sports Management Club Members work many of the TU athletic events and organize a co-ed volleyball tournament fundraiser. Past featured speakers from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Columbus Blue Jackets, The Ohio State University Athletic Department, the Detroit Tigers, and the National Fastpitch Softball League. For the past few years, the club has financed student members to at- tend the Ohio Parks and Recreation Student Conference, the NCAA Women’s Leadership Symposium, and special tours with the Cleve- land Cavaliers and Dayton Dragons. Career Opportunities » Athletic clubs » Stadium and Arena Management » Sports complexes » Parks and recreation facilities » High school and college athletic departments » Sporting goods firms » Amateur and professional sports » Graduate School SCHOOLOFBUSINESS DEGREE QUALIFICATIONS PROFILE The School of Business at Tiffin University (TU) has adopted the “Degree Qualifications Profile” (DQP), a degree qualifications frame- work created by the Lumina Foundation for Education intended to better define the value of degree attainment. The DQP is a transformative educational tool which visibly illustrates what students should be expected to know and be able to do once they earn their degrees. The goal simply is to clearly define the quality of education delivered by TU’s School of Business, ensuring that students achieve the levels of learning they need and deserve. The DQP lays out five basic areas of learning: Broad, Integrative Knowl- edge, Specialized Knowledge, Intellectual Skills, Applied Learning and Civic Learning. Each area serves as a foundational component to learn- ing and Bachelor-Degree attainment, specifically a Bachelor of Business Administration, as issued by TU. Each basic area of learning is not meant to be equal, but offered in a manner consistent with our academic majors, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Program (ACBSP), the School of Business’ “Guiding Statement” and TU’s mission. APPLIED LEARNING CIVIC LEARNING INTELLECTUAL SKILLS SPECIALIZED KNOW LEDGE BROAD,INTEGRATIVE KNOW LEDGE
  16. 16. SCHOOLOFCRIMINALJUSTICE&SOCIALSCIENCES If you want to supplement your academics with real world experiences, a major in Tiffin University’s SCHOOL OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND SOCIAL SCIENCES might be for you. The school requires an internship as part of your education, which gives you an advantage in gaining full-time employment. Our graduates are U.S. Marshals, psychologists, corrections officers, and federal agents, just to name a few professions. And they all got their start at TU, where professors have worked in their respective fields. MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN ROBERT JAMES ORR, III, J.D., LLM Welcome to the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences. Our School has a great deal to offer prospective students as you make important choices about your career and your future. We offer a Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree with majors in Cyber-Defense and Information Security, Law Enforce- ment, Corrections, Homeland Security and Terrorism, Forensic Psychology, and Forensic Science. In addition, we offer a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Government and National Security and Psychology. This fall we are offering a new Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Science for students who wish to enter laboratory professions. Our graduates go on to work as law enforcement officers, federal agents, agency directors, intelligence and security officers, corrections counselors, and in a vari- ety of other security and social service roles around the nation and the world. While some degree programs suggest an internship as part of your education, the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences requires it. An internship will allow you to graduate with practical experience that will give you a decided advantage in gaining full-time employment. Tiffin University has partnered with professional organizations such as the Washington Center, American University, and the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center for Human Capital Development (ATIC-HCD) in order to provide our students with high quality internships. Labor analysts predict substantially faster job growth in law enforcement, corrections, social services, and international security and homeland security positions. Our graduates will be in demand for these new positions. Addition- ally, many of our baccalaureate graduates enroll in either a master’s degree program or in law school. The School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences degree programs feature a strong emphasis on solid professional practice guided by sound academic theory, an accomplished faculty with practitioner experience, an interdisciplin- ary curriculum for all majors, and a mandatory completion of a field internship. If you are seeking an education that integrates quality academics with practical application in your chosen field of study, give us a call or come visit. We want to ensure that your education is relevant to your real-world success! INTERNSHIPS OPPORTUNITIES » Washington Center » Government Contractors » Security Contractors » Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) » Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) » Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) » National Security Agency (NSA) » U.S. Marshalls » Secret Service » International Airports » Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction » U.S. Probation Office, » Sheriffs’ Offices, » Police Departments, » Counseling Agencies, » Ohio Department of Homeland Security » Oakwood Correctional Institution Forensic Center » Naval Criminal Investigative Service » U.S. Attorney » Washington D.C. Public Defender » Northeast Ohio Forensic Center » Seneca County Court of Common Pleas » Seneca County Prosecutor » Ohio Attorney General Juvenile Gang Task Force » Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation » Lucas County Coroner » State Police Crime Labs » Drug Enforcement Agency » U.S. Customs SCHOOLOFCRIMINALJUSTICE&SOCIALSCIENCES
  17. 17. CORRECTIONS This major deals with the evaluation and treatment of offenders as one response to public safety concerns. Students gain an understanding of the fundamental causes of crime by studying personal motivation, social factors, and bio-medical contribution to criminal behavior. The objective is to find a way to release offenders who are better prepared to avoid future criminal conduct. The major is structured to give you sufficient background in legal is- sues, management, history, social work, and counseling that effectively augment the knowledge and skills you develop in the criminal justice core curriculum. A strong empha- sis is placed on providing the latest perspectives on offender re-entry, population management strategies, offender motivation, theory, and policy. Our Corrections program offers students the unique opportunity to in- teract with working professionals from the field. Our faculty’s professional practice experience offers you, the student, an innovative blend of theory and practice that is crucial for effective professional education. In addition, our faculty will take you into the field and let you explore the correctional environment first-hand, which allows you to gain a better understanding of the classroom instruction. Career Opportunities » Adult / Juvenile Probation Officer » Case Worker » Corrections Program Administrator / Counselor » Court Administrator » Child Protective Services Investigator » Delinquency Prevention Counselor » Jail / Prison Corrections Officer » Substance Abuse Counselor » Graduate School CYBER-DEFENSE & INFORMATION SECURITY A degree in Cyber-Defense and Information Security will allow a stu- dent to be at the forefront of protecting our Nation’s security against emerging threats. Every aspect of our government and economy depends on a secure cyber infrastructure, and developing the policy, laws, and capabilities necessary to keep this infrastructure secure is the key objective of our major in Cyber-Defense and Informa- tion Security. Tiffin University’s degree in Cyber-Defense and Information Security is designed to give individu- als the knowledge to handle current and future threats in a professional manner. The Bachelor of Arts in Cyber Defense and Information Security will prepare students to pursue careers in information assurance and cyberspace policy. The curriculum concentrates on information policy and the relationships of the InterAgency. Students following this track will learn how to develop, implement, and enforce effective cyber policy across multiple private and government organizations at the federal, state, local, and tribal levels. After gradu- ating, common certificates can be obtained such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Security+. “The CJ Professors have all encouraged me to always do well and they have inspired me to keep trying. All of the knowledge and inspiration I have gained from Tiffin helped so much in my internship in Washington D.C. with the U.S. Marshals Service.” Tiera Carver ’12 Forensic Science major Amanda, Ohio “The faculty and staff are unlike any other you’ll meet. The profes- sors teach from experience, not just the book. They give students insight from their personal experiences.” Jessica Roderick ’12 Homeland Security/ Terrorism, Law Enforcement, and Cyber Defense and Information Security triple major WHAT CAN I DO WITH A DEGREE IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE & SOCIAL SCIENCES? Raenell Hannis ’08 is an Intelligence Analyst for the FBI, Columbus, Ohio Yasmin Schlegel ’99 is a Systems Engineer for the Na- tional Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C. Aaron Mistic ’08 is a US Air Force Officer, Intelligence Sarah Croswhite ’12 is a Police Officer for the Flagstaff, Arizona Police Department
  18. 18. SCHOOLOFCRIMINALJUSTICE&SOCIALSCIENCES Career Opportunities » Policy Analyst or Technician with Department of Homeland Security » Department of Defense (military or civilian positions) » National Security Agency (military or civilian positions) » US Cyber Command » Cyber Security Specialist – banking, medical, or other private sector fields » Cyber Security Policy Analyst » Intelligence Analyst » Cyber Tech Writer » Network Security Engineer » Cyber Warfare Engineer » Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) » Step toward becoming Chief Information Officer (CIO) DIGITAL FORENSICS Cyberspace is the fastest-growing environment for crime. Banking fraud, music and film piracy, online trafficking in drugs, weapons, or sex happens in cyberspace. Evidence of other crime is found on computers and mobile technol- ogy. Law Enforcement needs to track these criminals and gather the digital evidence against them, and this is where you come in. A degree in Digital Forensics allows a student to be at the center of an area within the criminal justice system that will always be growing. As new technology arises, criminals are finding new ways to commit the crime, and hide from authorities. The Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Digital Forensics degree will give you the knowledge and hands-on experience to deal with these technologically-sophisti- cated crimes. After completion of the degree, our graduates are equipped, with the proper skills to embark on careers in cyber law enforcement and national security positions requiring technical cyber know-how. Students will learn the complex tasks of collecting and preserving evidence on mobile and desktop platforms, skills that employers, including the FBI, the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, state and local law enforcement, and private cyber security firms seek. Career Opportunities » FBI » Department of Defense Criminal Investigative Services » State/Local Law Enforcement » Private Cyber Security Firms: » Computer Forensics Investigator/ Technician » Penetration Tester » Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Directors of Security » Security Analyst » Security Auditor » Incident Responders » Disaster Recovery Managers » Computer Crime Investigators FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY A major in Forensic Psychology involves the evaluation and treat- ment of offenders, victims, and their families from a psychological perspective. Graduates are prepared for a number of roles, including cri- sis intervention, counselor working directly with offenders and victims, case manager, psychological pro- filer, and probation officer. The major is designed for students who are interested in examining the relationship between psychol- ogy and the criminal justice system. You will develop knowledge and expertise in the evaluation and treatment of crisis intervention, counseling, psychopathology, per- sonality assessment, and research methods. You will also study the application of psychological prin- ciples to the resolution of problems in the administration of criminal justice, such as jury selection, police stress, and designing effective rehabilitation programs. Graduates can begin careers in either a clinical setting where they work directly with offenders and victims, or in a research setting where empirical answers are sought to crucial issues affecting the admin- istration of criminal justice. Career Opportunities » Addiction Rehabilitation Counselor » Case Manager » Court Diversion Program Worker » Domestic Violence Victim Advocate » Parole / Probation Officer » Psychological Profiler » Psychologist » Researcher » Substance Abuse Worker » Graduate or Law School SCHOOLOFCRIMINALJUSTICE&SOCIALSCIENCES
  19. 19. FORENSIC SCIENCE - BCJ (with a focus on investigation) Forensic Science is the application of scientific methods and analysis of scientific data to support the law enforcement community in investiga- tion, apprehension, and prosecution or vindication of individuals involved in criminal activities. Students learn the nature and scope of the criminal justice system and the application of scientific methods to crime, police investigation, and the adjunction process. In addi- tion, students learn the legal, ethical, natural science, and laboratory skills necessary for forensic work. Program objectives include: » Provide a general and broad, yet comprehensive knowledge base in the field of forensic science. » Develop critical thinking and analytical thought processes. » Familiarize students with the criminal justice system in general and the court system in particular. » Develop proficiency in both knowledge and application of rules of evidence, evidence handling, processing, analysis, and presentation/explanation in court. » Provide students with professional skills for courtroom presentation. » Prepare students to become professional, employable scientists. Career Opportunities » Forensic Laboratories in Police Departments, Sheriff’s Offices, Private Companies » Forensic Agencies in Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), Federal Bureau of Identification (FBI), U.S. Postal Service (USPS), Secret Service, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), GOVERNMENT AND NATIONAL SECURITY Our national security depends upon the creativity, energy, and skills of young people serving with federal, state, and local agencies and operat- ing in our homeland, at our borders, and overseas. The next generation of diplomats, military officers, CIA/FBI agents, and state and local officials will help define, detect, and defend against threats to our national secu- rity that emerge in coming years. Tiffin University has developed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Govern- ment and National Security to meet the growing and demanding needs of our governing agencies for motivated and well-educated graduates. Recruiters and other representatives from the CIA, FBI, Department of De- fense, Department of State, U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Marshals, among others, have come to TU to encourage our students to apply for permanent positions with their agencies. Our faculty has served in combat, in CIA stations, military installations, in FBI field offices, with U.S. Marshals at home, and in the White House. Concentrations » Intelligence and Security Studies » Politics & Government Career Opportunities » Department of Defense » CIA » FBI » US Marshals » Secret Service » International Airports » Corporate Chief of Security » United Nations » Intelligence Analyst » State Department
  20. 20. SCHOOLOFCRIMINALJUSTICE&SOCIALSCIENCES HOMELAND SECURITY/ TERRORISM This program looks at homeland se- curity/terrorism from the viewpoint of our domestic first responders. Students are offered the legalities of terrorism and how existing statutes can further help those dedicated to diminishing the American way of life. Other subjects covered include the collection and use of intelli- gence, weapons used by terrorists, organizations involved in homeland security/terrorism at every level of government, and counterintel- ligence/counterterrorism. We developed this Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) major in direct response to the real security threats posed by transnational terrorist or- ganizations. This major is designed to provide you with the opportunity to understand homeland security issues and challenges in context of the new and evolving contemporary operating environment. Homeland Security Internships Our students have interned at Interpol, the Secret Service, for U.S. Marshals, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the National Geo- spatial Agency, and U.S. Customs, as well as contracting entities to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies and contractors. Students have also interned at the Ohio Department of Homeland Security. Career Opportunities » U.S. Customs & Border Protection » Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) » U.S. Secret Service » U.S. Coast Guard » Office of Inspector General » U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service » National Security Agency (NSA) » FBI Agent TIFFIN UNIVERSITY – PRIMARY RECRUITMENT SCHOOL FOR THE U.S. MARSHALS Students majoring in criminal justice may have the opportunity to become involved in the Centralized Student Career Experience program (CSCEP). CSCEP is a cooperative education program that prepares undergraduate students for Deputy U.S. Marshal (DUSM) positions. It is a 16-week (640 hour) work-study program for college students pursuing degrees in criminal justice, political science, psychology, public administration, sociology, or social sciences with a concentration in one of the majors listed. Students apply classroom experience to the real world and gain work experience in the public sector. SCHOOLOFCRIMINALJUSTICE&SOCIALSCIENCES
  21. 21. LAW ENFORCEMENT This major creates an understanding of criminal behavior and the values and purposes of the criminal justice system. Students prepare for admin- istrative and leadership positions by studying criminal law, agency management, and ethical issues faced by society in dealing with crime. Aca- demic preparation is complemented by an internship that provides valu- able field experience. Successful baccalaureate degree graduates in Law Enforcement must comprehend the mission, structure, goals, and operations of police agen- cies at the local, state, and federal levels in a democratic society. The prevention, repression, and control of crime in America requires that law enforcement agents appreciate the critical role they play in balancing public order and individual liberty. Critical shortages exist at all levels of police service, but perhaps no more dire than in municipal and county law enforcement. Recruiting efforts are underway across the nation that are unmatched in history! Many police and sheriffs’ agencies are conduct- ing nationwide recruiting drives. The International Association of Chiefs of Police estimates that nearly two-thirds of America’s police department have vacancies. Career Opportunities » Corrections / Highway Patrol Officer » County Sheriff’s Deputy » Criminal Investigator / Detective » Fraud Investigator » Intelligence Analyst » Police Officer / Program Administrator » Prosecutor’s Office Investigator » Special Agent » Undercover Investigator » Watercraft Office PSYCHOLOGY The Psychology major at Tiffin Univer- sity provides instruction and experi- ence across a broad range of concepts, issues, and theories emerging from the scientific study of behavior and experience. The program’s educational foundation increases student sensitiv- ity to, and understanding of, biologi- cal, social, emotional, and cognitive processes underlying human thoughts and actions. It is intended for students with an interest in the helping profes- sions, and who wish to develop broad career flexibility and depth in the discipline of behavioral health. Concentrations » Addictions Counseling is an additional area of specialization for existing degree programs and can count towards the educational requirements for chemical dependency counselor licensure. » Experimental Psychology offers intensive instruction and hands-on experience in the designing, conduct- ing, interpreting, and reporting of psychological experiments. » Human Services majors receive an interdisciplinary grounding in methods for dealing with personal and social problems. This program is designed for people who plan careers in the fields related to psychology and social services. Career Opportunities » Entry-level therapeutic and administrative work in the mental health and addictions field » Research and people-oriented jobs in the criminal justice and business fields » Graduate School » Chemical Dependency Counselor » Child Development Specialist » Social Services Coordinator » Residential Manager of Group Homes TIFFIN UNIVERSITY IS IN YOUR FUTURE! Visit TU. It’s the best way to discover if Tiffin University is in your future. Come see for yourself all that we offer. You may come to campus during one of our open houses, or we welcome you to schedule your own visit day. Together, we can create a day that fits your needs—observe a class, check out our new academic support center, chat with a coach, meet a faculty member, or do it all. Scheduling a visit is easy. Just call 800.968.6446, 3423 or visit Fall Open House: Saturday, November 22, 2014 Experience TU: Saturday, January 17, 2015 Green & Gold Day: Monday, February 16, 2015 SAVE THE DATES JUNIOR Open House Friday,May 9, 2014 JUNIOR Open House Friday,May 8, 2015 F.I.R.E. – First-Year Interaction & Registration Experience: Saturday, April 11, 2015 Saturday, April 18, 2015 Saturday, May 16, 2015 Wednesday, June 10, 2015
  22. 22. TU FAST FACTS Founded: 1888 Average class size: 18 Total cost to attend TU: $31,380 Percentage of students who receive some form of financial aid: More than 90% Average financial aid award: $14,000 Tiffin University is located on 110 acres in Tiffin, Ohio, and features beautiful facilities such as the Hertzer Technology Center, Hayes Center for the Arts, Heminger Center, and Murphy Academic Support Center. TU offers online courses and Academic Centers throughout Ohio. TU grants the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Education, Master of Humanities, and Master of Science. NONDISCRIMINATORY POLICY Tiffin University is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or Vietnam-era veteran status in employment, educational programs, policies, athletics, activities, admissions, and other school administered programs. Office of Undergraduate Admissions 155 Miami Street Tiffin, Ohio 44883 Like Us! Tweet Us! @TiffinU