drug discovery toxicity properties classification b.pharma pharmaceutical biotechnology life after college job b.pharm career talk drug design adme molecular docking natural products nanobiotechnology drosophila model for toxicity drosophila biology assessment tools research teaching edutech lms instructional tools introduction to polymer linear polymer cyclic polymer branched polymers cross-linked polymer network polymer thermoplastic polymers thermosetting polymers elastomers natural rubber synthetic polymers addition polymers condensation polymer chain growth polymerisation polymer step growth polymerisation advantages and application of polymers in formul polymers: introduction pharmacy long-acting drug release sustained or slow release prolonged release controlled release advantages and application of polymers in formulat dissolution and ion exchange principles. physicoch selection of drug candidates. approaches to design disadvantages advantages terminology/definitions and rationale introduction nano particles gastro-retentive drug delivery systems naso-pulmonary drug delivery system targeted drug delivery ocular drug delivery systems intrauterine drug delivery systems microencapsulation controlled drug delivery systems mucosal drug delivery system conventional vs novel drug delivery systems challenges in drug discovery & drug development drug discovery and drug development what is drug ndds novel drug delivery systems adme databases chemoinformatics bioinformatics informatics & methods in drug design energy minimization quantum mechanics molecular mechanics molecular modeling serum-immune blood derivatives and other products antitoxins viral vaccine toxoids general method of the preparation of bacterial in hybridoma technology hypersensitivity reactions immune stimulation immune suppression immune stimulation immune suppression hypersensitivity reactions immune stimulation immu mgc ii mhc i mhc major histocompatibility complex monoclonal antibody antibody ige igm igg immunoglobulins structure of immunoglobulins humoral immunity immunology cellular immunity types of immunity- humoral immunity immunity mutants mutation applications of microbial biotransformation microbial biotransformation transposons plasmids conjugation transduction microbial genetics: transformation transformation transduction conjugation plasmids microbial genetics prokaryotes eukaryotes genetic organization of eukaryotes and prokaryotes southern blotting western blotting elisa immuno blotting techniques blood products griseofluvin glutamic acid vit b12 citric acid penicillin large scale production fermenter design fermentation pcr brief introduction to pcr insulin hormones hepatitis vaccines interferon recombinant dna technology application of rdna application of genetic engineering gene cloning rdna gene editing genetic engineering penicillinase. protease lipase peroxidase catalase amylase production of enzymes use of microbes in industry pharmacophore drug likeness cadd qsar biosensors enzyme biotechnology
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