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Mobile VAS Opportunities


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This project is focussed on recommending new growth opportunities in the mobile VAS area.

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Mobile VAS Opportunities

  1. 1. Hungama MOBILE VAS Ideas By Abhijeet Singh Malan; Abhinav Singh, Raghavan Alevoor
  2. 2. Introduction Indian VAS Market Market Research & Analysis Proposed Ideas Agenda
  3. 3. • Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt Ltd is the largest aggregator, developer, publisher of Bollywood and South-Asian entertainment content in the world • Hungama servers content to consumers in 47 countries across mobile, internet, IPTV services • Hungama has managed more than 2500 mobile and digital campaigns • Hungama has built expertise in the mobile content, mobile marketing and mobile media areas which includes content aggregator and distribution, value added services such as voice, text and data, application and gaming and • This project is focussed on recommending new growth opportunities to Hungama in the mobile VAS area over and above its current offering Introduction
  4. 4. ● India is a young nation with over 64% of its citizens below the age of 34 years and with literacy rate of around 80% amongst the age group of 15-24 years. ● The nation’s growth and employment opportunities have made the younger generation mobile with the rising income. This combination of age, income and people’s mobility promises a great future. ● Good applications and readiness of handsets could drive over INR 55,000 crores of VAS revenue by 2015. Indian Mobile VAS Market
  5. 5. VAS Market Potential ● Huge market potential because of low adoption and awareness among the users
  6. 6. ● A detailed primary and secondary market research was conducted to understand the consumer behaviour and intent before the proposed ideas were finalised ● Market Research Findings: ● What do people use data services for? ● Data Services Usage per Month ● Likeliness of spending money on value added services: Market Research & Analysis Key Findings: What’s on offer is the most important factor
  7. 7. Proposed Ideas ● Virtual Mate – personalized virtual friend who understands you, your needs and desires. ● Let’s Network –platform agnostic instant messaging service. ● Agri Trader – mobile based agricultural produce trading application. ● Let’s Do Something – an interactive self learning application which uses your location to make recommendations. ● Flash Memory – Interactive learning through flash cards when the user is travelling and is stressed for time. ● All ideas have more than 50% positive response or willingness to buy in the primary market research (100 Reponses)
  8. 8. “Virtual mate” : Your Personalised Virtual Friend ● Understands your tastes and adapts accordingly ● Suggests search results according to your needs. ● Keeps you updated on your favourite band, movies and TV programs ● Advises you while shopping – suggests best prices available across the city ● Can be used for very targeted marketing wherein your virtual mate can suggest a movie night with pizza and also tell you about the pizza shop’s latest discount offering. ● Monetisation can also be done adapting the Virtual World concepts where people can buy virtual things (e.g. Gifts, haircuts, dresses) for their virtual friend
  9. 9. “Let’s Network” : A mobile platform agnostic instant messenger ● Provides an interactive Instant Messaging platform for a closed group ● The platform will also support gaming and file sharing ● The application can also include features such as locating members (when signed up friends are in proximity) ● The IM will also include add-on features such as Integrated quiz/trivia portal, survey/voting utility etc ● The group can be custom designed to add on additional features such as event booking,
  10. 10. “Agri Trader : A mobile based agricultural produce trading application ● Provides an interactive mobile based trading platform where farmers can track the prices and sell their produce more efficiently without haggling at the market! ● Prices can be driven from live data sourced from institutions such as regulated markets or from bid/sell prices available from the market ● Prices can also be fixed via negotiation between a buyer and seller ● The revenue model can be SMS based or an application on a data enabled mobile phone ● This model can be adapted to cater for variety of avenues such as freelance work, plumbers, electricians, temp staffing, Suggests search results adapted to your needs
  11. 11. “Let's Do Something: A location based service ● Provides an interactive, self learning application which learns from your historic choices and recommend things to do where ever you are . ● The application will initially start from the input you provide and then starts using historic data to understand your choice, preference and taste. ● GPS position can be utilized for location based target marketing ● The revenue model can be via revenue sharing from the information provides (for e.g. restaurants, theatres, etc), retailers and also from the carrier
  12. 12. An educational application “Flash Memory” ● Provides an interactive learning through "Flash Cards" to revise and study whilst you the user is mobile and time stressed. ● The flash cards can be created by the educational institution or can also be user created ● Can also provide opportunity for students to created study plans, revision plans and share information among the a pre-specified group members