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Effective marketing in mobile and digital commerce


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Monetization has multiple faces in emerging markets - missed calls, login screen, free data package, exclusive content access, etc. This module shares some of the best case studies from different markets in ASEAN.

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Effective marketing in mobile and digital commerce

  1. 1. EffectiveMarketinginMobileand DigitalCommerce VarunMittal
  2. 2. Unlockingnewmodels Konami Creatingnewrevenue fromvalue-added services Market Background Gaming companies have difficulty monetizing their products after the initial launch because the excitement dies down quickly. Innovation To create better value from their products, Konami created in-game credits and insurance which people could buy to improve their gaming experience. These credits and in- game insurance will give players an edge over other players.
  3. 3. Unlockingnewmodels Zipdial Mobilemarketingand engagement platform builtaroundthe “MissedCall Phenomenon” Market Background Most mobile customers in India carry prepaid cards. People often call someone and then hang up once the line gets through to avoid getting charged. Innovation Zipdial created a business model out of this behavior by giving brands/companies a toll-free number they can dial into. On dialling the toll-free number, the call rings once and disconnects and then the consumer receives an SMS with more information on the marketing campaign.
  4. 4. Unlockingnewmodels Zipdial Mobilemarketingand engagement platform builtaroundthe “MissedCall Phenomenon” Benefits to brands:  Wider reach - providing working toll-free numbers to reach customers who cannot be contacted by any other mediums  Device interdependence – missed-call can be initiated by either a feature phone or smartphone  Targeting – brands/companies can use zipdial’s database to reach audiences with the desired profiles and attributes
  5. 5. PayTunes Monetizingringtones bysubstitutingthem withads Unlockingnewmodels
  6. 6. PayTunes Monetizingringtones bysubstitutingthem withads Unlockingnewmodels Benefits to customers:  Creating more value for users – customers can now earn more usage time by enabling PayTunes and receiving ads on their devices  Targeting – advertisers get to relay their ads directly to a selectively targeted audience, a win-win situation for both the user and the producer  Content – advertisers can show richer and more dynamic content to customers via the jingle format
  7. 7. Unilever Radio Reachingunreachable audiencesviatraditional media Unlockingnewmodels Market Background Hindustan Unilever (HUL) needed an innovative way to reach audiences in rural parts of india, which do not necessarily have access to television and electricity Innovation HUL worked with its marketing agency to launch a mobile entertainment channel accessible through a toll-free number which offered music, movie news and ads for select produts. Consumers only had to dial the toll-free number to receive content delivered through the mobile networks.
  8. 8. Janna Unlockingmobile airtime forcustomersin emergingmarkets Unlockingnewmodels Market Background 85% of the world’s mobile customers use pay- as-you go plans to manage their phone bills. This limits the amount of time they have to download and use various apps. Innovation Jana created a native mobile marketplace, where users could download apps. Each app download app earned them free mobile data usage. Jana partnered with over 300 mobile operators to deliver this free mobile data to users.
  9. 9. Mobiroo App-storesubscription servicetogetunlimited mobileapps Unlockingnewmodels Market Background There are too many apps in the world and too few consumers with enough spending power. 90% of all apps and content fail to gain traction and reach enough customers in the appstore. World’s first “all you can” app Mobiroo is a an app subscription where users pay a fee every month to get access to unlimited apps and content from any source. The platform also has features to enable app curation, discovery, promotion and distribution.
  10. 10. BandPage Redefininghowartists connectwiththeir audiencesinthemusic industry Unlockingnewmodels Market Background The increasing use of digitization has affected the music industry greatly as audiences everywhere are consuming less of traditional media. New music platform BandPages is a new monetization and connectivity platform for musicians to connect with audiences over new social media platforms. The platform allows artists to create “customized” fan pages on platforms such as youtube, facebook, Spotify, shazam and twitter.
  11. 11. Gigato Bringingmobiledatato themassesthrough contentmonetization Unlockingnewmodels Market Background Telcos cap the amount of data users get to maximize profit. This restricts their usage of mobile networks and the amount of content they can consume. Unlocking network data for people Users earn mobile data from app downloads and usage. This data usage is paid for by app makers and content publishers. Gigato charges them for the ability based on either pay-per-use or per installation. The platform promises better engagement because users select their apps carefully to use.
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