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Music video analysis 2nd


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Music video analysis 2nd

  1. 1. Music video analysisBy Aaron McGreevy
  2. 2. What I am going to doI am going to analyze a music video looking at the genreand things that are included in the video such as theperformance of the artist and costume and how allthese things relevant to the genre. The song that I amgoing to analyze for the second is Giggs- Cool Nuh , thereason that I chose to do this is because it is thecomplete opposite of the artist I done for the othervideo but is still the same genre.
  3. 3. GenreThe genre of this video is rap the reason that I know it is form the genre rap isbecause there are several elements that tells that, one example of this is thecostume. As you can see from the screen shots below this is stereotypicalcostume used by a rap artist such as a black coat and this coat also has a hoodwhich he has up this is seen regularly in rap videos and this particular onefollows these conventions . Also another point to show that this video followsthe generic conventions is the setting which is in the street and in a car, bothscenes are both set at night and as in many rap video seem to be at night thisIs because it creates a better atmosphere as if it was set in when it was asunny day which would not give the same affect.
  4. 4. Setting and decorThe main setting is in the street which see’s the artist Giggs rapping ashe is walking down the street. The other setting is in a car which see’sthe other rapper wretch 32 waiting for Giggs. There is also him in a carpark which is has got graffiti and is all the settings are bleak which fitsthe conventions. There are also many other locations such as anunderpass and various other locations in the street. The fact that it isset in more than one location keeps the audience watching and ismore interesting to watch. The setting may also suggest that the artistis street wise and used to being on the streets therefore that is whythe video is set there.
  5. 5. CostumeThe costumes in this video are they conventional for the genre and examplethere is one particular artist who has a gold chain this is was seen in the othermusic video from Eminem so this seems to be a common piece of clothingthat is used in many videos. The rapper Giggs is also seen to be wearingtrainers similar to those In the Eminem- Not Afraid video so this also seems tobe a common item of clothing and follows the conventions and adds to thevideo for example if it was a rap video but they where not wearing the correctcostumes it would not be the same for the viewer. Also a gold chain mayrepresent wealth and this may be the message that the director was trying toget across. Also another item of clothing is the sunglasses which he is wearingeven inside the car this is a stereotype in many rap videos so this particularartist is following the conventions.
  6. 6. PropsThere are not many props that can been seen in this video but one of them isa phone the artist Giggs is seen to be rapping on the phone as if it is amicrophone this is not done conventionally in this particular genre so thedirector was looking to do something that is not stereotypical. There isanother prop which is that bag that the artist Giggs has on his back therevideo may suggest that there is drugs in it as they exchange the bag formoney. This is trying to suggest to the audience that the artist gets up toillegal activities and this is represented in the video. AS this is shown in manyrap videos audiences many interpret this as all artist of this genre are involvedin crime and this is why this stereotype is formed.
  7. 7. Body language and movementThe body language in this particular video follows the genericconventions what I mean by this is that the way he is acting is what isusually seen in music videos such as he is not dancing or unusually forthis genre. Both the artists in the video are confident in theremovement and their body language backs this up. The other personthat is seen in the video that is not one the artists is also similar in allways such as costume and props but also in his movement so I willneed to take this into account when creating my own music video andthat all the people who are included must also fit the genre.
  8. 8. PerformanceThe performance of the artist was that they where the main focus ofthe shots as shown in the picture below even when both of them arein the shot they are still both the main focus for the viewer showingthem that they are the main importance. Both the artists fit thestereotypical rapper unlike the other video I analysed so for this reasonthey add to the performance.
  9. 9. NarrativeThere is a narrative in this music video which is that the rapper Giggs isgiving the other rapper Wretch 32 a bag and the camera follows Giggsas he goes through the streets. Then the rapper Wretch 32 sells whatis in the bag to someone then meets up with Giggs in a car where theyhave ripped off the man as the bag seems to be empty. However thelyrics do not really link to the narrative so the story that is shown is notparticularly relevant or linked to the song. However the narrative doesmake it more entertaining to watch.
  10. 10. ComparisonBoth these videos are both from the same genre but there aremany differences and similarities an example of this themovement both are very different In the way they get theirmessage across such as in the Eminem video where towardsthe end he is flying so the video is trying to represent that heis not the same as everyone else as oppose to the Giggs songwhere he is represented as be normal and is not doinganything abnormal. Another example is the narratives theEminem song as the lyrics linked to the narrative and has astrong story and the Giggs narrative is not relevant at all.