Personalized search at smx advanced 2012 aaron friedman


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Personalized search at smx advanced 2012 aaron friedman

  1. Surviving Personalizationwith Bing & Google By: Aaron Friedman SEO Manager, SPARK @aaronfriedman
  2. I. Part 1 - Current Issue in Personalized SearchAGENDA • Important Factors of P.S. • Tips to show up more and be relevant II. Part 2 - The Future of Personalized Search • How Entities play a role • What this means to us III. Re-cap @aaronfriedman
  3. Barriers of Personalized Search How do I reach a larger Audience? How do I get my information to show up? @aaronfriedman
  4. Aspects of Visibility Quantity Quality @aaronfriedman
  5. Quantity Getting more people to see our For Users results. this means…Getting more relevant results based on the peoplewe are connected to. For Marketers this means… @aaronfriedman
  6. Which REALLY Means… • Buy ads on Facebook • It’s ok – Not the shady way Undressing The Secret Of Facebook: Paid Organic Is The New Black Grow your other networks • More Twitter Connections • More G+ Connections (and Google + is REALLY important) @aaronfriedman
  7. Quality Do’s Don’ts @aaronfriedman
  8. Create Unique Content - Don’t Plagiarize @aaronfriedman
  9. Don’t Neglect your networks Leverage them, understand what makes them tick @aaronfriedman
  10. Don’t Use Generic Images… … Be Imaginative, but still identify with your brand @aaronfriedman
  11. Be Creative @aaronfriedman
  12. Be Useful and Helpful @aaronfriedman
  13. Ready to improve Quality?Lets TalkTACTICS @aaronfriedman
  14. Tactics to improve qualityTwitter Long Tail Open Graph “Tweet What Suggestion Optimization You Want” Code Identify what people Maximize and Ensure the message shared are talking about to optimize messages by users on Twitter is the assist with content shared on Facebook appropriate message, and one you want shared. creation by users. @aaronfriedman
  15. Tweet The Long Tail Lots of Opportunity here! @aaronfriedman
  16. Step 1 - Identify Keywords • Understanding what long tail queries are driving people to your site @aaronfriedman
  17. Step 2 - Look At Social Data @aaronfriedman
  18. Step 3 – Develop Content MORE INFO ON THIS METHOD  twitter-118434 @aaronfriedman
  19. Open Graph Optimization Sample of 300 Webpages <meta property=og:title content=‘ /> Og: Title ~ 95 Characters <meta property=og:description content=‘ /> Og: Description ~ 297 Characters <meta property=‘og:image’ content=‘ /> @aaronfriedman
  20. It Makes Posts Look Bad No Image Not Utilizing Character lengths Non informative Description @aaronfriedman
  21. Tweet What you Want Before anything - Put this in the HTML of your page <p class= “tweetThis”>THIS IS WHERE YOUR MESSAGE GOES</p> @aaronfriedman
  22. How Tweet Buttons Work Typically they grab: • Title Tag • Header Problem: These are underutilized 73 Characters in Header ~20 URL ~14 Twitter Handle 107 Used 33 Left @aaronfriedman
  23. Put This In Your Tweet Button <a href=”#” onclick=”tweetSelectedText()”><img src=”” border=”0″ /></a> <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> $().ready(function(){$(‘.tweetThis’).hide();}); function tweetSelectedText(){ var twtTitle = $(‘.tweetThis’).text() || $(‘title’).text(); var twtUrl = location.href; var maxLength = 140 – (twtUrl.length + 1); if (twtTitle.length > maxLength) { twtTitle = twtTitle.substr(0, (maxLength – 3))+’…’; } var twtLink = ‘’+encodeURIComponent(twtTitle + ‘ ‘ + twtUrl);,’name’,height=500,width=500′); if (window.focus) {newwindow.focus()} } </script> @aaronfriedman
  24. Send a Better Message to Users <p class= “tweetThis”> Actions and what people do are the new SEO and Pinocchios lying big nose. </p> Pro Tip: Change the message the next day to reach people not interested the first time. because-content-matters-121748 @aaronfriedman
  25. Part 2Engines are more social The Future Will Be Different @aaronfriedman
  26. The Rise of Entity Search @aaronfriedman
  27. Google SERPsToday Entities Are Everywhere @aaronfriedman
  28. SERPS AreAlso More SocialThan Ever @aaronfriedman
  29. Engines are creating something separate from their text index thatconsists of entities and attributes… @aaronfriedman
  30. White House On the Corner Painted Blue @aaronfriedman
  31. Its About Understanding Concepts Through Words @aaronfriedman
  32. Verbs Action Attribution Frictionless Sharing @aaronfriedman
  33. These are Entity And This So AreThese Actually, we all have the potential to become entities named-entities-what-can-we-learn.html @aaronfriedman
  34. And By The Way…Remember thewonder wheel?(RIP) New Google Panels function in a similar manner. (Think about that) @aaronfriedman
  35. Be Excellent to Each OtherAnd Relevant For What You Want To Be Known For @aaronfriedman
  36. Its alreadyhappening on Bing Become one of these people? What are they doing different??? @aaronfriedman
  37. The Future Of Entity Search IsInterest-Based Demographics What I tell you I am interested in defines me Not Interested Love it! Social Data is Your Attributes @aaronfriedman
  38. Interest Graphs Already Exist See: peerindex, klout, mentionmapp, @aaronfriedman
  39. So What?What am I supposed to do with this? @aaronfriedman
  40. For Now  Focus on Rel=Author • This will play a huge role in Entities  Focus on Quality Content • Develop it according to what users are Looking for • Stay Relevant to Themes  Spend Time Growing Your User Base • Don’t Build an Empty Following • They are your core @aaronfriedman
  41. Aaron FriedmanSEO Manager at @aaronfriedman + @aaronfriedman
  42. Thank you @aaronfriedman