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SMX Toronto - Google Bought a Zoo - Pandas & Penguins and The Shamu Update!


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Google Bought A Zoo: Surviving Penguins, Pandas & Other SEO Beasts
According to search honcho Amit Singhal, Google is making up to 600 changes to its algorithm per year. Some major, some minor, but all potentially having an impact on whether your site and content is found when people are searching. How do you track these changes? How should you respond? Attend this session to get answers, and learn the best strategies for getting back in Google’s good graces should you get negatively hit.

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SMX Toronto - Google Bought a Zoo - Pandas & Penguins and The Shamu Update!

  1. 1. Google bought a zoo!
  2. 2. @simmonet #SMXGrant Simmons Director SEO & Social Product The Search Agency Search Agent, Father, Sailor But not necessarily in that order when there’s a fair wind “Agent Algo” #OrangeFedora
  3. 3. Google bought a zoo! What’s Next? @simmonet #SMX
  4. 4. No one knows what’s next! @simmonet #SMX
  5. 5. The Shamu Update! Wild guess… Black & White Mammal @simmonet #SMX
  6. 6. The Shamu Update Panda + Penguin + ? We Need Future-Proof!
  7. 7. How to avoid getting bit? The Shamu Update @simmonet #SMX
  8. 8. Take notes  @simmonet #SMX
  9. 9. RELEVANCE intent @simmonet #SMX
  10. 10. Avoiding Shamu - Relevance • Research queries not keywords • Every search is a question Intent to content • Create content to satisfy user search query @simmonet #SMX
  11. 11. The result does not always match the keyword, but it does match the intent! (Google guesses) @simmonet #SMX
  12. 12. Google suggests… Google delivers relevance… not an exact match… @simmonet #SMX Research for intent
  13. 13. Beware of The Thin Long Tail @simmonet #SMX Relevance
  14. 14. AUTHORITY trust @simmonet #SMX
  15. 15. Avoiding Shamu - Authority • Does your site appear fishy? – Does it pass the sniff test? @simmonet #SMX
  16. 16. Quality Quantity not enough vs. not good enough @simmonet #SMX
  17. 17. Quality Inspires Interaction Mentions. Associations. Citations. Connections. Links. = Authority Love your penguin site Thanks for da link man! @simmonet #SMX
  18. 18. ENGAGEMENT @simmonet #SMX
  19. 19. Avoiding Shamu - Engagement • SERP – Are you clickable? • Site – Are you satisfying the users’ intent? • Social– Are you inspiring shares? @simmonet #SMX
  20. 20. Clickable? • Fix Your SERP • Got Graph? • Authorship • Core optimization – Titles – Snippets • Matching intent • Mark up @simmonet #SMX vs.
  21. 21. Satisfying Intent? In the long run, the brand names secure rankings through depth of content, trust in brand and user interaction (searchers clicking a SERP result and staying on their site because the site is trusted and answers the searchers question). Duane Forrester Bing’s Matt Cutts  January 28th 2013 @simmonet #SMX
  22. 22. @simmonet #SMX (Great) Content Inspires Shares
  23. 23. FUTURE-PROOF SEO @simmonet SMX
  24. 24. Beating the Shamu Update! • Understand Your Users – Intent to Content. Be Relevant. • Quality over Quantity – Build Authority. Inspire Links. • Engagement Matters – Clickable – Satisfying – Share-worthy @simmonet #SMX
  25. 25. Grant Simmons @simmonet Thank you
  26. 26. @simmonet #SMX Darth SEO Jr. “Now I am the master.”