Facebook marketing at pubcon 2012


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Facebook marketing at pubcon 2012

  1. @aaronfriedman 1
  2. Where do we start? @aaronfriedman 2
  3. Pros1B UsersEngaged Audience52.1% of sharing onweb* Cons1B Users (hard totarget)RandomConversationVisibility of posts Source: http://www.newfangled.com/stuff/contentmgr/files/1/70d53cfaa2a8fc29fdd7 b7b56a2510d3/misc/facebook_copy.jpg @aaronfriedman 3
  4. Different way of finding content @aaronfriedman 4
  5. Facebook vs. Google on Information Discovery Engagement vs. Searching @aaronfriedman 5
  6. SERPSAre Also More SocialThan Ever @aaronfriedman 6
  7. Its alreadyhappening on Bing BECOME ONE OF THESE PEOPLE! @aaronfriedman 7
  8. Verbs Action Attribution Frictionless Sharing https://developers.google.com/+/api/latest/activities http://ogp.me/ @aaronfriedman 8
  9. SometimesIt Feels LikeFB is Out to Get Us @aaronfriedman 9
  10. Its also prettyaddictive @aaronfriedman 10
  11. Has thePower to Messwith your Mind @aaronfriedman 11
  12. AndShare theFaults of Stupid People @aaronfriedman 12
  13. Srsly, Lots of them… See :http://failblog.cheezb urger.com/failbook @aaronfriedman 13
  14. But its alsoREALLYUseful @aaronfriedman 14
  15. And canHelp Get YourMessage Across @aaronfriedman 15
  16. How Do We Ensure Its Useful and Not Stealing@aaronfriedman 16 our Lives?
  17. Two BarriersTo Overcome @aaronfriedman 17
  18. Let’s Improve Reach • Factors of reach (Edgerank) • Growing Audience size • Off Facebook Factors (for better engagement) @aaronfriedman 18 18
  19. Facebook is Social.Social is About Passion. No Passion = No Social @aaronfriedman 19
  20. What is edge Rank @aaronfriedman 20
  21. GrowJust pay Mark … Zuckerberg?!??!? Audience Don’t be afraid to buy some ads to further target your audience. @aaronfriedman 21
  22. Facebook Said“We’re continuing to optimize the news feed to show the posts that people aremost likely to engage with, ensuring they see the most interesting stories. Thisaligns with our vision that all content should be as engaging as the posts you see fromfriends and family.” Now you kinda September 21: Average have to use the ad 45% Decrease in Organic Reach market… WELP!http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-changed-edgerank-algorithm-to-hurt-advertisers-2012-10 @aaronfriedman 22
  23. Despite That, It’s Still UsefulUse Advertising tool (facebook.com/ads/create/) @aaronfriedman 23
  24. Cost: $0.15 per fan(for first 50K fans)Total spent $10,000 @aaronfriedman 24
  25. Posts about products on Bass Fishing Favorites2M 1k 26k+Impressions Paid FacebookTo MTB Subscribers SubscriptionsProducts to MTB @aaronfriedman 25
  26. Tools to Streamline & Advanced Targeting facebook.com/ads/create/ @aaronfriedman 26
  27. Quantity vs. QualityBut Don’t forget the Quality @aaronfriedman 27
  28. Welcome to the Open Graph @aaronfriedman 28
  29. It’s the difference between Well Optimized And WUT?!?! @aaronfriedman 29
  30. Let’s look at that closer HOLY S#!T… Is That the Triforce?!?!? @aaronfriedman 30
  31. The Good This Image comes directly from the post Description clearly explains what the article is Title is exactly what I wanted to about, and it speaks to my audience, people I it be & not truncated am connected to. @aaronfriedman 31
  32. The Bad (Not Optimized) This is John Bell, Global Managing Director at Social@Ogilvy. Not Brian Solis Truncated Description has nothing do to with the article. @aaronfriedman 32
  33. The Ugly (How Posts Look) No Image Not Utilizing Character lengths Non informative Description @aaronfriedman 33
  34. Is Facebook Special??? <title>Once upon a time in a land far away is a stoy about…</title> <meta name=description content=title> Because you didn’t optimize this, we will put whatever we want here from the post. ha ha…/> <meta property=og:title content=‘ /> <meta property=og:description content=‘ /> <meta property=‘og:image’ content=‘ /> @aaronfriedman 34
  35. Open Graph Optimization Sample of 300 Webpages <meta property=og:title content=‘ /> Og: Title ~ 95 Characters <meta property=og:description content=‘ /> Og: Description ~ 297 Characters <meta property=‘og:image’ content=‘ /> @aaronfriedman 35
  36. Open Graph DIY OptimizationBig shout out to @ipullrank for helping me build this tool Bookmarklet which gives you a peak at how Facebook renders each post and ensures you are hitting the proper criteria. http://ipullrank.com/open-graph-helper @aaronfriedman 36
  37. Re-cap 1. Be passionate about what you post and make quality content 2. Don’t be afraid to invest a bit of money to grow your fan base. 3. Open Graph tags are your friend, and crucial to the user experience. @aaronfriedman 37
  38. @aaronfriedman 38
  39. Aaron FriedmanSEO Manager at www.digitalhighrise.com aaron.friedman@sparksmg.com @aaronfriedman + @aaronfriedman 39