Aaron Friedman - Multi Channel Coordination Within Inbound Marketing - KahenaCon 2013


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  • I have seen how long and how much internal politics can damage success. I want to share with you some tips based on my experience. But first, lets talk about you.
  • That’s right… there are a LOT of complications. Things are rapidly changing. It’s not enough to Just want to Be Found. We will get back to this. But how about this one…
  • Forget the engines, what about the team internally
  • Everyone is trying to push themselves ahead, at the expense of the organization…
  • Every time I send a reco to IT, I literally pray. 9 tiems out of 10, what I awntimplimented is completely ignored or not as expected.
  • Legal can be insane with their knit picking. I suppose I get it. Who wants to get wrapped into a lawsuit. Society has tried us to trust no one. It makes perfect sense.
  • They’ve probably fought a lot of the battles over wording and content. They get it. SEO isn’t just about data. There is an art form to it. You try keeping a title tag below 65 characters and still get the message across. But branding doesn’t care.
  • Some companies have too much content generated hence penguine and panda affecting … some can’t generate any. No chance they will ever rank
  • This Organization is a mess, I will never connect the pieces
  • B/c we get customer experience, we are in the data, and we follow the guiding principle from Google “optimize for the users”. We are user centric.We understand all these.And we understand that we need the other departments to make these work.
  • Who optimizes a page like this?No wonder you don’t have the organization on your side!I am not saying its not important. It is. But you are missing a crucial component.
  • This is where you take link building, and social and content creation ideas… and you fuse it all together.
  • To explain,We are now regularly having calls with clients PR and Social Media teams to organize our efforts to best be efficient and use each other's talents- We optimize the press release, they send it out.We work to create an infographic, the social team pushes it.Since our client is quite opinionated and often changes direction, it's best that we are all connected so we know what's going on with the campaign holistically.
  • if your Search and Online Ads teams or campaigns are not talking to one another, sharing data, running experiments, and leveraging each others successes – YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!“if your social media campaign - be an infographic, a video, or an awesome exclusive piece of content or contest is being run and not coordinated via search so that when people look for it they find it in an engaging an easy way, or not harnessing our doing outreach to earn links to that content or page - you're doing it wrong
  • Win over the other departments
  • Designers: Work with designers to ensure that creative and usability are inline with user queries. Copywriters: To optimize content and recommend new, trending opportunitiesDevelopers: To optimize code - impacting architecture and interactive featuresPR and Media: Develop and implement SEO friendly press releases, social media, and other forms of outreach/linkingMarketing Strategy: Support messaging, especially in digital space
  • Aaron Friedman - Multi Channel Coordination Within Inbound Marketing - KahenaCon 2013

    1. 1. @aaronfriedmanMulti-Channel CoordinationWithin Inbound MarketingBy: Aaron FriedmanDirector of SEO at Kahena Digital MarketingKahenaCon 2013I AM IN ISRAEL……and talking about
    2. 2. @aaronfriedmanI Am Aaron FriedmanWho Am I?Director of SEO at Kahena DigitalMarketingConnect @aaronfriedmanBlog: http://digitalhighrise.comMade Aliyah:May 22 2013 Yep, 5 days ago
    3. 3. @aaronfriedmanTraveled The Furthest To Get Here
    4. 4. @aaronfriedmanSRSLY wasInsane-o
    5. 5. @aaronfriedman
    6. 6. @aaronfriedmanBut Here We Are
    7. 7. @aaronfriedmanI have Done SEO For Some Big Companies
    8. 8. @aaronfriedmanYou came today because,You Have a Website…
    9. 9. @aaronfriedmanAND YOUWANT SEO
    10. 10. @aaronfriedmanAND YOUWANT FACEBOOK
    11. 11. @aaronfriedmanAND YOUWANT TWITTER
    12. 12. @aaronfriedmanAND YOUWANT ALL THE THINGS
    13. 13. @aaronfriedmanWHY?Really… I have no idea what ishappening here??
    14. 14. @aaronfriedmanBing On Google????Is it to showup higherthan thecompetition?
    15. 15. @aaronfriedmanTo “Increase Followers” or “Engage in Conversations” with Customers?
    16. 16. @aaronfriedmanThese are NOT Good Reasons
    17. 17. @aaronfriedmanAre You Prepared For This?
    18. 18. @aaronfriedmanHow About All This?
    19. 19. @aaronfriedmanThis is youThis is Google
    20. 20. @aaronfriedmanWhat About TheTeam???Lets have a look at them…
    21. 21. @aaronfriedmanImage Source: http://www.fanlala.com/files/imagecache/photo/gallery/42263/team-jacob-vs-team-edward.jpg
    22. 22. @aaronfriedmanThis Is The Company Org ChartAnd You Think You Are In Charge
    23. 23. @aaronfriedmanThey Ignore EVERYTHING … It Totally Sucks!NOBODY LISTENS!
    24. 24. @aaronfriedman• “Our queue is 3 months long”• “We have no bandwidth”• “We are already doing SEO”• “Sure thing” (blatantlyignored)IT Pushback
    25. 25. @aaronfriedman• “We need legal review”(2 months later)• “We can’t say that”• “We can say that, exceptchange all the words”Legal Pushback
    26. 26. @aaronfriedman• “We make bicyclestabilization and tractionsurfaces, not tires”.• “Sorry, that keyworddoesn’t work with themessaging”Branding Teams Pushbackhttp://stevesagjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/brand_identity.jpg
    27. 27. @aaronfriedman• “Too much content tokeep track of”• “Content is useless”• “Not enough contentbeing generated”General Content Confusionhttp://im.myincredible.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/1-content-is-king.jpg
    28. 28. @aaronfriedmanSEOs,SOMETIMES…VS.• Improve Revenue• Drive Relevant Traffic• Own the InternetThings are so messed up within yourorganization and people are so notaligned doing what they are supposedto be doing which is driving success andhelping your organization grow andonly looking out for themselves thatthey interfere with the bottom line androyally EFF things up </rant>Expectations vs. Reality
    29. 29. @aaronfriedmanI GIVE UP!
    30. 30. @aaronfriedmanNOT SO FAST!Business ownersneed to realize thatthis is not magicYour Department Can’t Rule TheOrganization Alone
    31. 31. @aaronfriedmanWHY DO YOU NEED SOCIAL?WHY DO YOU NEED SEO?
    33. 33. @aaronfriedmanWHATYOUNEEDISTo…Build Another Lead Generation Channel
    34. 34. @aaronfriedmanIncrease Brand Awareness & ReputationWHATYOUNEEDISTo…
    35. 35. @aaronfriedmanStrengthen Specific Marketing CampaignsWHATYOUNEEDISTo…
    36. 36. @aaronfriedmanYOUALSONEEDTO…Shorten Your Sales Cycle
    37. 37. @aaronfriedmanIncrease Overall Customer SatisfactionYOUALSONEEDTO…
    38. 38. @aaronfriedmanWhich CAN Be SEO & Social
    39. 39. @aaronfriedmanImage source: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/inbound-marketing-is-taking-offBut SHOULD Also BeSEOs AreJustPositionedWell ForThis
    40. 40. @aaronfriedmanThe Same Stuff Doesn’t WorkSearch Engines Have Evolved
    41. 41. @aaronfriedmanOLD SCHOOLSEOImage Source: http://cdn.seomoz.org/img/upload/mockup(2).png• Keywords• AltAttributes• H tags• MoreKeywords• Links
    42. 42. @aaronfriedmanWHATUSER ISLOOKINGFORWHATTHEPAGEDELIVERSThis isWhereYOUWINThis is InboundIdea Source: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/getting-onpage-seo-right-in-2012-and-beyond-whiteboard-friday
    43. 43. @aaronfriedmanREMEMBEROURFRIENDS INITLEGALBRANDINGandCONTENT?Image Source: http://www.lonniehuntermusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/woman-remembering1.jpgHow Do We Get There?
    44. 44. @aaronfriedmanHow Do YouInterface WithThem?
    45. 45. @aaronfriedman
    46. 46. @aaronfriedmanThink Collaboration*this happened forreal about 2 days intothe job while I was stilllearning Trello
    47. 47. @aaronfriedmanGoogle Docs / sheets• Fast iterations• Commenting system• For everyone to seeTransparency at its finest!
    48. 48. @aaronfriedmanAnd About Transparency• Flexibly - Rigid• Agile toimpact Change
    49. 49. @aaronfriedmanSpeaking of Agile
    50. 50. @aaronfriedmanHave You Ever Seen AnythingImplemented Without YourKnowledge That Affected Your Work?
    51. 51. @aaronfriedmanCross Organization Collaboration
    52. 52. @aaronfriedmanThey EmailNow
    53. 53. @aaronfriedmanWith OneCaveatMake Sure You Are Playing On The Same Team
    54. 54. @aaronfriedmanStart To Win Them Over One By One
    55. 55. @aaronfriedmanHow Do You Make People Love You?
    56. 56. @aaronfriedmanHow About Coffee?Image Source: http://www.adderworld.com/blog1/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/CoffHap.jpg
    57. 57. @aaronfriedman Connect with them. Find Common Ground Geek About Their things… …Not just SEOImage Source: http://selfexceed.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Worry-free-268x300.jpg
    58. 58. @aaronfriedmanWhat’s impending this from working?
    59. 59. @aaronfriedmanBuild SEO Into YourContent StrategyLet Me HELP YouImage Source: http://family.go.com/images/cms/parenting/man-girl-chore-photo-240x240-j-5295467.jpg
    60. 60. @aaronfriedmanAsk Them...• How Do You UseThe Web?• What Keywords areimportant to you?• What Areas Do YouNeed Help In?• Where Do You SeeCompetitorsBeating You?Image Source:http://loyolagreyhound.com/polopoly_fs/1.1771286.1289490016!/image/1708218709.jpg
    61. 61. @aaronfriedmanSo you came today because,You Have a Website…
    62. 62. @aaronfriedmanAnd,You WantAll Those Things?
    63. 63. @aaronfriedmanYou Want This???Non Branded SearchLift after months ofcoordination after amigration with IT,Social, etc.
    64. 64. @aaronfriedmanLets Create an Integrated Marketing StrategyTogetherMarketingCreativeCopywritersDevelopersPR & MediaPartnershipsMarketingStrategy• Designers: Ensure that creative andusability are inline with user queries.• Copywriters: Optimize content andrecommend new, trendingopportunities• Developers: Optimize code. InformMeta Data.• PR and Media: SEO friendly pressreleases, social media, and other formsof outreach• Marketing Strategy: Supportmessaging, especially in digital spaceSEOSEOSEOSEO
    65. 65. @aaronfriedmanBecause The ReturnIs Well Worth It
    66. 66. @aaronfriedmanAaron FriedmanDirector of SEO atwww.digitalhighrise.comaaron@kahenadigital.com@aaronfriedman+