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Fintech as the fuel to Africa's innovation coming of age


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Presented at the Africa Technology Business Forum London on 22nd June 2016 by Nicole Anderson, CEO FINTECH Circle Innovate

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Fintech as the fuel to Africa's innovation coming of age

  1. 1. FinTech as the fuel to Africa's innovation coming of age June 2016
  2. 2. p2 >200 STARTUPS FinTech companies In our ‘circle’ LONDON HQ + Silicon Valley + New York Network Of 80 FINTECH investors Venture Expertise Corporate VC, Angel >17 000 TWITTER Followers 13 000 LINKEDIN GROUP MEMBERS TOP 16 GLOBAL FINTECH BRAND Our FinTech Credentials FINTECH CIRCLE INNOVATE Network Of 100 FINTECH Experts globally Launched the BEST SELLER THE FINTECH BOOK A KEY FINTECH Voice and Thought Leader
  3. 3. WHAT WE DO FINTECH CIRCLE INNOVATE We accelerate your innovation strategy through specific programs to support ideation to business return. We source best in class FinTech technologies to map to your business objectives to partner, invest or acquire We support your investment thesis to extract strategic value and achieve portfolio returns. Empower Connect Convert
  4. 4. FinTech is a Global Revolution
  5. 5. source: cbinsights 11.15 Companies Average deal value Countries 12 mos $44M $25.BN 54 1362 FINTECH – ITS BIG!
  6. 6. Approximately $25BN (FinTech) and $4BN (InsureTech) in last 12 months YoY Funding Growth YoY deal growthdeals 2015 avg deals per quarter avg. investment per quarter 12 mos source: cbinsights 11.15 VC and CVC’s globally $25b 995 + 26.7 % 223 900 +68 % $3.63b FINTECH – ITS BIG!
  7. 7. New York Global Capital Investment Fintech social trading strategies, market funding platforms market data services Silicon Valley Leading Global FinTech Investment home to 72% of all global fintech labs home to 50% of early stage US insurance start-ups B2C leaders in payments, lending London Fastest Growth in Deal Flow and Investment B2B verticalisation opentech regtech robo advisory enterprise blockchain Global gateway Tel Aviv Leading Cyber & Asset Management Trading – social & institutional Security – cyber, IOT Social Blockchain FUELLING THE INNOVATION of FINANCE CENTRES OF THE WORLD
  8. 8. FinTech as the Enabler
  9. 9. FinTech bind new innovation to existing business models Existing institutions are rapidly changing their attitude to the value of partnerships, investment and collaboration – changing the landscape in competition and opportunity FinTech ranks # 1 for global innovation relevance Finance and technology are borderless. FinTech innovation is a global wave – a revolution. Cities all over the world are staking their claim for FinTech recognition FinTech is driving a new knowledge economy New business models, a serge of innovation and new market entrants are fuelling the R&D, consultancy, technological and services know-how in a new connected global ecosystem for Finance FinTech attracts attention Global FinTech Hubs understand the importance of FinTech in how they are viewed by the world. Switzerland, Singapore, Sydney, Cape Town are using FinTech to ‘market’ their readiness for global business THE REASONS WHY FINTECH IS A MARKET ENABLER Page 07 FINTECH CIRCLE INNOVATE
  10. 10. FinTech is a major catalyst for Trade relations Innovate Finance – the 1st FinTech Trade Body based in London has secured over 200 members in just 18 months. A true global ecosystem supporting each other and fostering global trade FinTech Innovation = Investment $25BN has been invested FinTech in 2015. 3 x increase since 2010. There are 900 FinTech investors globally. This is fuelling more innovation and capital follows the opportunity wherever it may be. FinTech has a powerful voice FinTech communities are not only changing business models but are also driving changes in regulation and policy. FinTech is enabling institutions to draw new talent, new customers and new partners FinTech is all about collaboration Existing institutions are realising the power of openness and collaboration for business success. Competitive success is all about the strength of global reach and partners vs isolation and going it alone. FinTech has changed this. THE REASONS WHY FINTECH IS A MARKET ENABLER Page 08 FINTECH CIRCLE INNOVATE
  11. 11. FinTech – The African Opportunity
  15. 15. Venture landscape in South Africa de als 12 mos R 1.8 BN Under Mgmt R7mill Av Deal 112 Deals 31 VCs
  16. 16. AFRICA – FINTECH AS AN ECONOMIC POWER BROKER 1 2 4 3 Mature Late Stage High Growth - Mature High Growth – Early - Mid Early Stage INNOVATION CURVE FINANCIAL INCLUSION CURVE Wealth creation Income and life protection Economic mobility Transact CORPORATE VENTURE ---- GOVERNMENT
  17. 17. Job creation Global trade opportunity A culture of innovation Skills development Sustainable innovation in financial services Attracting international capital investment Page 04 VISION FOR A NATION, FOR A REGION AND FOR A GLOBAL IDENTITY FINTECH CIRCLE INNOVATE
  18. 18. MAKE IT HAPPEN