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Startup Metrics for Founders (LEAN 121)

This is the slide deck from Trevor Owens's classes on Startup Metrics for Founders

In 2004, with only 150,000 registered users and very little revenue, Facebook raised $500,000 and less than a year later raised another $12.7 million. It was not the most popular social network nor was it even the most popular college social network. So what metrics were early indicators of it's future success?

In this class we will go over this and two other unreleased case studies on startup metrics that matter.

By the end of this class you will have an understanding of:

Actionable Metrics & Split Testing
Qualitative vs Quantitative Metrics
Cohort Metrics
Validated Learning
Innovation Accounting Framework
Hypothesis Testing
Funnel Metrics and AARRR
Paying attention to the wrong metrics will lead your startup down the wrong path, don't take that risk by missing this class.

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Startup Metrics for Founders (LEAN 121)

  1. 1. Startup Metrics for Founders Lean Startup Machine
  2. 2. About Me Trevor Owens On Twitter @to2• Lean Startup Machine, Founder & CEO• Named “Most Powerful Networker in NYC” by NY Observer in 2010• Mentored 2000 Entrepreneurs in 15 cities• Several startup failures, some successes• Advised & Incubated
  4. 4. 200 WORKSHOPS IN 2013New York Philadelphia San Diego Shanghai Moscow RiyadhBoston Los Angeles Toronto Karachi Tel Aviv Sao PaoloChicago Washington DC Montreal Lahore Milan LondonAustin San Francisco Tokyo Dubai Amsterdam
  5. 5. Old Tools• Vanity• Actionable• Funnel• Cohort
  6. 6. Vanity• Numbers that sound good but do not mean anything.
  7. 7. Actionable• Goal or benchmark
  8. 8. Funnel1.Acquisition: Visits website2.Activation: Sign-up3.Revenue: Buys something4.Referral: Invite friends5.Retention: Comes back
  9. 9. Cohorts• Put users into groups based on Activation
  10. 10. New Tools
  11. 11. Test Assumptions, Not Products
  12. 12. Startup Stage• Validation • Is this a drug or a vitamin?• Growth • How big can we get?
  13. 13. Start with Hypothesis• _______ have a problem with _______ • Scooter owners have a problem with gas prices
  14. 14. Define Top 5 Risks1.Scooter owners are rich2.Scooter owners don’t drive very much3.Scooter owners...4.,,
  15. 15. Validation Stages1.Exploration- Find Pain2.Pitch- Measure Demand3.Concierge- Productize
  16. 16. Define Goals• What # do we need to continue?• Set a deadline• Measure based on cohorts
  17. 17.