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The #FinTech Book Metrics (@TheFINTECHBook)


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Update about the #FinTech Book. The 1st globally crowd-sourced book on FinTech

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The #FinTech Book Metrics (@TheFINTECHBook)

  1. 1. @TheFINTECHBook Created & Edited by:
  2. 2. Relevance Financial Technology (“FINTECH”) is booming around the world… o US$ 14 billion of investment in 2014 o 140,000+ workers in the sector globally o 7 FinTech Hubs (established & emerging) … no dedicated book @TheFINTECHBook
  3. 3. Book with 10 Chapters Consumer- Centric Solutions Bank- Centric Solutions Innovation in Banks FinTech Hubs FinTech Enablers Success Stories Emerging Markets Future Trends Introduction Crowdsourced content Editors’ Content Current Status 160+ Writers submitted 300- word teasers and voting for best content has begun June Voted top 25+ authors write full articles (2,000+ words) July Editors will edit and by 1 Aug submit to Publisher Aug – Oct Publishing Process Nov Book Launch (print & e-book) Conclusion @TheFINTECHBook
  4. 4. A Success is being born … Significant momentum gained globally with over 16’000 views in 1 months @FinTechBook 180 view/day 1’240 view/day
  5. 5. The Authors – Influence 160+ Authors Social Network Reach of authors Professional Network Reach of authors 27 Countries 77’674+ Professionals 176’401 followers @TheFINTECHBook
  6. 6. The Authors FinTech Powerlist 20 out 100 influencers represented in the FINTECH Book. Section: • Chris Gledhill • Huy Nguyen Trieu • Claire Cockerton • Rebecca Menat Large Corporate Participation FinTech Stakeholders 186 Abstracts Sources @TheFINTECHBook
  7. 7. The Authors – A Community @TheFINTECHBook 27 Countries
  8. 8. The Editors SUSANNE CHISHTI CEO of FINTECH Circle, Europe's 1st Angel Network focused on fintech investments, Chairman of FINTECH Circle Innovate and Co-Founder of "The FINTECH Book" - the 1st Crowd-Sourced Book on Fintech globally. Selected as one of the 100 leading Women in FINTECH and top 15 FINTECH UK twitter influencers. Senior Capital Markets Manager, Entrepreneur and Investor with strong FINTECH expertise. Mentor, Judge & Coach at FINTECH events such as SWIFT Innotribe, Cambridge Judge Business School Accelerator and Fintech Startup Bootcamp. More than 14 years’ experience across Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, Morgan Stanley and Accenture in London and Hong Kong. Selected among top UK FINTECH Influencers by City A.M. Published Author: Fintech articles in Money Marketing Magazine and eFinancial News @TheFINTECHBook
  9. 9. The Editors JANOS BARBERIS Founded FinTech HK, which he established to spur Hong Kong's FinTech eco- system. He was appointed as a Senior Research Fellow at the Asian Institute of International Financial Law (at The University of Hong Kong) specifically focusing on developing regional Fintech regulatory frameworks. In parallel, Janos sits on the advisory board of the World Economic Forum’s FinTech Committee. Previously, Janos was an Associate at a new UK challenger bank. His role follows a specialist interest in financial systems and their stability. Notably, Janos proposed to reform the Chinese shadow banking sector by developing P2P lending channels. Published Author: Academic articles on SSRN and journal articles in UK and HK @TheFINTECHBook
  10. 10. Editors Network Metric & Awards Susanne Chishti: ◦ CEO FinTech Circle – Europe Largest FinTech Angel Group ◦ Previous experience at Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, Morgan Stanley ◦ Top 15 Twitter FinTech Influencer ◦ Selected in 100 Woman in FinTech Janos Barberis: ◦ Founder FinTech HK – Hong Kong’s first FinTech eco-system platform ◦ Advisory Board member at World Economic Forum for FinTech ◦ Set-up new retail bank in UK Lintel ◦ Senior Research fellow on FinTech Regulation FinTech Circle: ◦ Linkedin’s largest FinTech community with over 3,200 members ◦ Follower base of over 2’800 on twitter FinTech HK: ◦ Follower base of over 4’200 on twitter and newsletter with over 300 subscribers ◦ FinTech Report read over 14’000 times @TheFINTECHBook
  11. 11. Public Promotion @TheFINTECHBook Presented the FINTECH Book at ICT Spring in May 4’000 Attendees 70 Countries
  12. 12. Editors as Speakers 29/11/14 - 26/03/15 05/06/15 Panellist 26/03/15 Keynote TBC 08/15 Panelist 03/02/15 Keynote 03/06/15 Speaker 01/04/15 Keynote 11/06/15 Speaker 27/03/15 – 31/05/15 14/08/15 Moderator 17/06/15 18/06/15 Keynote 22/04/15 Judge 06/06/15 07/06/15 Judge 19/05/15 20/05/15 Keynote 04/06/15 Speaker 06/05/15 Keynote 05/05/15 Panellist 30/04/15 Judge 27/08/15 Panelist 28/05/15 Moderator Susanne Chishti EU Conferences Janos Barberis Asia Conferences 03/12/14 Speaker 09/03/15 Speaker 27/01/15 Panelist @TheFINTECHBook
  13. 13. Thank You @TheFINTECHBook