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Sw7 Innotribe AlphaCode Fintech Workshop


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Workshop for AlhaCode members held by Sw7 and Innotribe on accessing the challenges in emerging Fintech markets

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Sw7 Innotribe AlphaCode Fintech Workshop

  1. 1. Fintech Innovation Africa This is the intellectual property of Sw7. All intellectual property belonging to Sw7 is confidential and may not be distributed or used without their consent.
  2. 2. FinTech Innovation in Africa 10.00h - 10.20h Fintech Overview and Intro 10.20h - 10.40h Workshop - Getting a Business Sponsor & Deal Cycles 10.40h - 11.00h Workshop - Positioning and Pitching with Banks 11.00h - 11.15h Innotribe Challenge 11.15h - 11.30h Q & A
  3. 3. Africa’s Largest Technology Accelerator Africa’s First Fintech Accelerator Three Years Seven Accelerator Programmes One Hundred Technology Founder CEO Mentors Two Hundred + technology businesses from early to mature stage. We offer strategy, access to market, deal structuring, scaling & funding. We Have Worked With Standard Bank, SWIFT Innotribe, RMI Alphacode, Microsoft, UK DIT, MMI, PWC, AGO Three Accelerators for Standard Bank, two external, one internal Performance Management & Coaching Fintech Accelerator for RMI AlphaCode All life stages Ideation to Exit Mostly post revenue business The Sw7 Journey
  4. 4. You normally dis-intermediate when you know that you can’t fail or don’t have that much to lose. Simplify Aggregate Disintermediate To remain in the game, you need one To disrupt, you need two To drive the multiplier, you need all three Fintech Innovation
  5. 5. The Idea Innovative Business Model Scale Drive adoption; cost of customer acquisition Viability Revenue model; margins, cost to serve Resources Runway; skills, time, cash In emerging markets we have one main Constraint... The Four Innovation Pillars The Idea Scale Viability Resources
  6. 6. We have a deep and strong talent pool - no skills shortage Access to Market is our biggest challenge. How do we create scale? We have strong technical skills, we lead the Mobile Payments market There is enough tech around to get our cost to serve down (blockchain, digital banks, mobile wallets, coupons) Resources will come to a validated model We have a complex and fragmented consumer market Our Financial and B2B markets are world class Our Consumers are Inaccessible and Unaddressable To drive financial inclusion we need to monetise off many micro transactions To validate and be sustainable we need a large consumer base Our Constraint
  7. 7. The Corporate’s have the Access to Market we desperately need They are constrained by legacy back office systems, ‘old’ market revenue recognition models, how they ‘see’ the Customer In Africa, the majority Addressable and Accessible market is largely available to: No one else has the scale to address the Missing Middle (yet) Retailers Banks Telco’s Insurers
  8. 8. Innovators build a product to remove a constraint from the customer’s life, need to drive adoption for scale, but can’t guarantee the business case (it’s new) Getting Corporate Support The corporates want a business case first In the current market, the truth lies somewhere in the middle Those who have the Customer, have driven Adoption by Simplifying and Aggregating. If they have Adoption, they can Disintermediate later In the new markets, the advantage will lie with whoever gets Adoption. We are in transition
  9. 9. Banks First to Market ● You need to have an account before I ‘see’ you ● Will lend you money only if I can underwrite the risk ● Want alternative credit scoring, but need you to match existing risk profiles ● Need to be the the grown up in any transaction as they deal with the regulator Why can’t we be a insurer, teclo, retailer? Telco’s Second to Market ● Only know how to engage with you by selling a device, data, voice or a SIM card ● Offer massive market access but margins are tight (30% regulator, 30% Teclo, 40% you) Why can’t we be a bank, insurer, retailer? Insurers Coming to a market near you soon ● Regulated, great margins ● Insure-on-demand will boom ● Will follow the Banks and Telco’s with the learning processes Why can’t we bank, telco? Retailers Open to Partner • Ability and appetite to engage with the Regulator is low. It won’t stay this way for too much longer Let’s talk bottom line and margin Fintech Innovation - Corporate Landscape
  10. 10. ● Going to market directly is expensive and slow ● Going to market through corporates is expensive and slower ● Corporates have no economies of scale or processes to engage with the SME markets effectively ● Partnering with corporates creates slow growth businesses that don’t attract international interest & funding Access to Market
  11. 11. The challenge is the opportunity ● How do we realise the opportunity? ● How do we drive financial inclusion? ● What role are the corporates going to play? Being in Africa, we are in the right place (phew, finally!) at the right time. We need to adjust our thinking
  12. 12. Tech Startups, Founders & Developers Africa - LinkedIn @Sw7co - Twitter - Drink Tea