YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS SHEET IN ORDER TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT!!!!!Frankenstein Project                                       ...
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Frankenstein project group assignment sheet


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Assignment sheet for group project on Frankenstein

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Frankenstein project group assignment sheet

  1. 1. YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS SHEET IN ORDER TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT!!!!!Frankenstein Project DUE DATE: ____________Name Date PeriodSection I: Analytical In your group, develop a soundtrack for the novel. Make a list of the most important scenesfrom your chapters and then make a list of the specific songs or types of music you might play foreach of the major scenes. Review your chapters to make a list of the scenes then skim for detailsabout the physical setting or the characters’ emotions that might spark ideas for music. Make a twocolumn outline of your soundtrack. In the first column list the key scenes or events in order. In thesecond column identify or describe the music that will accompany the scene. Focus on conveying themood of the scene. I will collect the CD and your explanations of why you chose each particular songfor each scene. Your group will present their musical selections and scenes to the class in the form of a CD.Each person in the group must have at least two songs on the CD. We will listen to each song forapproximately 30 seconds (This is my discretion). While we are listening, you must explain why youchose that particular song for that scene or event. Also, you must include a picture of each scene.The picture may be on the front of a piece of paper with the explanation (be sure to include song andartist) on the back.Section II: Comprehensive In addition to the soundtrack, each group must completed one of the following: 1. Chart Victor’s journeys throughout the novel on a map of Europe. Your map should include the distance he travels and an approximate timeline for each of his journeys. Must be poster sized. OR 2. Create a large portrait of the creature (life size, must include his body head to toe). Use textual evidence to help you draw his face and general body form. Please be creative and detailed. OR 3. Act out the courtroom scene from chapter 8. You are encouraged to write out a script, although this is not required (DO NO adlib). You also must include the prosecution, defense, judge, the Frankenstein family, Justine, and key witnesses and evidence. This enactment should be no longer than 10 minutes. ** This may be taped and shared in class** Grading criteria: Total Your scoreAnalytical Section grade Songs and explanations 25 Creativity and presentation 25Comprehensive portion Project 25 Creativity and presentation 25