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Sexperts - a peer outreach model that works


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James Gray, (ACON) reflects on the successful reintroduction of peer outreach into gay sex on premises venues in Sydney. This presentation was given at the AFAO/NAPWA Gay Men's HIV Health Promotion Conference in May 2012.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Sexperts - a peer outreach model that works

  1. 1. ACON Sexperts James Gray
  2. 2. Let’s take a journey…
  3. 3. Today’s Presentation• Why is this new at ACON in Sydney?• Principles• The Project• What did we expect?• What did we get asked?• Broader Implications
  4. 4. Outreach isn’t new! Except… • ACON hasn’t used this as a formal modality for HIV prevention for gay men in Sydney for well over a decade • Sydney gay men are too sophisticated (?!)
  5. 5. Principles of Our Projects• HIV Prevention• Improving Sexual Health• Peer Education• Sex and gay positivity• Community Development• Harm Reduction• Youth ParticipationSourced from Bavinton, B (2007) Start Making Sense Evaluation Report
  6. 6. The Project• Ben Bavinton, Teddy Rose and Chris Brew• Pilot was run at 357 (Sydney City Steam)• Trained volunteers• 2 volunteer per shift• 3 shifts a week• Ongoing feedback mechanisms• How do we interact with people?
  7. 7. Passive engagement strategies
  8. 8. What did we expect?• Small numbers of basic questions• Risk reduction to be front and centre• Some pushback from customers
  9. 9. What were we asked?• Oral Sex and HIV• HIV Basics• Where to test? (self testing available)• Symptoms of common STIs• Issues socialisingAnd…
  10. 10. ‘I have trouble staying hard’
  11. 11. Why has this worked?• The volunteers• The venue?• By being ‘available’ rather than pushy• Persistence• ‘New project’ to many guys
  12. 12. Broader Implications• Men still seek reassurance on the basics• Others DON”T KNOW the basics• Being out in the community diversifies who we see
  13. 13. Finally• Questions• Comments• ThoughtsContact:James 9206 2041