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  • Youth development is a process which prepares young people to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood through a coordinated, progressive series of activities and experiences which help them to become socially, morally, emotionally, physically, and cognitively competent.
  • Maslow
  • $$$ Education Skills Character Commitment
  • It's our time

    1. 1. It’s Our TimeTexas 4-H Virtual Summit Kevin D. Chilek, PhD November 7, 2012
    2. 2. Why?• We are the youth development specialist• We have what people want• We have the tools
    3. 3. We are Youth Development Specialist• What is Youth Development?•
    4. 4. We Have What People Want• What do our youth want?••
    5. 5. We Have the Tools• What are the tools? – Project – Volunteers – Reputation – Structure
    6. 6. Project• The subject matter expertise• The things kids want to do• A format for interaction• An opportunity for achievement• We have a special product
    7. 7. Volunteers• 30,000• Trained• Dedicated• Care about the subject and the kids
    8. 8. Reputation• 100 Years• We stand on the shoulders of giants• We have a recognized brand• Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
    9. 9. Structure• County, District, State, National• Local support and Broad support• Family oriented• Supported by values
    10. 10. How?• Be bold• It’s not free• No excuses• Emphasize the benefits
    11. 11. Be Bold• Offer an experience• Promote it like it’s the best and MAKE IT THE BEST!• We will teach you if you want to learn• You will love it if you will come
    12. 12. It’s Not FREE (it never was)• $$$• Time• Commitment• Energy• Planning• Dedication
    13. 13. No Excuses• Make no excuses… We are who we are and we are proud!• We will build the best program we can for YOU!• YOU will decide if it’s what you want to do
    14. 14. Benefits• You tell me!!!!
    15. 15. Things to Consider Good to Great• It’s not about us/you• Think who before what• Confront reality• Be the hedge hog
    16. 16. It’s Not About You• Level 5 Leadership – Personal Humility – Professional Commitment – Creating Sustained Results
    17. 17. Think Who Before What• Get the right people on the bus – People with a passion for youth and the program – People of character – Busy people – Respected people – People that care
    18. 18. Confront Reality• Make decisions based on accurate information – What do “your” kids want to do? – What are “your” needs for success? – What are the expectations of the organization?• Work within the confines of your potential for success
    19. 19. Be the Hedge Hog• FOCUS – What are you passionate about? – What will bring youth to the program in a meaningful way? – What can you be the best at?
    20. 20. Points to consider• Self Discipline as a culture• Technology as an accelerator• Momentum (flywheel)
    21. 21. Conclusion• We have a great product• We are good at what we do• Make no excuses• Be bold in your delivery• Focus!!!!