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HIV and mobility: AFAO's African communities project


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This presentation on the expansion of AFAO's African communities project to encompass other CALD and mobile populations was given by Jill Sergeant, AFAO Project Officer, at the AFAO Members Forum - May 2015.

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HIV and mobility: AFAO's African communities project

  1. 1. HIV and mobility African communities project
  2. 2. 2009 - 2014  Community consultations (2009 – 2011)  National forums (2011, 2012)  Discussion paper  Mapping  Literature review  AIDS 2014: – African Diaspora Networking Zone
  3. 3. 2015 • Reference Group face-to-face meeting • National faith leaders meeting • Translations • Expansion of project (CALD/mobile) • Mapping
  4. 4. Reference Group face to face – 24 July Objectives support and inform AFAO’s work support state-based African community HIV networks build capacity of Reference Group members and define goals for the next year progress recommendations from the 2012 Forum identify current priorities for the African community response to HIV develop recommendations for actions regarding HIV-related issues in African Australian communities. 
  5. 5. Faith leaders meeting – 25 July  Aims to facilitate awareness of HIV-related issues among religious leaders working with African communities and encourage engagement in the Australian HIV response.  Discussion will cover – Key HIV-related issues and challenges for African communities in Australia; – The role of faith in the lives of people of African background who are living with HIV – The role of faith leaders in addressing HIV-related stigma in African communities and communities of faith.
  6. 6.  Briefing paper overview of HIV-related issues for African communities – French – Amharic – Arabic  Uploads to Health Translations Directory Translations
  7. 7. Expansion of project: CALD/Mobile populations  Migration, Social Disadvantage & Health conference  International Student Sexual Health Network  Obtaining and analysing national CALD notifications data  Consultations with state/territory multicultural organisations  Establish Multicultural Reference Group
  8. 8. CALD Mapping  Evaluation of existing African mapping document  Updating and expanding the document  Launch at ASHM
  9. 9. Thank you.   African project work:
  10. 10. Thank you.   African project work: