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Indistar® for State Level Displaying Progress


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Drill down to district and school levels to view progress

Published in: Education
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Indistar® for State Level Displaying Progress

  1. 1. Display Progress
  2. 2. THE PURPOSE FOR THE “DISPLAY PROGRESS” REPORT IS TO SEE WHEN DISTRICTS OR SCHOOLS HAVE MOST RECENTLY MADE ENTRIES IN INDISTAR. Choose School Year and District information… Then, select the “Display Progress” button.
  3. 3. SCHOOL PROGRESS… Surprise!! The tab has now changed from “Display Progress” to “School Progress.” Go ahead. Select “School Progress.” School Progress can also be monitored. For schools, choose year and school group.
  4. 4. SORTING ENTRIES… Clicking on the header in any of the key components columns will reorganize the districts, listing those that entered information in that area first, followed by those that have not entered information. Districts are listed alphabetically and dates of latest entries are listed for key components of the continuous school improvement process.
  5. 5. Finally, by clicking on the file icon , you can view files the school has uploaded. DOCUMENT UPLOAD…
  6. 6. VIEWING FILES… Files can be opened to view individual documents. Note: State Administrators have view only access of files uploaded by all schools or districts. Administrators do not have access to upload files.
  7. 7. IMPLICATIONS The Display Progress Report provides: a quick check of those schools that have completed the major components of the process. the ability to see how schools in a particular district are doing. a quick check on how a specific school is doing. the ability to see the files a school has uploaded in support of its progress.