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An overview of the services offered by TalentQ Consulting. Helping companies find, hire, coach, and retain talented people. For more information please go to

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Services Overview

  1. 1. Why Use PREDICTIVE Sales Assessments?Traditional job interviewsare only 2% more accuratein predicting success on thejob than flipping a coin.**University of Michigan study “The Validityand Utility of Alternative Predictors of JobPerformance” John and Ronda HunterPersonality/Behavioral Styles assessments onlyDESCRIBE a person but can not accuratelyPREDICT success in a particular job.
  2. 2. Predictive Sales AssessmentsThe sales assessment iscustomized for your specificposition, it is not a genericsales assessment.The assessment doesn’t justdescribe the person,it tells you if the person cansuccessfully do the job.The predictive sales assessmentwe us measures narrow, job-related sales talents and skills,rather than broad, personalitytraits or behavioral styles.
  3. 3. Predictive Sales AssessmentsAn independent study*found that companies whoused these assessments:• Were 20% more likelyto hit their sales quotas• Increased deal sizesyear- over-year by 5.5%• Closed 10% more leads• Reduction in turnoverby 30%* Aberdeen Group Research Study September, 2010These assessments arevalidated and proven tohave an accuracy rate of85% and higher predictingsuccess on the job.
  4. 4. Tools To AidIn YourInterviewingAnd HiringProcess
  5. 5. BehavioralInterviewQuestions ToScreen OutUnqualifiedCandidates
  6. 6. TalentQ Consulting willinterview hiring manager’stop candidates and give asynopsis of the interviewand a recommendation toproceed to an assessmentor not.This saves managers’ timeand money!
  7. 7. You Receive TalentQ Consulting’sInterviewing & Assessment Guide
  8. 8. TalentQCreates ACustomizedJob Ad ForYour PositionBased On TheTalents AndSkills Needed
  9. 9. Your Job Ad Placed On Over 35 Job Websites AtNO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
  10. 10. Sales &MarketingProfessionalsSales JobsAdvertisingProfessionalsiSell Sales &MarketingSales 2.0Love MediaSalesOutboundExcellenceMedia SalesProfessionalsB2B SalesConnectionsSales ExecutivesResource GroupSales LeaderCouncilSales PerformanceManagementSales 2.0 BestPracticesSales & MarketingManagementSalesProductivity 2.0Sales ExecutivesOf AmericaSales & MarketingManagement Assoc. Linking SalesLeadersYour Job AdPlaced OnOver 40LinkedIn Sales& MarketingGroups AtNOADDITIONALCHARGE
  11. 11. ALinkedInCompanyPageCreated
  12. 12. “JOBS” AppBoxCreated OnYourFacebookPage
  13. 13. You Receive TalentQ Consulting’sRecruitment Guide
  14. 14. Average Number OfWeeks For New SalesHires To GenerateExpected Revenue2012 Salesperson OnboardingSurvey by Sales ArchitectsWithOnboardingProgramWithoutOnboardingProgramWithout an effective Onboardingprogram the average salesperson willtake 51% longer to generate thesame revenue as a new salespersonin a company with an effectiveonboarding program.Companies with Onboarding programsincrease retention by 25%.Partnership For Public Service Study
  15. 15. OnboardingTools AndAssistance
  16. 16. You Receive TalentQ Consulting’sOnboarding Guide
  17. 17. A one-page CoachingPlan for the managerto utilize in coachingthe salespersoneffectively
  18. 18. You Receive TalentQ Consulting’sSales Talent Coaching Guide
  19. 19. Allslides/materialsarepropertyofTalentQConsulting,L.L.C.andmaynotbeduplicatedorusedwithoutwrittenconsent.