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Using autoresponder's for your business


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Using autoresponder's for your business

  1. 1. Using autoresponders for your businessToday will be talking about how to get started using autoresponders foryour business.autoresponders are to emails as answering machines are to phones.They can serve as receptionist, marketer and sometimes pacifier forpotential and active clients who all want a piece of your time. Of course,in today’s busy world, you can’t just keep answering emails the wholeday, so autoresponders are here to do that for you. Here are severalways on how you can use these ingenious applications:• Organize your Answers CohesivelyFixed answers such as price, service rates, FAQ’s and the like istiresome to send manually especially when it’s the only thing you seemto be doing for the better part of the day. With autoresponders,websites now have the luxury of having detailed ready answers toclients’ questions with faster turnaround time than when relying on apersonal secretary or virtual assistant. This way, the company is alsomore consistent with answers to sensitive questions like price, forexample. At least no one can pinpoint you giving one rate to a clientand a cheaper one to the other.• Share Knowledge with Employees
  2. 2. Too busy to impart everything to your employees? Well, withautoresponders, you can set up course modules with not only clientsbut with those in your internal office. This way, you can still enhance theirperformance even when you’re too busy doing your own functions in theoffice. A sequential autoresponder will help you pre-set your messagesin such a way that they can be properly digested by the employees let’ssay per week or per month.• Market to ClientsWith the advent of autoresponders being placed in service websites,clients can now have the ability to subscribe to a monthly or weeklynewsletter by the company. This way, they are kept well-informed aboutthe new products that’s about to come out from the company. Whetheryou’re a big or small enterprise, marketing through autoresponders isan affordable and effective way to keep clients in the loop of things.Even bloggers will benefit from using autoresponders as a marketingtool as it’s a great alternative to regular RSS feed. It’s also a way toincrease traffic going to the main website.Sequential course modules can also be marketed as newsletters forclients. It can be a great way to generate extra income. By giving outthe first few chapters to subscribers and letting them pay for the rest,not only are you helping, you will have branded your product or serviceas a thing of help rather than just plain Spam message.• Relax Properly
  3. 3. How many business owners or employees have gone on vacation whilestill worrying half the time about the things they have to finish, the clientsthey have to call and the backlog of messages they have to answer?Well, with autoresponders, clients whove emailed to you willimmediately be replied with a reasonable pre-written messageexplaining your circumstances and further stating that youll get back tohim as soon as you can. This way, youve touched based with themeven when you’re enjoying your break.I want to tell you about how youcan make 100% commission on GVO Autoresponder and all of theiramazing marketing tools....Im switching from Aweber to GVO and heres a few reasons why...... its the cheapest autoresponder on the market, has the best deliverability(number of emails it puts in inboxes) and they pay you 100% commissions...Whats not to love, right?But thats not all youll getTake a look at the MASSIVE marketing suite that you get with this:
  4. 4. - All Set Up Authority Blog System- Total Lead Capture System (generic and for pure leverage)- Video Hosting - Player/Streaming/Conversion Service- Video Email Service- Webinar Conference Room- Plus much MOREBut now, Pure Leverage is giving you all of this for $25 bucks.Insane!You will see that just the autoresponder account that you get is worth theprice for this alone! And we are not even talkign about other awesometools, like the Webinar software that you get, thats worth over $60 per month!(thats what I pay for my webinar software)Not only is this an awesome set of tools and coaching that you get, you getthe unique chance to become a RESELLER for 100% commissions and50% commissions on your whole downline - INFINITE levels deep!What does that mean?Well, have you ever seen a lot of people making a lot of money and said" I wish I could have gotten in from the start"?Now you can!CLICK HERE For More Information