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451 Marketing partner and head of public relations, Tom Lee, discusses the need for a holistic approach to social media in the digital age in this free workshop.

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451 Marketing DIY PR

  1. 1. DIY PR: When To Turn To The Pros
  2. 2. Integrated Communications Campaigns We help build great brands by driving business, creating awareness, developing loyalty, and engaging customers. All 451 Marketing campaigns are strategically integrated and leverage public relations, social media marketing and search marketing tactics.
  3. 3. – Founded in 2004– National digital marketing firm based in Boston– Partners Nicholas Lowe, AJ Gerritson, and Tom Lee– Named a 2011 & 2012
  4. 4. Thomas LeePartner 617-986-0223 tlee@451marketing.com linkedin.com/in/tomlee451 @TomLee451www.451Marketing.com
  5. 5. When most people think of PR,they think of traditional media relations
  6. 6. But, the way that consumers find and consume information has evolved
  7. 7. One-Way
  8. 8. Publicist Media General Public
  9. 9. One-Way Dialogue
  10. 10. Agenda• Your Brand and Message• Website and SEO• Social Media• Public Relations• When You Need the Pros
  11. 11. DIY PR Tactics: Getting Started
  12. 12. I. Develop Your Brand Message
  13. 13. What is Your Value Proposition?• Why should a consumer should buy your product/use a service?• Does your product or service add more value or better solve a problem than your competitors?• What pain point do you address?
  14. 14. Who is Your Target Audience?• Age group• Gender• Socio-economic• GeographicIf you have multiple distinctsegments, you may havedistinct messaging or offerdistinct benefits
  15. 15. Where Does Your AudienceGather/Consume Information?
  16. 16. II. Establish Web Presence and SEO Strategy
  17. 17. Evaluate Your Current Site For visual appeal and functionality
  18. 18. Build a Website  Free  Easy to use  SEO value and tools built in  Tons of free themes, templates, tutorials, and plug- ins  Mobile-friendly
  19. 19. Build a Website  Free  Easy to use – drag and drop  Lots of, templates, tutorials, and plug-ins  Mobile-friendlywww.WIX.com
  20. 20. Keyword Research Keyword To get optimal traffic from search engines, need toResearch create content around htHow can you find the bestkeywords to include in yourcontent?
  21. 21. Before You: • Consult a keyword tool • Rewrite any content Sit down and perform a Google search.
  22. 22. Keyword ResearchQ: For what Google search shouldyou rank #1?A: “innovative, creative, game-changing”
  23. 23. Keyword Research Q: What do you do/make/sell? A: “Oh. Cloud-based storage for small business”.
  24. 24. www.google.com/AdWordsFind and compare keywords related to your business.
  25. 25. http://www.google.com/analytics/• Sign up/verify Google Analytics• Let GA run for two weeks before doing any SEO to determine a baseline
  26. 26. http://www.google.com/analytics/What Can You Measure? • Traffic sources: direct, referral, search, campaigns • Page visits • Downloads • Mobile visits • Top referrers • Conversion rates and goal tracking • Geo-tracking
  27. 27. Social Media
  28. 28. Based on your audience and goals, different platforms may be appropriate
  29. 29. >500 Million Twitter Accounts 39% of companies have acquired new customers using Twitter91% of active users polled 7.8 million brandfollow a brand recommendations each month 1. Engage Current Fans & Increase Awareness 2. Increase Traffic to Website 3. Engage With Influencers & Media 4. Marketing/Competitive Research
  30. 30. >1 Billion Users 41% of companies using Facebook 51% have acquired new customers from it of Facebook fans more likely to buy from a company they 40% of users 35 years or older1. Engage Current Fans & Increase Awareness2. Branding & Loyalty3. Increase Traffic to Website4. Engage With Other Brands
  31. 31. >187 million users >1,000,000 groups 43 years old/ $107,000 annual income1. Network with Potential Clients2. Build Profile and Network in Your Industry3. Showcase Brand, Products, Thought Leaders
  32. 32. >23 million unique visitors/month Pinterest Receives 3rd Most Hits/Week Among Social Media Sites LinkedIn LinkedIn YouTube1. Brand and Product Recognition2. Site Traffic Referral Traffic Percentages3. Creating a Lifestyle/Persona Around a Brand
  33. 33. Create Branded Pages and Accounts
  34. 34. Social MediaDevelop a Social Strategy to Complement PR• Objectives and goals• Platforms• Voice• Resources• Roles/Responsibilities• Schedule• Measure results
  35. 35. Public Relations Your Story
  36. 36. Build a press list of media outlets and bloggers thatreach your customers and target audience
  37. 37. Create a Press KitStandard press kit includes: • Fact sheet • Key executive bios • Standard company info press release • High-resolution images and logos
  38. 38. Craft Your StoryCreate a storyline about your brand to buildyour pitches around.• What’s the angle?• Why is your company interesting?• What is most newsworthy and unique about your company/product?• Spend some time putting pen to paper and create language around this storyline that can be tailored for future pitching
  39. 39. Socialize Key Talking PointsMake sure anyone who may comein contact with the media orinfluencers is sharing the samemessage
  40. 40. Write Press ReleasesWrite press releases that let themedia know what you do and sell,and why they should tell theirreaders and viewers about you
  41. 41. Distribute Press ReleasesDistribute press releases on the wire for greater distributionand to help drive web traffic Examples: • PRWEB • PR Newswire • Marketwire • BusinessWire
  42. 42. Optimize Your Press ReleaseBe sure to include relevantkeywords throughout the pressrelease
  43. 43. Know Your MarketStaying informed about the latest trendsin your industry helps to position youand your company at the top of yourgame. http://www.google.com/alerts
  44. 44. Find PartnersAn great opportunity to 1- meet/connectwith media and/or 2- gain coverage.• Plan an event• Guest post on their blog/have them guest post on yours• Think of ways that you can work together to maximize impressions and help one another by exposing them to your audience and pooling resources
  45. 45. Signs it’s Time to Hire a Professional
  46. 46. Not enough time to do it all
  47. 47. Traffic and Sales• Your web traffic is weak• You aren’t getting any online leads
  48. 48. Customers aren’t engaging you through your social media properties
  49. 49. The media isn’t writing about you
  50. 50. You Aren’t Prepared to Speak to Media
  51. 51. You Have Technical Needs That Exceed Your Skill
  52. 52. Benefits of a Full-Service Agency
  53. 53. You get a whole team of professionals
  54. 54. Expensive Enterprise Tools
  55. 55. Dedicated Focus
  56. 56. Years of Expertise (what works, what doesn’t)
  57. 57. Relationships With Media and Other Industry Resources
  58. 58. Social Media Following and Experience
  59. 59. Ability to Adjust Daily Based on Results
  60. 60. Reporting
  61. 61. AccountabilityMeasured against your goals
  62. 62. Takeaways • Essential to think of communications in a holistic and targeted way • There are things you can do on your own. The worst thing you can do is nothing. • Know your limitations. At some point, all growing companies have to turn to external resources to optimize their presence.
  63. 63. Questions?
  64. 64. Thomas LeePartner 617-986-0223 tlee@451marketing.com linkedin.com/in/tomlee451 @TomLee451www.451Marketing.com
  65. 65. DIY PR: When To Turn To The Pros