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Telnexus - Quote to Cash – KazooCon 2015

Telnexus CEO Vernon Keenan discuss how he built the Managed Service Provider Telnexus from the ground up and the lessons he has learned in the process.

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Telnexus - Quote to Cash – KazooCon 2015

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY: Quote To Cash - The Telnexus Story Or a Funny Thing Happened on The Way To The BSS/OSS Forum Vernon Keenan CEO of Telnexus
  2. 2. @kazoocon About Telnexus • Founded July 2012 by Vernon Keenan – Based in Berkeley, CA – Evolved from Berkeley Logic, a local MSP • Communication as a Unified Service for Small Enterprises – Offer a one-stop shop for IT, Internet & Voice • One Year into “Going Deep” with 2600hz Kazoo
  3. 3. @kazoocon The Problem How do I run my business? • Marketing • Sales • Orders • Provisioning • Taxation • Billing • Accounting • IT Service Management
  4. 4. “The Way It Is Done”
  5. 5. @kazoocon The Future? Source: Advanced Technology Group –
  6. 6. @kazoocon Maybe This One? Source
  7. 7. @kazoocon It Is A Love-Hate Affair Things We Love • 2600hz Kazoo Platform • API-based Telcos • Cloud-based Systems • High-End Routers • Flexible Database Systems • A New Perspective On Life Things We Hate • Waiting To Get Paid • Billing Systems Stuck In The Past • Silos of Information • Old-Fashioned Ways of Doing Things • Cloud Sprawl • Manual Systems
  8. 8. @kazoocon Things We Have Learned • Anything but true Quote to Cash is unsatisfying • Existing billing systems are tied to ILEC conventions • Users are ready for “seat-based” pricing • BSS/OSS system distinctions are old-fashioned and distracting for system integrators • The platform matters
  9. 9. Thank You! @kazoocon