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2600Hz - The Next Wave - KazooCon 2015

CTO Karl Anderson discusses the state of Kazoo. This includes integrations with FreeSWITCH, erlang, and Kamailio. Reseller milestones include the release of whitelabeling, webhooks, migration, carriers, debugging, account management and more.

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2600Hz - The Next Wave - KazooCon 2015

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY: The next wave Karl Anderson
  2. 2. @kazoocon Topics Technical Milestones Reseller Milestones End-User Milestones Version 4.0
  3. 3. @kazoocon TECHNICAL MILESTONES
  4. 4. @kazoocon We have been busy! KAZOO 5110 Commits 51 Authors 4787 Files Changed 367,823 insertions (+) 276,609 deletions (-) MONSTER UI 1762 Commits 26 Authors 3017 Files Changed 140,194 insertions (+) 92,629 deletions (-)
  5. 5. @kazoocon Kazoo Pusher Network maps Patch support Bash Completion CDR chunking Konami Kazoo Documents Kazoo Ledgers WebSeq Generator New callow modules …. and so much more!
  6. 6. @kazoocon Kazoo Web sockets now available (beta)! Fundamental pillar for real-time interaction Work to be done: Real-world testing, scaling and adding of more events
  7. 7. @kazoocon Erlang Added support for 17.5 + Dialyzer Spec normalization Improved build JSON checking XRef checking Unit / proper test execution
  8. 8. @kazoocon Kamailio Everything is in Kamailio’s source tree! We intend to stop shipping Kamailio RPMs soon We now recommend Kamailio 4.3.2+
  9. 9. @kazoocon Kamailio Improved threading model for registrations Improved queue management Utilizes asynchronous workers Kazoo queries are non-blocking Registrar supplemental parameters from reg_success
  10. 10. @kazoocon FreeSWITCH Everything is in FreeSWITCH’s source tree! We intend to stop shipping FreeSWITCH RPMs soon Starting migration to v1.6 Migrating media servers to Debian
  11. 11. @kazoocon FreeSWITCH This opens the door for amazing video services WebRTC improvements DTMF improvements Lots of bug fixes!
  12. 12. @kazoocon RESELLER MILESTONES
  13. 13. @kazoocon Webhooks Extended web hook data New UI with more debug information More hooks!
  14. 14. @kazoocon Webhooks
  15. 15. @kazoocon Whitelabeling DNS management and helpers for better DNS setups Teletype engine provides heavily customizable email services Porting manager is being finalized for resellers
  16. 16. @kazoocon Whitelabeling
  17. 17. @kazoocon Migration App
  18. 18. @kazoocon Carriers Improved setup and management of carriers Easier management of priorities Management for dedicated IP assignments
  19. 19. @kazoocon Carriers In-browser regex tester Starting to roll in “non-technical” tasks Codecs for video/audio Templates (Global and Reseller based)
  20. 20. @kazoocon Carriers
  21. 21. @kazoocon Debugging Real-time registration information SMTP logs SIP ladder diagrams Real-time subscription information
  22. 22. @kazoocon Debugging
  23. 23. @kazoocon Account Management
  24. 24. @kazoocon Account Management
  25. 25. @kazoocon END-USER MILESTONES
  26. 26. @kazoocon Internationalization Language support for prompts English French Russian Spanish More languages in the UI English Russian French Dutch Shared dialplan configuration
  27. 27. @kazoocon Provisioner SIP NOTIFY Improvements to both basic and advanced features Improvements to presence / BLF Firmware
  28. 28. @kazoocon Email to Fax
  29. 29. @kazoocon Pickup Optimizations if($ru =~ "sip:kfp+") { $var(Cookie) = $(rU{s.rm,kfp+}); if($sht(fp=>$var(Cookie)::Call-ID) != $null) { $var(replaced_call_id) = $sht(fp=>$var(Cookie)::Call-ID); if($hdr(Replaces)!= $null) { remove_hf_re("^Replaces"); } append_hf("Replaces: $var(replaced_call_id)rn"); $ru = $sht(fp=>$var(Cookie)::URI); $tu = $sht(fp=>$var(Cookie)::URI); $du = $sht(fp=>$var(Cookie)::Switch-URI); xlog("L_INFO", "$ci|log|call-id fast pickup call $var(replaced_call_id), redirecting to $du"); route(EXTERNAL_TO_INTERNAL_RELAY); exit(); } }
  30. 30. @kazoocon Presence Enhanced support for soft phones Reliability improvements Self-service debug and management Both provisioning and debugging
  31. 31. @kazoocon PDF GET /v2/accounts/{{ACCOUNT_ID}/directories/{{ID}} "Content-Type": "application/pdf"
  32. 32. @kazoocon Simple Number Search
  33. 33. @kazoocon … and more! Search API Timezone hierarchy Click-to-Call / Quickcall improvements
  34. 34. @kazoocon VERSION 4.0
  35. 35. @kazoocon Historical transactions
  36. 36. @kazoocon Registration contacts to be resolved at Kamailio
  37. 37. @kazoocon Kazoo Number Manager
  38. 38. @kazoocon Storing voicemail messages in the MODB
  39. 39. @kazoocon Kazoo Couch Manager
  40. 40. @kazoocon What to expect Everything that uses the database should be faster You can store thousands of numbers in a single account Your voicemails can be stored elegantly and efficiently, forever These are the last major things we know of in turn-key scaling a system to 100,000 and beyond
  41. 41. Thank You! @kazoocon