Evaluation Question1


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Evaluation Question1

  1. 1. How I have used and developed Goodwin’s principles
  2. 2. My music video, ‘Come Did None’, isa narrative video based on a 3second clip from the opening of‘The Watchmen’ where twohomosexual lovers are lying on abed after being killed by ahomophobic killer. In the videothere are two females, both withquite a niche style. They are in ahouse that has quite an old stylewith some modern aspects. Thereare also some scenes filmed in thegarden. This is where the images onthe CD cover were taken. Thegarden is fairly open and light due tothe natural light, typical of anacoustic/indie video. These factorstherefore connotate the genrecharacteristics of the acoustic/indiesong.
  3. 3. Throughout my video I have established a relationship betweenmusic/lyrics and visuals. In some clips of my video the lyrics arerepresented with images. For example at 0:45 the lyrics are “get sent anangel with broken wings” so I have used a close up of a bird with itswings open, being attacked by a stote. Another example is at 0:25 wherethe lyrics are “they grabbed her throat and made a slit”, I have put in ashot of Amy Kissing the actress playing Alexa, Lucy’s neck and leaving ared lipstick mark. This gives connotations of making a slit in someone’sthroat, as the lyrics are suggesting. I have made a link between themusic and the visuals through the transitions. The song is fairly slow anddoesn’t have a strong beat so I have used ‘smooth’ transitions. Forexample a slow blur, or a fade to black. Also I have tried to put thetransitions in suitable places so that the clips change in time with thelyrics of the song as there isn’t a strong beat. The shots I used were alsofairly long, matching the slow tempo of the music. However, towards theend they start to speed up to match the narrative.
  4. 4. In my video I have used many closeups of the artist and also of startimage motifs. This is a conventionthat music videos have due to thedemands of the record label usingthe star’s image to brand the music.There are several extreme close upsof the artists lips and eyesthroughout the video, and there arealso close ups towards the endwhere the artist is lying in bed withred kisses on her neck. Also I haveused shots of the dolls house severaltimes throughout the video,zooming in and out.
  5. 5. In my video there is reference tothe notion of looking andvoyeurism. Lucy is often lookinginto the camera which makes theaudience feel like she is looking atthem, and the audience couldbecome attracted to her. Also theclip where Lucy and Amy both kisscould be desirable to some of mytarget audience. At the beginningthere is a shot of the window withLucy and Amy behind which couldsuggest that the audience islooking at something theyshouldn’t be.
  6. 6. I have developed a visual style and brandidentity through the matching oftypeography, house colours, location,etc. across the three products I’ve made.The main colour used across theseproducts is maroon. On the CD cover andmagazine advert it is used for the maintext, and in the video for the door of thedolls house and in the bedroom. Thetypography on the CD cover and themagazine advert is also the same, withthe same fonts and colours. The photostaken for the CD cover and magazineadvert were taking in the same place assome of the video was filmed. Thisshows a link between all three.
  7. 7. In my video I have included intertextualityreferences to films and other music videos. Thesong was written about a three second clip fromthe beginning of the film ‘The Watchmen’ wheretwo homosexual lovers are lying on a bed afterbeing killed by a homophobic killer. Therefore myvideo is based on this, and especially makesintertextuality references towards the end whereLucy and Amy are lying on the bed with lipstick ontheir necks and a man standing at the door with aknife in his hand.
  8. 8. The beginning of my videostarts off looking at a tree andthen moves to the dolls house.This is and intertextualityreference to the beginning ofLilly Allen’s video for ‘The Fear’where it starts off looking at atree and then goes to acaravan. Also the platesmashing clips are anintertextuality reference toAdele’s video for ‘Rolling in theDeep’. This smashing of platesrepresents a broken home.
  9. 9. The type of editing I have used in my video includesslow, smooth transitions between clips, as well as somefaster transitions. This is typical of the acoustic/indiegenre of the music video. I have also used two differenteffects on the clips. For the first half of the video I haveused an effect called ‘romantic’. This put a white glowaround the edge. For the second half I used an effectcalled ‘vignette’, which puts a black glow around theedge. I have used these two effects to show thehappiness between the two homosexual lovers at thebeginning and then the sadness and dark side of thehomosexual lovers at the end when they are killed.