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How You Can Change the World

Galieleo Galilei, Mother Theresa, Bill Gates, Larry Page--these are just four of the people you look up to because of their significant contribution to the world. How did they do it? How did they start working on their idea? Can you be as influential as them?

Yes! And we hope this presentation inspires you to change the world in your own ways.

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How You Can Change the World

  1. PowerPoint Presentation - Design by OW YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD 5*
  2. THE TRUTH IS FRUSTRATING You are just a speck in the world
  3. You wonder if you can improve the planet you live in GTLOBAT WARi"i| Nr
  4. You wonder if you can be the next Galileo Galilei, Mother Teresa, or Bill Gates
  5. Q You ask yourself, “How can I become a bulb that lights the whole house? ” HERE ARE THE ANSWERS YOU’RE LOOKING FOR
  6. [ 7i7.‘[ . ”/ Ft’ .1’ “x. Wll l H Lf1‘ll/ lp LE , % *0’ lfl » .2 N‘ ‘ Ole Kirk Kristiansen created wooden V xii‘ A , ' toys at a time of financial crisis to E“ « 4 support his family. His idea eventually i“5:: ,‘ 4 L111) paved the way for one of the biggest V kg J ‘#7,’ ‘ toy manufacturers, LEGO. ti
  7. START WITH A SIMPLE ACT. Rev. Robert Pierce gave his last $5 to an abandoned child while on a trip and promised to send the same amount each month for the child's needs. This encounter became a turning point and made him organized World Vision. World Vision v. E; ‘N
  8. START WITH A SIMPLE SENTENCE. Anne Frank kept a diary while in hiding during World War 2. After the war, it was published and people from all over the world were moved by her story.
  9. START WITH A SIMPLE DECISION. Tobias Schelle decided to attend a startup boot camp in Indonesia as an aspiring entrepreneur. He discovered the untapped potential of the graphic designers in the country. This led him to establish 24S| ides, a company you can trust for creating effective presentations.
  10. START IN A SIMPLE WORKPLACE. Larry Page and Sergey Brin used to work day and night in a rented garage and developed what would be known as the most frequently used search engine, Google.
  11. Just start no matter how simple and small your effort is.
  12. Because the truth is, big things start small. 9
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