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8 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress At Work (Backed By Science)

  1. 8 EASY WAYS TO RELIEVE STRESS AT WORK (backedbyscience)
  3. 80% of employees feel stress at work
  4. 25% say their job is the most stressful part of their lives
  5. 1/5 employees have quit because of job stress
  6. What Can You Do To Beat Stress?
  7. 1 BUY AN INDOOR PLANT According to multiple studies, plants can: Increase attentiveness Boost productivity Lower blood pressure Lower anxiety Give you a more positive perception of your workspace
  8. 2PROGRESSIVE MUSCLE RELAXATION In one study of progressive muscle relaxation on student athletes, this stress management technique was shown to help regulate the players' mood states.
  9. 3 LEAVE WORK AT WORK Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business study found that people with high- stress jobs with little control over when they work are more likely to die sooner than people with more work/life balance
  10. 4TAKE A DEEP BREATH Studies have shown that deep breathing calms your body's stress response, which makes it perfect for high pressure situations like the minutes leading up to a big presentation.
  11. 5 TRY OFFICE YOGA A study from Frontiers in Human Neuroscience looked at the physical and mental effects of a three month yoga retreat, and saw that participants experienced reduced inflammation and stress in their bodies.
  12. 6DRINK A CUP OF TEA In a 2007 study, researches tested black tea against a placebo for six weeks, and concluded the tea lead to lower post-stress cortisol and more relaxation.
  13. 7 DESK MEDITATION Neuroscientists researched the effects of meditation on the brain over an eight week period and saw differences in brain volume in five different regions of the brain, including the part responsible for the fight or flight response.
  14. 8GET A STRESS CUBE The cognitive load hypothesis says that when we're forced to deal with complex problems or thoughts (i.e. stressful situations) we exert some of that cognitive load into movements like fidgeting. As a result, we're able to free up some of our mental resources to focus on the mental process and actually think through what's going on.
  15. Want More Tips to Manage Stress at Work?
  16. RESOURCES better of-life-and-death helps-quell-errant-stress-response meditation-not-only-reduces-stress-it-literally-changes-your-brain/