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Marketing of a pharma (Basic)

this is just powerpoint of the report on a pharma company this was to present in the class and for the ease to understand the research of principle of marketing in institute of business management IoBM

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Marketing of a pharma (Basic)

  1. 1. Tabros Pharma Marketing
  2. 2. Group Members Arsalan Humayun Arsalan Bakhat Aakash Kumar Saad Abdul Rauf Nisar Ahmed Razi Ejaz
  3. 3. Remember Pharmaceutical marketing is different from the other companies marketing because the customer of pharmaceutical company is doctors not the general public.
  4. 4. Pharmaceutical market overview
  5. 5. Market Overview “The pharmaceutical market has an overall growth of 17% in last 5 years.” - Mr. Munir Shaikh, Chairman Abbott Pakistan
  6. 6. Latest market standing • In the last quarter means in the months of July, August and September the market has: Total business of: 257777 million rupees. Growth: 9.4 %
  7. 7. Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. NAME OF COMPANY RANK MARKET SHARE % MARKET GROWTH % GSK 1 10.18 5 ABBOT 2 6.5 10.3 GETZ 3 5.7 18 SAMI 4 4.9 19.3 NOVARTIS 5 3.9 2.8 SANOFI-AVENTIS 6 3.5 4.2 PFIZER 7 3.5 -1 SEARLE 8 3.47 23.6 HILTON 9 2.79 12.5 MERCK 10 2.62 7.9
  8. 8. Top 10 pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan. NAME OF COMPANY RANK MARKET SHARE % MARKET GROWTH % GETZ 1 5.7 18 SAMI 2 4.9 19.3 HILTON 3 2.79 12.5 BOSCH 4 2.3 6.6 HIGH Q 5 1.89 33.9 BARRETT BODGSON 6 1.86 15.5 ATCO 7 1.62 23.9 MARTIN DOW 8 1.53 2 FEROZSONS 9 1.5 48.9 INDUS 10 1.41 14.9
  10. 10. Top 10 best selling OTCs Medicine name Rank Company Name Sale in Million PANADOL 1 GSK 1,970 CAC1000 PLUS 2 NOVARTIS 1,628 MEIJI FM-T 3 MEIJI 1,238 PONSTAN 4 PFIZER 1,223 LACTOGEN 1 5 NESTLE 1,156 SURBEX Z 6 ABBOT 1,141 ENSURE 7 ABBOT 1,114 MORINAGA BF-1 8 MORINAGA 1,042 NIDO 9 NESTLE 712 NIDO 1+ 10 NESTLE 688
  11. 11. Latest trends in the market Currently the pharmaceutical market has two trends: 1. Nutraceutical. 2. Many medicine to one.
  12. 12. Nutraceutical • The term comes from nutrient and pharmaceutical. Any product derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods. • The nutraceuticals don’t have any side effect. Example: • Jucain 120 ml syrup. • Maxzyme 120 ml syrup.
  13. 13. Many medicines to one. What happens in this is: • If, for a treatment 2 or more medicines are required to cure a disease than they are joined to one in such a way that a single medicine will be enough. • This is more trending in India.
  14. 14. Tabros Pharma Introduction
  15. 15. Introduction • Tabros pharma was founded in 1971. • The founder was “ Late Muhammed Essa Usman”. • Currently company ranked 32nd in the latest ranking given by IMS. • The company is ranked in to 20 when local companies are considered. • The company is affiliated with 2 foreign companies: • InterHealth(USA). • Mayoly Sindler(FRANCE).
  16. 16. Introduction Cont. • The country exports its medicines to: • Kenya. • Turkmenistan. • Sir Lanka. • Myanmar. • Afghanistan. • The company has a production facility in Karachi where they produce the medicines under strict cGMP
  17. 17. Introduction Cont. • The company is facing following potential competitors: • Getz Pharma • Sami Pharma • Hilton Pharma • Indus Pharma • Ferozsons Pharma etc. • The company is ISO 9001-2008 certified.
  18. 18. Vision of Tabros Pharma Tabros Pharma vision is to become a top Pakistani pharmaceutical company by providing constant flow of medicine nationally and internationally, and in time manufacturing & availability of new and even better generic brands.
  19. 19. Mission of Tabros Pharma • Tabros Pharma’s mission is to improve patient’s health through manufacturing & marketing high quality healthcare generic brands that are economically viable for our customers. • The prime focus of all our activities is patients & in all activities we are committed to highest ethical & moral values.
  20. 20. Unique Selling Point (USP) • Good quality • Affordable prices • Good taste of syrups (which improves patients compliance)
  22. 22. SWOT analysis of Tabros Pharma SWOT analysis is the technique or a tool which helps the company to identify their strengths, weaknesses, what opportunity they have to cash in and what are the threats the company is facing.
  23. 23. Strength of Tabros Pharma • Stable field force: according to the company the field force i.e. the sales representatives are stable and they don’t often switch their jobs. Further adding to it as a person when you make certain connections like in this case with the Doctor or with KOLs you got an edge as they recognize you and will listen to you more then to a new one.
  24. 24. Strength of Tabros Pharma • Quality Drugs at cheaper prices: according to the company the pricing strategy which they uses is the economic strategy. This helps them to make the affordable medicine but the key is that they don’t compromise on the quality of the medicine. • The relevant example is: A medicine named Avelox (moxifloxacin) is manufactured by other company and is priced Rs150/= but the same molecular medicine named as Moxifo (moxifloxacin) is manufactured by Tabros pharma and is priced Rs32/=.
  25. 25. Weakness of Tabros Pharma • Don’t have the affiliation with the foreign pharmaceutical companies: according to the company they are currently affiliated with 2 foreign companies. For the company to get affiliated with the foreign companies is very important as it help the company have more different generics at low price and have that competitive advantage against the competitors. In other words the company will be able to have the original generic brands.
  26. 26. Opportunity to Tabros Pharma • Foreign currency fluctuation: according to the company, unstable currency rates are making it difficult for the people to go to other foreign countries for the medical treatment. So if the company with the help of foreign companies introduces the treatment at low cost than this will help company to boost their status both in the eye of competitors and in the eye of their consumer. • Example: Ferozsons Pharma introduces a drug which is used in a treatment which cost about 10 Lac Pakistani rupees when go to America. But due to the introduction of this medicine the treatment cost has been reduced to only 1 Lac rupees.
  27. 27. Opportunity to Tabros Pharma • Nutraceutical trend: according to the company nutraceutical trend is now growing in the pharmaceutical industry and the company is now going to adopt this trend and going to launch it in December.
  28. 28. Threat of Tabros Pharma • Spending on Doctors: according to the company some companies are spending a lot on doctors in order to get more revenue. This type of marketing is called unethical marketing according to the company. More spending on doctor means more medicines will be sold and more profits will be generated. • Local competitors: according to the company the local manufacturers are the other threat in the market. Especially those who are named as potential competitors.
  29. 29. BCG Matrix of Tabros Pharma
  30. 30. Marketing of Tabros Pharma • To create value from consumers two types of marketing is done. As there are some essential differences between the marketing of pharmaceutical industry and other industries, the value created is for the doctors but value is captured by the general public. To create value the companies uses 2 types of marketing: • Ethical marketing • Unethical marketing
  31. 31. Marketing Cont. Ethical marketing Unethical marketing When companies spend less or null on the doctors. When companies spend most on the doctors. Example: Giving doctor a medical allowance or giving them least which they demanded. Example: Giving doctors more than normal like: giving them full trip to foreign countries or giving them money to sell their medicines.
  32. 32. Product Categories of Tabros Pharma Tabros pharma offers more than 200 drugs which are divided into 17 categories. The company sell its medicines with its generics (name of chemical). The medicines produced by the company are of high quality and are made in strike quality control and strike quality assurance. The categories are as follows: • Anti-biotics • Cardiovascular Drugs. • Dermatology • Anti-Spasmodic/IBD • Anti-Diarrhoeal • Anti-Cholinesterase
  33. 33. Product Category of Tabros Pharma Cont. • General Drugs • Anti-Tussive • Vitamins • Co-Enzyme type vitamin B-12 • Anti-Malarials • Anti-Platelet • Anti-Atheromas • Anti-Anaemic • Anti-Diabetic • Anti-Asthmatic • Anti-Peptic Ulcerant
  34. 34. Segmentation of Tabros Pharma • Segmentation is dividing the markets into different segments which are than targeted to make profit. • The segmentation is done on the following bases: DEMOGRAPHIC GEOGRAPHIC BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOGRAPHIC
  35. 35. Segmentation of Tabros Pharma Cont. • The segmentation of the pharmaceutical industry is totally different which we have learned in the class. In pharmaceutical industry lot of medicines can be used by the Adults and Children both. • Example: • Tabros Pharma produces FERRY SYRUP AND CAPSULES (Generic: Iron Polymaltose). This medicines can be used by both Children and Adults. It totally depends on the choice of an Adult whether Syrup or Capsule. • But still the segmentation is done to make it clear which medicines are for whom. The medicines are segmented as follows:
  36. 36. Geographic Segmentation • Geographic segmentation is done by a company which operates in different geographic areas. Geographic like: City, Province, country etc. As Tabros Pharma exports its medicines to different countries so its geographic segmentation is done on this behalf. • Medicines which are distributed within Pakistan are segmented into according to the cities: • Big cities • Small cities
  37. 37. Geographic Segmentation Cont. • Big city and small city segmentation doesn’t have much difference, just a difference in what are the requirements of the people means what kind of diseases happens in different cities. • While the segmentation which is done between different countries is just the Packaging. Because difference in the packaging tells for which country this medicine is.
  38. 38. Demographic Segmentation • Demographic segmentation is done by a company on the basis of the customer’s age, income etc. But as this is very hard and complex to implement on the pharmaceutical company so, the demographic segmentation is done on the following basis: • Doctor. For example: • A Pediatric will give the medicines which will only be concerned with the children, as he is a child specialist. Or a general practitioner will give the medicines which will give cure from the general diseases.
  39. 39. Behavioral Segmentation • What to buy? When to Buy? And how frequently you buy? This is a segment which is only applicable on those companies which manufacture an OTC (over the counter medicine). OTCs are the medicines which can be bought from the pharmacy directly without a prescription. This is the medicine in which a Behavioral segmentation comes. There are the special medicines which customers are the general public and can be advertised on TVs and other advertising strategies.
  40. 40. Behavioral Segmentation • For example: • Panadol is an OTC drug. This medicine you can buy when you need, upon what is the disease which you have and how frequently you use whenever you face the same disease. • Tabros Pharma also has an OTC named: Pectus a cough syrup which can be bought from the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription.
  41. 41. Psychographic Segmentation • Lifestyle, Benefits, Opinions and interest are referred in this segmentation. This is a segment which targets to those who influences the customer i.e. key opinion leaders (KOL). There are the senior Professors. They are the trend setters which they transfer their recommended medicines to their junior doctors. For example: • Junior doctors use the help of their seniors/professors to understand the diseases and to prescribe the medicines to the patients. Tabros Pharma target the KOLs so that they can recommend the medicine to the juniors.
  42. 42. Brand Equity • In pharmaceutical industry the brand equity do not exist but still there are some exceptions. • As the general public don’t have authority of choosing what medicine they need or which medicine will cure them, so general public don’t have the brand equity. • Whereas in doctors brand equity lies but in few doctors. These doctors only prescribe the medicines of a particular company. Example: • If a doctor prescribe Tabros pharma medicine and has in mind that Tabros medicines are effective, he will prescribe only their medicines also those who they just introduced.
  43. 43. Marketing Mix of Tabros Pharma • Marketing Mix is a tool which is used to identify the marketing strategies by a company. This tool has 4 variables which are as follows: Product Price Promotion Place
  44. 44. Marketing Mix Cont. • Marketing of pharmaceutical companies is different from other industries. Marketing of the pharmaceutical companies are regulated by health ministry of their respective country. And this is also to be taken in the consideration that the target costumer of a pharmaceutical companies are doctors and KOLs. • Tabros pharma and other pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan follow the “Drug Regulatory Authority Act 1976”. According to that all the variables of marketing mix are defined.
  45. 45. Product • The product variable is the product or service which a company provide. This focuses on the quality, design, features and packaging etc. The products of Tabros Pharma is lifesaving drugs or medicines. • The products of Tabros pharma are regulated by DRAP/Health ministry of Pakistan which says the following: • Drugs are manufactured under a strict quality standard called GMP (good manufacturing practice). • No product can be marketed/distributed unless registered by ministry of health, Pakistan. • Drugs are delivered to the body by oral, nasal or through injections, skins and rectal etc.
  46. 46. Product • The categories of product which Tabros pharma produces are: Medicine Category Medicine Name Anti-biotics Fixitil, E-Clar, Gavel and Focin. Cardiovascular Drugs. Valtec, CO-Valtec, Valtec-AM, Vadil and Ziscar etc. Dermatology Fusil, Cutis and Flytro. General Drugs Hemsamic, Dexy, Duragesic and Arix etc. Anti-Tussive Pectus etc. Vitamins Calix, V-Pan and Zeest etc. Co-Enzyme type vitamin B-12 Flench etc. Anti-Malarials CO-Misomol and Misomol etc. Anti-Platelet Progrel and Progrel-AP etc. Anti-Atheromas Rast etc. Anti-Anaemic Ferry etc. Anti-Diabetic Tabrophage etc. Anti-Asthmatic Spree Chewble etc. Anti-Peptic Ulcerant Arro etc. Anti-Spasmodic/IBD Dytra etc. Anti-Diarrhoeal Zincol etc. Anti-Cholinesterase Amygra etc.
  47. 47. Price • The pricing variable determines the amount of money a customer has to pay to get a product or service. Tabros Pharma provides product which help general public to be cured from a disease. The pricing is further divided into the strategies which determine what kind of strategy is used by the company. According to the DRAP: • Generic companies can make low cost drugs; not having to invest in R&D. • In general, the larger production reduces the cost/price.
  48. 48. Price • Tabros pharma uses Economic pricing strategy, which is that the price is set according to the economic situation of Pakistan. You will find most of the medicines of Tabros Pharma to be economical in price. • General pricing structure of Tabros Pharma is as follows: • Cost of raw/packaging materials + cost of production + cost of distribution + profit • Cost of distribution = distribution margin + retailer margin. • The profit margin which the company set is approximately 25% and according to DRAP 15% margin should be given to pharmacy.
  49. 49. Promotion • Promotion variable determines the act of communicating the benefits and value of your product to consumer. Doctors are the customers of the pharmaceutical companies so the promotion activities target the doctors not the general customers. This type of promotional activities is also known as in-direct marketing. • Promotional activities of pharmaceutical companies are regulated under DRAP by health ministry. The promotion done by Tabros pharma under DRAP as: • Visits the doctors by the sales department staff known as sales representatives to remind them about the medicine or tell them what new medicine they have. • Visit the KOLs.
  50. 50. Promotion Example: • If I am a sales representative. The company will assign me an area like: Baloch colony. And will tell me that these are your doctors. • For promotion, sales representatives are vital, their stability, their size and structure are important. • In promotion Tabros pharma also target KOLs (key opinion leaders) which are also important. KOL can help shape clinical development and clinical data publication plans for instance, ultimately advancing patient care.
  51. 51. Place • Place variable determines the place where they will distribute or provide the right product at right place at right time. This is very seriously focused by Tabros Pharma. The distribution channel and distributors also comes under the regulation authority of ministry of health. • As medicines are not bought by choice, so the distribution area of a particular product is somewhat selective. • Some medicines require special storage condition, so they are distributed to some pharmacy, not to every pharmacy. • Some medicines are only available at the hospitals only.
  52. 52. Distribution Channel • Tabros pharma or by any pharmaceutical company the distribution is done by the distribution firms. For that the distribution company must be registered and authorized or certified by the ministry of health in order to start its operations.
  53. 53. Distribution process • After when the distribution company is recognized then the process of distribution is simple and is as follows: • Tabros pharma first signs an agreement with the distribution firm. • After the agreement the distribution company has the distribution of a particular city or area. • The company give the medicines to the distributor. • Distributor give the medicine to the pharmacies. • Pharmacies give the medicines to the end consumers which buy the medicines upon the prescription of the doctors. • Tabros pharma’s distribution channel has 50 different distributors which supplies Tabros pharma medicines to different pharmacies in Pakistan.
  54. 54. Tabros Pharma’s Distributors • Few of the distributors are as follows: Name of company Distribution area Owner City Channel Karachi Karman Zeb Dr. Farid & Co Hyderabad Abdul Hameed Sh Ali Enterprise Larkana Jawed Memon Decent Enterprise Lahore Main Amin Fair suppliers Corporation (Pvt) Lt Faisalabad Aftab Shaikh Naeel-U-Shifa Sargodha Shaikh Saleem Zaib Enterprise Rawalpindi Ayaz Chaudri Supreme Suppliers Peshawar Dr. Hasnain Burraq Enterprise Quetta Abdul Aziz Lehri
  55. 55. Customer Relationship Management by Tabros Pharma • In pharmaceutical industry CRM is not related to the common consumers but is related to doctors and key opinion leaders. Methodology of the CRM is also different in pharmaceutical industry. • Tabros pharma has the following teams for CRM: • General group • Special group
  56. 56. General Group • This is a group which target the general physicians. • The general group to be effective is divided into 4 groups: • G1 • G2 • G3 • G4 • G1 and G2 focuses on the doctors in the Urban areas of a city while G3 and G4 focuses on the doctors of rural areas.
  57. 57. General Group Cont. • They market the general medicines like: Medicine Category Medicine name General Drugs Hemsamic, Dexy, Duragesic and Arix etc. Vitamins Calix, V-Pan and Zeest etc.
  58. 58. Special Group • The group is divided into three sub groups: • Cardiology-1 • Cardiology-2 • Skin • The special group target the specialist, mainly Cardiologist and skin. The medicines they market is: Medicine Category Medicine name Cardiovascular Drugs. Valtec, CO-Valtec, Valtec-AM, Vadil and Ziscar etc. Anti-Cholinesterase Amygra etc.
  59. 59. Medicine naming strategy • Medicine of Tabros Pharma are named using the simple technique: • The medicines are usually name by the generic of the medicine i.e. the name of their molecule. Example: Ferry capsule (Iron Polymaltose). • The medicines are also named using the purpose for which they are made. Example: Kidneyol for kidney disease.
  60. 60. Gray areas • Facing difficulty in adopting the new trends. • Unable to meet the demand some time due to low factory capacity. • Administrative management. • Unable to get affiliated with the foreign pharmaceutical companies to get original generics.
  61. 61. Recommendations • Company should adopt the new trends proactively in order to get a competitive advantage from its competitors. Currently company is working on adopting the trend of nutraceutical, they were working for almost 4 months and now they are able to launch it in this month. • Company should increase its production capacity by getting new State-of-the-art machinery of production and packaging so that the demand and supply could meet.
  62. 62. Recommendations • Company should make efforts to get the original generics from the foreign companies in order to introduce new medicines in the market before from their competitors. This will give them a competitive advantage as they will be the first to launch the medicine in the market and the competitors will have to wait until they get the same generic to make the medicine.