Hukuk Eco Community Israel


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See how Hukuk eco-community combines environmental, social and cultural ecology life, next to the Sea of Galillee, Israel.

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  • לוטם , קדרים , תובל , פלך , אידמית , גיתה .
  • Hukuk Eco Community Israel

    1. 1. Settling With the Environment An Ecological Community in Hukuk - Galilee This Presentation is about : How was the community established Designing the eco-neighborhood Our Education System Our activities
    2. 2. החזון The nucleus & the Kibbutz will create one large community, composed of various human layers, with a desire for life together out of equality, tolerance, and faith in the right of the other to believe and live in his own way . The Vision The vision : about 40 families who share a common vision of settlement in Galilee out of a real desire to live in a warm and active community .
    3. 3. Ecological Community General Structure Cultural Ecology Environmental Ecology Social Ecology
    4. 4. Relations with the Kibutz Environmental Architecture Houses Architecture Social Relations Leadership Education Planning Fund Raising The Community’s Structure Today the community numbers around 50 households (singles and families): 29 families that build a house in the ecological neighborhood, plus families who rent houses in the kibbutz.
    5. 5. החזון Architecture & Planning
    6. 6. Open Spaces The planning From the first step the planning was managed by an environmental design team of the nucleus, in cooperation with various professionals, understanding that architecture has a crucial influence on the future of community life . Landscape & general planning - Tav Architects & Designers, Haifa Gardening - Eitan Rosenberg, Maale Zvia ‬ Continous Integration Cycle Life throughout the entire day Limiting Cars Social Stratification
    7. 7. Absorption of all families was made by the "resemble attracts resemble“ method, with an absorption team that helped the process with the families, without our active filtering. Demographical Growth
    8. 8. The transition of families to the community  & businesses the nucleus have established in Hokuk ‬ Origin of the nucleus families before moving to Hukuk in the periphery
    9. 9. Beit haMa’ayan (water spring) - The House of Education Beit HaMa’ayan is nowdays the heart of the community’s creation. It was established by the work of community members, with an exclusive initial investment of members money. Abandoned educational buildings of the kibbutz turned into an education system which includes today two kindergartens and two double aged classes.‬
    10. 10. Community members have been building & maintaining the Spring House for the last 4 years Building waste of a demolished wall used to build an entrance for the classroom ‬ A trail of collected stones . ‬ Wooden floor for kindergarden " Dome " ‬ A mud-made sand playgrond Terraces
    11. 11. Maayan Education Center today - 4 th year of activity ‬ Pumpkin Kindergarten Dome Kindergarten Pistachio Class Willow Class
    12. 12. A light construction, yurt - similar, built by community members ‬ Pumpkin Kidergarten For children of 2-4 years old
    13. 13. Bamboo & metal geodesic dome, Tarpaulin covering ‬ Dome Kidergarten For children of 4-6 years old
    14. 14. Pistachio Class – For ages of 8-10 Willow Class – For ages of 6-8
    15. 15. Mathematics studying sets - to prepare them the children have to collect, polish, sew, saw & draw .‬ Toys that the class children have made with saws built of wood & jagged metal wire .‬ Working in the vegetable garden
    16. 16. Lunch meeting & organic meal from the kitchen of " The Spring House "‬ After three years of studying, accompanied with a mediation process with the Ministry of Education, this year the classes experimentally became a remote campus of the Elementary School of Ginosar, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education .‬ The Spring House - for the love of human & environment
    17. 17. Dry compost toilets in the spring house we use 8 dry toilet chambers .‬ Emptying the full buckets with a special Wheelbarrow Openning the box & replacing the full bucket with an empty one ‬ Emptying the buckets to the compost pile ‬ Washing the buckets & drying them until the day after ‬ & there you are : Compost ! & a saving of 23,000 liters of water per month
    18. 18. “ Setteling with the environment”, the community member's NGO for promoting ecological settlement & education, is active in distributing the knowledge and experience, in guiding other communities and working with the authorities in order to create various precedents in the field .
    19. 19. “ From Humanure into Gold ”
    20. 20. In winter - the new art & performance shows of the community members are beeing performed. a once a year tradition ‬ As a part of the cultural - spiritual ecology, we try to develope, in addition to the traditional Jewish holydays, also a unique traditions of the community ‬ .
    21. 21. Community campings in nature a twice in a year tradition ‬
    22. 22. The Shukuk - the farmer's market of Hokuk, a common initiative for the the community members & the wider Hokuk community, that brings together the different publics from the kibbutz & the area A once a month tradition ‬
    23. 23. Listening to stories from the local veterans
    24. 24. Examples of community members`s private projects ‬ A Permaculture organic field, selling the season vegetables for communitiy members & communities around. ‬ 2 community members ‬ “ Sde Shefa” ( Abundance field ) ‬
    25. 25. " Liba " ( core ) center for workshops & hosting 4 community members ‬ " Local Creation " - a coffee - house & a shop 2 community members ‬ The kitchen & hosting rooms in Liba center ‬ An ex - children house of the kibbutz ‬
    26. 26. Thanks For the Attention ! A short movie about the Spring Education House (English Version) : contact our association : [email_address]