Conditionals demo


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Conditionals demo

  1. 1. Complete the statement: If I mix yellow paint with blue paint…. If I were Daniel Padilla…. If I were Kathryn Bernardo…. If I were Sponge Bob….
  2. 2. CONDITIONALS  The conditionals are used to talk about real or unreal situations, sometimes called… if-clauses  an action is reliant on something else.  Real Conditional describes real-life situations.  Unreal Conditional describes unreal, imaginary situations.
  3. 3. 1.ZERO Conditional 2.FIRST Conditional 3.SECOND Conditional 4.THIRD Conditional
  4. 4. ZERO Conditional  It is used to talk about things that are always true or factual. (present simple + present simple) If you expose phosphorous to air, it burns. (if clause + imperative) If Irene is tired, don’t disturb her.
  5. 5. FIRST Conditional  It is used to talk about real or possible situations. (if clause + will/can) If the phone rings, I will answer it. If the weather is sunny later, we can go to the beach.
  6. 6. SECOND Conditional  It is used to talk about unreal or impossible things. (if clause + would/could) If I were rich, I would travel around the world. If I have a car, I could drive you home.
  7. 7. THIRD Conditional  It is used to talk about impossible situations. (if clause + would/could have) If you hadn’t been lazy, you would have been on time for the audition. If he had come earlier, he could have had a freebie.
  8. 8. Conditional Probability Example Time zero Certain If you heat water to 100 degrees celsius, it boils any time first Likely If it rains, I will stay in. future second Unlikely If I won the lottery, I would retire. future second Impossible If I had the money, I would lend it to you present third Impossible If I had seen him, I would have given him the message. past
  9. 9. Quiz : 1. Was a famous celebrity 2. a 3-day vacation 3. I see an alien 4. Tomorrow will rain hard 5. I can fly 6. Mom would have not met Dad 7. Found a bag full of Starbucks gift certificates 8. Egg falls on the ground 9. Get a perfect score in the exam 10. I had listened to my parents Construct your own conditional statements based on the given situations and indicate the conditional form (0, 1, 2 or 3) after each sentence. Box the conditional form.
  10. 10. Activity: write a STORY where ALL SENTENCES are made up of CONDITIONAL STATEMENTS ONLY. ( 10 sentences )
  11. 11. Example: If I play too rough at school, I will easily get tired. If I get tired, I would take a nap. If I take a nap, I go to sleep early. If I go to sleep, I might wake up in the morning already. If that happens, I will not be able to do my Assignment. Etc…
  12. 12.  CORRECTNESS of sentence construction & COHERENCE of statements = 10 pts.  CREATIVITY = 5 pts.  Group COOPERATION = 5 pts. 20 pts.
  13. 13. Topics: 1. Environment 2. Health 3. School 4. Technology 5. sports Group # Group # Group # Group # Group #