Incest and moral degradation


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Incest and moral degradation

  2. 2. INCESTinfraction of the taboo upon sexual relations between any two members of the nuclear family except husband and wife, that is, between parents and children or any sibling pair.
  3. 3. MORAL DEGRADATION Morality a sense of behavioral conduct that differentiates intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are right or wrong. From the Latin word MORALITAS which means “manner, character, or proper behavior” Degradation decline to a low, destitute, or demoralized state
  4. 4. Moral Degradation is a sense of behavioral misconduct where one’s intentions, decisions, and actions are said to either be bad or wrong.
  5. 5. 3 Major Categories of Incest Consanguinal incest between blood relatives Affinial incest between adoption or marriage Quasi-relative incestfoster parent or live-in partner who takes on the roles of husband and father
  6. 6. 4 Types of Incest Cross-Generational Incest Peer Incest Same-sex Incest Multiple Incest
  7. 7. Cross-Generational Incestinvolves sexual contact with a considerably older or a quasi-relative who plays a guardian role in the child’s life.
  8. 8. Peer IncestPeer incest involves sexual contact between individuals who are close in age. Sexual curiosity, observation, and exploration between age-mates, is normal in humans.
  9. 9. Same-sex Incest Research suggests that same-sex incest, whether it involves males orfemales (although same-sex incest seems to involve boys more than girls), is vastly underreported and under-investigated because its occurrence involves breaking two taboos incest and homosexuality.
  10. 10. Multiple IncestApplied to situations wherein a victim is abused by more than one perpetratoreither concurrently or sequentially, as well as to situations in which a perpetrator abuses more than one victim.
  11. 11. Reported Incest Cases in the Philippines1600140012001000800600400200 0 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 2009
  12. 12. Year & Number of Reported Cases 1991 = 45  Incident increase/decrease 1992 = 47 2 1993 = 151  104 1994 = 771  620 1995 = 617  - 154 1996 = 514  - 103 1997 = 967  453 2009 = 1500  533 +SOURCE: Reported number of child abuse cases in Department of Social Welfare and Development, Philippines (1991-1997)
  13. 13. Main Factor  Causing incestuous tendencies is a MALFUNCTIONING BRAIN Which results to sex in public, promiscuity, stranger rape, or child sexual abuse in the family
  14. 14. Why do men have sex with their children? He gets an enormous kick out of the experience This brings him immense joy and pride. He is fond of the lesson he is teaching her, and he is pleased by the somatic and sexual qualities of his student.
  15. 15. Effects of Incest on the Victim Symptoms may include1. general behavior problems2. Delinquency3. Anxiety4. regressive behaviors5. Nightmares6. withdrawal from normal activities7. internalizing and externalizing disorders8. cruelty and self-injury9. post-traumatic stress disorder10. poor self-esteem, and11. age-inappropriate sexual behavior.
  16. 16. 2 common patterns of Psychological Response to incest Posttraumatic stress symptomology Increase in sexualized behavior
  17. 17. Long-term psychological effect of incest Anxiety & Depression  learning difficulties Psychiatric  Posttraumatic stress hospitalization disorder Drug and alcohol use  Prostitution Suicidal tendency  Poor parenting Borderline personality  Increased likelihood of disorder being a perpetrator eroticization
  18. 18. Effects of Incest on the Child born by incest Elevated incidence of recessive genetic diseases:1. Reduced fertility2. Increased congenital defects3. Fluctuating asymmetry4. Lower birth weight5. Higher neonatal mortality6. Slower growth rate7. Smaller adult size8. Loss of immune system function
  19. 19. Laws Regarding Incest Laws regarding incest vary, from legal to prohibited, in different countries. Incest is illegal in many varies by country, and by even individual states or provinces within a country.
  20. 20. List of some countries where incest is PROHIBITED NOT Prohibited  Austria  Belgium  Belgium  Portugal  Germany  Spain  Canada  Luxembourg  England and Wales  Netherlands  Finland  Brazil  Japan  France
  21. 21. Inter-correlation of INCEST and MORAL DEGRADATION Incest vs. Public Policyit degrades morality because it is against good moral and customs.
  22. 22. INCEST is..IMMORAL NOT Immoral Human Policies  Human policies Religious point of view  Individual point of view• Catholic  Islam gives certain• Eastern Orthodox prohibitions• Buddhist
  23. 23. Incest is a CrimeAs mentioned… There are laws in each country which varies judgment regarding incest. It is the country or stat’s discretion if such is to be considered as crime.
  24. 24. Incest is NOT a CrimeSo long as: Individuals are over the minimum age of consent There is no use of force Country or States’ law does not prohibit such incident
  25. 25. Yet, it is.
  26. 26. Yet, it is.