Instruments Of The Orchestra


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This interactive presentation lets students explore the instruments of the orchestra through video and audio clips, as well as several fun websites.

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  • It is a wonderful collection. This is good to help convince my conservative society what it is to be musically literate and enlightened. It is an excellent educational material.
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Instruments Of The Orchestra

  1. 1. INSTRUMENTS OF THE ORCHESTRA An Interactive Powerpoint Whitney Brainard ED 205 Spring 2009
  2. 2. Click on the next to an instrument to learn more about it! Click here for even more resources! About the Author Websites used in this presentation
  3. 3. About the Author  My name is Whitney Brainard, and I am currently a Music Education major at Grand Valley State University. I am from Burnips, Michigan, which is a small town in southwest Michigan. I attended Hopkins High School, where I graduated as salutatorian of my class in 2007. With my Music Education degree, I plan to teach in the public school system for a few years, while completing my Master's degree. I eventually want to go on to get my Doctorate in conducting, and be a band director at the college level. I am also interested in music theory and history, and would like to explore them as teaching possibilities as well.  If you would like to contact me with questions about this presentation, I can be reached at .
  4. 4. Websites used in this Presentation a-tuba.htm
  5. 5. French Horn Click here to learn more about the French Horn! A whole website dedicated to the French Horn French Horn Solo with Piano -Video on Youtube
  6. 6. Violin Click here to learn more about the Violin! Solo Violin-Paganini Caprice #24- Youtube Video (One of the most well-known and difficult pieces for violin) How a violin is made- Youtube Video
  7. 7. Viola Click here to learn more about the Viola! Listen to this beautiful viola sonata by Johannes Brahms! Viola jokes are very popular among musicians. Follow this link to read a few!
  8. 8. Cello Click here to learn more about the cello! Bach Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude-Youtube (Listen to this!) Check out this cello! It’s made of carbon fiber instead of the traditional wood.
  9. 9. Double Bass Click here to learn more about the double bass! Listen to the difference between classical bass and bluegrass bass! Which do you like better? International Society of Bassists-these people really love playing the bass.
  10. 10. Clarinet Click here to learn more about the clarinet! Where do reeds come from? Watch this video to find out! A fun clarinet duet-Youtube video This is the official website of the International Clarinet Association
  11. 11. Oboe Click here to learn more about the oboe! This is a beautiful oboe sonata by Camille Saint-Saens- Youtube video Make your own straw oboe!
  12. 12. Bassoon Click here to learn more about the bassoon! Here is a bassoon quartet playing Super Mario music-Youtube videos More bassoon information
  13. 13. Flute Click here to learn more about the flute! Check out this beatboxing flute player!-Youtube video How a flute is made-Youtube video website with tons of flute information!
  14. 14. Trumpet Click here to learn more about the trumpet! How a trumpet is made-Youtube video Check out this video of a trumpet ensemble from Grand Valley State University!
  15. 15. Trombone Click here to learn more about the trombone! How trombones are made- Youtube video Listen to these trombones playing the familiar melody of Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue in D minor.
  16. 16. Percussion All of these instruments are percussion instruments that are commonly used in the orchestra. Click on an instrument’s picture to learn more about it!
  17. 17. Tuba Click here to learn more about the tuba! Listen to this tuba solo- Youtube video More fun tuba facts
  18. 18. Harp Click here to learn more about the harp! Listen to this familiar melody played on harp-Youtube video Another harp website-Harp
  19. 19. The Conductor What is the conductor doing up there anyway? Click here to find out! Conducting Videos: Learn how to conduct! A conducting masterclass by Bernard Haitink: there’s definitely more to conducting than waving a stick around!
  20. 20. More Resources  Making Music fun, kid-friendly website where you can learn even more about each instrument, as well as play music related games!  DSO Kids-a fun, interactive website set up by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra to promote music.  Classics for Kids-more music games!  The New York Philharmonic Kidzone