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Global Music

  1. 1. GlobalMus ic
  2. 2. W L rM hy ean usic?• M s is u ic eey h r vrw ee• M n d frn a y if e t e fr sd et om u o lc t n o aio• S m oig a o e r in l a ds m n o e ine rtd tgae• T a it n l s rd io a v. M dr o en
  3. 3. Hunting Horn Accordium Harpsichords E urope Bagpipes Harmonium
  4. 4. A frica Harp or Shakers Traditional Guitar Talking Drum from West Africa African Thumb Piano Lead Drum (Ngoma)Long African Drum
  5. 5. A ica fr• Most Traditional African music involves songs and instruments that coordinate with a dance.• Core of almost all African music is drums making it unique.• Hand drumming is significant throughout Africa
  6. 6. A ica frTraditionalKitaguriro- Dance from Uganda (1:00)Habib Koite & Bamada - Din Din Wo (Little Child) (0:40)Tanzania - Swahili Bongo Flava - Saida Karoli (Maria Salome)HomelessModernNneka - Kangpe ft. Wesley WilliamsBobi Wine with Carolina -Ugandan Music
  7. 7. Ghatam Harmonium Sitar Ghungroos Feet BellsShehnai Jaltarang India Tabla
  8. 8. IndiaTraditional• India has the most languages of any country in the world and many regions within the country. Each region has its own unique music style.• The three broad styles are classified as folk western and classical• The two types of classical style is called Hindustani (northern part) Carnatic (southern part).• In the past, music was mostly used in India to preserve and memorize the teachings of the Vedic texts of Hinduism. Traditional dances also developed from this – by telling of the stories of the gods.• Now music has become an integral part of Indian culture every occasion has special songs.• There are a wide variety of musical instruments especially strings and percussion. (start a t 2:46)
  9. 9. IndiaModern• Most music in India now is dance clubby music or romantic love songs. They call it Western because it is based off of western music styles.• Music in India now is a fusion of the traditional style and different western styles, including tech, pop rap r&b rock etc bhangra style fusion folky ramantic• dance numbers
  10. 10. Middle E as t Oud Tombak Finger CymbalsPersianFiddle Santour
  11. 11. M e E st iddl a• The region is also varied in its languages and culture, and the musical style influences range from Indian Persian and even Mediterranean.• Music has a distinct style. Drums again are important as well as some string instruments.• Introduction of Islam allowed for the music of this region to spread and grow.• Characterized by strong complex melodies.• Traditional ensemble is called Takht.Traditional music• Has more elements of their culture but is also influenced by western styles. lebanon turkish band from kuwait
  12. 12. PhilippinesKulintang Banduria Sompoton
  13. 13. Phil ippinesTraditional: Harana and Kundiman - The Harana or Kundiman is a lyrical song made popular in the Philippine Islands, which dates back to the Spanish period. Composed in the Mexican-Spanish tradition - Its lyrics depict a romantic theme, usually portraying love, passion, or sadness A classic Tagalog recording from the mid 1950s by the "King of Kundiman", Ruben Tagalog. "Pusong Nagmamahal" is a Kundiman composition by Maestro Constancio de Guzman. Carinosa - Philippine national dance from the María Clara suite of Philippine folk dances, where the fan, and handkerchief plays an instrument role as it places the couple in romance scenario (OPM- original pinoy music) -Philippine pop songs, especially those in the ballad form, such as songs popularized in the 1970s through the present by major commercial Philippine pop music artists
  14. 14. Thailand hammereddulcimer  khim The subü lute or sung lisu Ranet ek, or a Thai xylophone
  15. 15. T il nd ha aTraditional: Traditional Thai music is a blending of musical elements from a number of cultures, such as Chinese, Khmer, and Indian. Mahori - traditionally played by women in the courts of both Central Thailand and Cambodia. Mor lam is the dominant folk music of Thailands north-eastern Isan region, which has a mainly Lao population. It is characterized by rapid-fire, rhythmic vocals and a funk feel to the percussionModern:
  16. 16. C hina Er HuGuzheng Pi Pa Di ZI
  17. 17. ChinaTraditional!v=uiOgOQcWGsc&feature=related• -12 Girls Band!v=EmnZQvHhO6E&feature=relatedModern• -Jay Chou• -Fahrenheit• -Jane Zhang!v=j6d7Zzfw8m4&feature=related
  18. 18. C ambodiaKrapeu Tror Sao Skor Ching
  19. 19. CambodiaTraditional,Instrumental!v=cQCUK4kea0Y&feature=related• Famous Singers• -Sin Sisamouth• -Ros Sereysothea
  20. 20. J apanShamisen Gagaku Biwa
  21. 21. J pa a n• Japanese traditional music is heavily influenced by Chinese music• Enka – early Japanese popular music – originated in the 1950s – Utada Hikaru’s mom was a famous enka singer in the 1970s, Utada Junko (aka Fuji Keiko)• Gagaku- court music, oldest traditional music in Japan, a kind of classical music- includes songs, dances, and a mixture of other Asian music• Shamisen – used in joruri storytelling as narrative music- nagauta (type of music) – used in kabuki dance, kabuki dialogue (usage of drums and the shamisen)• Biwa – short necked lute, can be used in gagaku (gagakubiwa, gogenbiwa), also used by storytellers to accompany stories• Taiko – drums of different sizes used to play different genres, many folk festivals have percussion ensembles (kumi-daiko) that perform• Sakura – famous Japanese folk song• Utada HikaruPassion:• Home Made KazokuShounen Heart:
  22. 22. Gayageum Janggu/janggoPoongmool Korea
  23. 23. Korea• Gayageum – string instrument with 12 strings or more, used in sanjo (faster tempo) music• Janggu/janggo – a kind of drum used in most Korean traditional music, hourglass shape, drum heads made from animal skin• Arirang – famous Korean folk song• Trot music – oldest form of Korean pop musicDaesung – Look At Me Gwisoon:• Poongmool – folk music that involves drumming, dancing, and singing• Sanjo – a style of traditional Korean music accompanied by a janggu and is usually done as a solo with a gayageum or a flute• Big Bang (music video - Haru Haru: )• (music video - Lies: )• Rain (music video - Rainism: )• (song only: )• Brown Eyed Girls (music video - Abracadabra: )• Girls’ Generation (music video – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie): )
  24. 24. C aribbean/C entral A merica
  25. 25. Soca
  26. 26. Chut Soca ney-
  27. 27. Ba t chaa
  28. 28. Bomba
  29. 29. Popular Hispanic Artists • Oscar d’Leon • Toby Love • Wisin y Yandel • Lloyd Banks • Celia Cruz • Carlos Santana
  30. 30. Popular Afro-Caribbean Artist• Destra Garica• Byron Lee• Alison Hinds• Machel Montano• Ban Caribe
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