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What Is Justice

What Is Justice






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    What Is Justice What Is Justice Presentation Transcript

    • Unit One – P e a c e & JUSTICE
      • What is justice? – an equivocal term
        • “ giving one his/her due”
        • “ assuring everyone has what they need to live with dignity”
        • Ask this question, “is it fair?”
      • Four Types of Justice :
        • Distributive Justice
        • Procedural Justice
        • Restorative Justice
        • Retributive Justice
    • Distributive Justice – fair share
        • Also known as economic justice , is about fairness in what people receive, from goods to attention. If people do not think that they are getting their fair share of something, they will seek first to gain what they believe they deserve.
        • ( http://changingminds.org/explanations/trust/four_justice.htm )
    • Procedural Justice – fair play
      • If people believe that a fair process was used in deciding what is to be distributed, then they may well accept an imbalance in what they receive in comparison to others.
      • ( http://changingminds.org/explanations/trust/four_justice.htm )
    • Restorative Justice - forgive
      • The first thing that the betrayed person may seek from the betrayer is some form of restoration for the betrayal.
      • Restoration means putting things back as they were, so this justice may include some act of contrition to demonstrate one is truly sorry. This may include action and even extra payment to the offended party.
      • Restorative justice is also known as corrective justice .
      • ( http://changingminds.org/explanations/trust/four_justice.htm )
    • Retributive Justice - revenge
      • Restoration may well not be enough for the betrayed person and they may seek revenge of some sort. In this way they can feel the satisfaction of seeing the other person suffer in the same way that they have suffered.
      • Revenge can be many times more severe than reparation as the hurt party seeks to make the other person suffer in return.
      • ( http://changingminds.org/explanations/trust/four_justice.htm )
    • Our course is concerned with
      • Distributive – concern for basic needs and personal dignity
      • Procedural – concern for social structures
      • Restorative – concern for solidarity when nothing else can be done at the moment
    • Concern for basic needs means… providing direct service to help ensure that everyone’s basic needs are met through works of mercy – charity.
    • What ARE basic needs?
      • Food Clothing Shelter
      Healthcare Education Love
    • Concern for social structures means…
      • Working to change the fundamental social systems, behaviors/attitudes, or ideas so that they distribute the goods of a community (nation) more fairly, respecting the human dignity of all.
      • Simple actions by individuals change the world by changing others.
    • DONE