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Networking with Twitter, Part 2
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Networking with Twitter, Part 2


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Twitter for Your Small Business. Presented by Dennis Lembree for the Hadley School for the Blind, March 28, 2012.

Twitter for Your Small Business. Presented by Dennis Lembree for the Hadley School for the Blind, March 28, 2012.

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • Update: Trends is working in Easy Chirp; Twitter API issue; need to add error catching.
  • Keeping different areas of interest separated Size of company. Separating work life from personal life. When more than 1 person tweets from an account. Tweeting in different languages.
  • These tips good for translation. Put slang and foreign phrases in quotes. Don’t use ALL CAPS because it looks like you’re shouting.
  • Easy Chirp provides, Remove colon after RT @username:
  • Link to your followers and following at top of every Easy Chirp page.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Networking with Twitter, Part 2 Twitter for Your Small Business Presented by Dennis Lembrée for the Hadley School for the Blind March 28, 2012 1
    • 2. Agenda∗ About Me ∗ Tools∗ Quick Review ∗ Maintenance∗ Your Profile ∗ What Not To Do∗ Writing a Tweet ∗ Security∗ What to Tweet ∗ Beyond Twitter∗ Creating Lists ∗ Questions?∗ Strategies ∗ Contact 2
    • 3. About Me∗ Author of Easy Chirp∗ Author of Web Axe∗ Day job at PayPal∗ Also worked for Ford, Google & Disney and a few start-ups∗ Live in Cupertino, CA with wife and 2 boys 3
    • 4. Quick Review∗ Choose a short, memorable username that identifies you/your business.∗ A retweet (RT) is when you pass along another’s tweet; a quote tweet (QT) is when you comment on it.∗ Clicking #hashtag takes you to Search Results page.∗ A direct message (DM) is a private text to another user.∗ Easy Chirp is a web-accessible Twitter app which provides tools such as Search, Lists, Trends, Links. 4
    • 5. Your Profile∗ Complete: ∗ Full Name ∗ Avatar ∗ Description ∗ Location ∗ URL∗ Consider using more than one account. 5
    • 6. Your Profile∗ Consider submitting to directories. ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ 6
    • 7. Writing A Tweet∗ Use concise, simple language.∗ Proper grammar and punctuation.∗ Avoid slang & foreign phrases.∗ Include subject in replies.∗ With multiple account owners: ∗ Use ^ + initials to indicate author at end of tweet.∗ Leave at least a dozen characters for room for others to more easily QT. 7
    • 8. Using Hash Tags∗ Not too many∗ End of tweet best∗ CamelCase when more than one word ∗ #WebDesign ∗ #SocialMedia 8
    • 9. Using Hash Tags∗ RT @codepo8: I always #snigger at #people #thinking #everything in a #tweet should be a #tag - #probably had a #social #media #coaching 9
    • 10. What to Tweet∗ Press releases ∗ Contests∗ Events ∗ Promotions∗ Related articles ∗ Lead Generation∗ Answer a question; ∗ Emergencies customer support ∗ Thank tweeps∗ Ask question ∗ Praise (not too often!)∗ Staff changes 10
    • 11. Creating Lists∗ In Easy Chirp, go to Lists/Create List∗ To create list, enter ∗ Name ∗ Description (optional) ∗ Privacy (public or private)∗ Subscribers: users following this list∗ Members: users on this list 11
    • 12. Strategies∗ Frequency ∗ Per day – no magic number; suggest 1 to 15 ∗ Time of day – find your niche ∗ Concentration – space them out ∗ Use tools to help – more later∗ Be consistent ∗ Frequency, tone, content 12
    • 13. Strategies∗ Repurpose content (sources, angles)∗ Use different media types (audio, video, location)∗ Quality over quantity∗ Focus on positive∗ Find niche; stay focused∗ Be courteous (give credit, give thanks, respond to all direct tweets and questions)∗ Admit mistakes∗ Timing tweets 13
    • 14. Strategies∗ Save characters! ∗ Use URL shortener ∗ Use “: ” instead of “ – ” ∗ Use HT instead of via ∗ Removed unnecessary words ∗ Use “seeks” instead of “is looking for” ∗ Remove “a” or “the” ∗ Remove “For more” or “learn about it here” in front of URLs. ∗ Remove hash tags. ∗ Watch out for duplicate hash tags! 14
    • 15. Tools∗ Who Twittered my web page? ∗ ∗ Search for a specific link mentioned on Twitter∗ How many tweets do I average per month? ∗ ∗ Lists Tweets show per hour, per month & reply stats. ∗ Very popular; may require long wait. 15
    • 16. Tools∗ How can I schedule a tweet? ∗ ∗∗ How can I find a tweet from a month ago? ∗ Try ∗ You cannot use the Search API to find Tweets older than about a week. 16
    • 17. Maintenance∗ Fine-tune account info.∗ Clean-up followers and following. ∗ Browse thru listings. ∗ ∗∗ Don’t forget your Lists! 17
    • 18. What Not To Do∗ Auto DM∗ Protect tweets∗ Argue∗ Repeat tweets (too much)∗ Abusing trending topics or hashtags∗ Use an auto-responder (spammy, impersonal) 18
    • 19. Security∗ Change password monthly.∗ Review approved apps; revoke suspicious or infrequently used apps: ∗ ∗ Settings/Apps ∗ Click “Revoke access” under app name 19
    • 20. Security∗ How can tell a spammer? ∗ Very few followers/following. ∗ No avatar photo, or pic of model. ∗ Many times tweet: @YourUsername TheirURL∗ Block and report spam accounts. ∗ d spam @SpammerUsername 20
    • 21. Beyond Twitter∗ Website∗ Blog∗ Use and synch with other social media ∗ LinkedIn ∗ Facebook ∗ Google+ ∗ Foursquare 21
    • 22. Beyond Twitter∗ Marketing; put @username on: ∗ Business cards ∗ Ads ∗ Signs ∗ Flyers ∗ Email signature 22
    • 23. Questions? 23
    • 24. Contact∗ Web Sites ∗ ∗ ∗∗ Twitter Accounts ∗ @EasyChirp ∗ @WebAxe ∗ @DennisL∗ SlideShare ∗ 24