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    Ch 13 Ch 13 Presentation Transcript

    • Chapter 13
    • Inmate Rights Inmates filed more and more lawsuits Prisoner Litigation Reform Act: 1995-limit recreational litigation
    • Inmate Rights Retained:-full rights like citizen Lost:-wholly w/o rights-except those expressly outlined
    • Inmate Rights US Constitution: Bill of rights-rights protectedWrit of Habeas Corpus:-judicial mandate-inmate brought before court-determine legality of confinementEx post facto laws: unconstitutional-retroactively change laws
    • Inmate Rights 8th Amendment:-cruel and unusual punishment-define?-flexible-broadens as society changes
    • Inmate Rights 14th Amendment: individual rights (1868)-theory of incorporation-due process clause-”no state shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law”-”equal protection under the law”
    • Inmate Rights Wolff v. McDonnell: 1974-discipline-24 hour notice of hearings-written notice of evidence/facts-call witnesses/documentary evidence in defense-impartial/fair hearing*-no right to cross examine/have counsel
    • Inmate Rights Equal Protection Clause:-used by inmates-government not required to treat everyone alike-forbids unjustified/malicious discrimination/classification-gender/race based decisions-religion freedom
    • Inmate Rights Civil Rights Act of 1871:-personal/natural rights-protect vs-arbitrary/discriminatory treatment-some not mentioned in Constitution recognized by Supreme Court
    • Inmate Rights Hands off Doctrine: 1960’s-rights-policy/statute-no outside scrutiny-1871 Virginia law-inmates “slaves of the state”-leave to experts-separation of powers-society apathetic
    • Inmate Rights Intervention Doctrine: Mid 1960’s-Federal Courts looking at claims-rights-religion/privacy/communication/safety/due process-Cooper v. Pate (1964)Muslim inmateDenied access to Qur’an/readingsPrison officials has to explain actionsChristian inmates allowed access to bibleCourt: half for inmates/prisonEnd of hands off doctrine!!
    • Inmate Rights Nominal Doctrine:-middle ground between hands off and full intervention of 1980’s-Bell v. Wolfish-Rehnquist: refers to “time not so long ago…hands off approach”-limit to:Violation of US Constitution or statute
    • Inmate Rights Access to courts: basic right5. how approach7. Knowledge to make access effective
    • Inmate Rights Prison Litigation Reform Act:->40,000 per year/taxpayer expense4. Limit ability to complain-conditions of confinement5. Give states more authority to run prisonsProvisions:8. Frequent flyer-Inmates pay full $150 fee9. 3 strikes-frivolous 3 times10.Exhausted remedies-exhaust all administrative remedies
    • Inmate Rights Legal assistance:-law libraries-jailhouse lawyers-train inmates as writ writers/under lawyer supervision-computer programs
    • Inmate Rights Religion: Fundamental right of Constitution:-”respecting establishment of religion”-”prohibiting the free exercise thereof”Federal Courts:-facilities/allow clergy-does state supply clergy? Violates establishment clause Reluctant to restrict religious freedom:-security of prison-prison authority/discretion-economic reasons