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Wall casestudy1edu6319 Wall casestudy1edu6319 Presentation Transcript

  • Andragogy: Case Study of Andragogy and Online Learning
  • Context Adult student enrolled in the second quarter of a Master of Health Administration program Focus Two dimensions of the learning experience: • Adult learning (andragogy) • Online Learning setting Case Study Context & Focus
  • The theory of adult learning that distinguishes the abilities, needs, and desires of adult learning from childhood and adolescent learning. It is not completely separate from pedagogy, but can work alongside it- to fit the prior knowledge, experiences, and motivations that separate adult learners from children learners. (Hiemstra & Sisco, 1990, para. 6) Andragogy
  • Adult learners are autonomous and self-directed and want to be involved in their own educational planning. They have the ability to initiate solutions to the challenges they encounter in their attempts to learn and are capable of planning organizing and implementing their own learning strategies. Wilmarth, 2010, p. 3, para. 2
  • • Independent; Self-directed learners • Have experiences that can be used to support learning • Intentional learners • Performance-centered (Hiemstra & Sisco, 1990, para. 7) Cited from (Knowles, 1980, p. 44-45) What we know about adult learners
  • Online Learning According to the Sloan Consortium, in 2007 3.5 million learners used online learning. The number is increasing due to the demand for certain levels of education to perform certain jobs and upward mobility to gain a more ideal position and more money within one’s field. (Bedford, 2009, para. 1)
  • Online Learning The convenience of online learning allows people to add education to their lives, while still maintaining their personal and professional lives, due to the autonomy and convenience of online learning. (Bedford, 2009, para. 1)
  • Case Study Question What features and designs in online learning support or neglect the needs of adult learners?  With particular attention to self- directed learning, learner motivation, and instructional design
  • Sources of Evidence Asking- Interview Direct Observation- Documented Physical Artifacts- Photos, Videos, Surveys