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Nonprofit Insights: The Secret Sauce for Nonprofit Crowdfunding
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Nonprofit Insights: The Secret Sauce for Nonprofit Crowdfunding


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These days, it’s not just about the fancy technology you use to raise money and support online - it’s how you use it. As more nonprofits turn to online platforms like Razoo for crowdfunding campaigns, …

These days, it’s not just about the fancy technology you use to raise money and support online - it’s how you use it. As more nonprofits turn to online platforms like Razoo for crowdfunding campaigns, the world of online fundraising can seem a bit like the Wild Wild West.

What separates the campaigns that just “do alright” from the ones that go viral and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars or more? You might be surprised to know that the difference is made by virtual volunteers - online champions that care so much about their causes they give their time and tap their networks to help raise money for nonprofit organizations.

In the March Nonprofit Insights webinar, Lesley Mansford, CEO of crowdfunding platform Razoo, gives us a glimpse into her world, sharing tips and best practices gathered from online campaigns that have raised more than $100 million for nonprofits from over 300,000 individual donors.

Through real-life stories and practical examples, Lesley presents the elements that contribute to a successful fundraising campaign on Razoo, including how nonprofits can best engage virtual volunteers to help spread the word and raise money.

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  • Accountability is important. In fact, the Millennial Donor report says it’s the second most important factor behind a peer request in garnering donations. Treat donors like investors. Show them how their money will benefit society and make a difference. Highlight videos of beneficiaries. Let them tell their story to donors.Lastly, they want you to use social to provide access.
  • Idea – it’s a campaign plan it before you put up your page
  • PERHAPS WE JUST SHOW THE KID VIDEO HERE???? Girl with post it notes
  • People like to have fun — not feel guilty. Humor, if used tastefully, can add a good dose of levity and fun to your fundraising effort. Even as you’re solving the world’s major problems, you can have some good laughs. Entertainment is another great way. This Ferrari dealer celebrated its heritage by offering a screening of an acclaimed Italian film and donated proceeds to charity. Humor and entertainment are part of what can make the giving and fundraising effort more social.
  • Speak to widgets and facebook
  • You can use incremental goals and updates to keep your donors engaged in your ongoing story. Not only will your supporters enjoy seeing your success, but these regular updates serve as reminders for those who haven’t given yet. Also post interesting, eye-catching things that can encourage your friends to share it with their friends on their own social pages.
  • People have now donated. This is an investment in you, and your belief in a cause. You owe it to them to report back. Reporting back accomplishes a couple of things:Rewards the investment, and increases the likelihood of future investmentsMay create a bond between the investor and the cause, increasing the likelihood of deeper engagementProtects your friendship so they don’t feel hit up.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. The Secret Sauce forNonprofit Crowdfunding March 6, 2013 #vmlearn
    • 2. Who are we? Lesley Mansford CEO Razoo @lesleymansford @razoo #vmlearn 2
    • 3. Crowdfunding For Causes #vmlearn
    • 4. Crowdfunding for Causes Democratizing philanthropy #vmlearn
    • 5. What is Crowdfunding? “Crowdfunding describes the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their resources, usually via the internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.” #vmlearn
    • 6. Crowdfunding:Here to stay and growing fast. #vmlearn
    • 7. Why You Should Love ItIt’s Easy It Increases YourIt’s Efficient Donor BaseIt’s Social It’s Here to Stay #vmlearn
    • 8. The Power of Social Your network trumps your wallet.You are here. Your LinkedIn in network. #vmlearn
    • 9. A new generation of givers are online.“Donating makes me feelwonderful, it gives me agreat sense of self-worth.” 75% of millennials donated in 2011. – Donor, Millennial 63% Volunteered in 2011. Solicited donations from their 70% network for a cause. #vmlearn
    • 10. Plan Ahead1) Set a realistic goal2) Tell a compelling story3) Set a deadline4) Start with your inner circle 5) Start! 6) Don’t be afraid to ask #vmlearn
    • 11. Fundraiser = CampaignYour fundraisershould look like this. promote promote promotestart end Not like this. promote Deadline panic. Promote! endstart #vmlearn
    • 12. Tell your story. #vmlearn
    • 13. Be Creative #vmlearn
    • 14. Images Are Powerful #vmlearn
    • 15. …Videos Even More So Fundraisers with videos typically earn 4X more. #vmlearn
    • 16. Have Some Fun Because supporting the arts is a no-brainer. #vmlearn
    • 17. Have Some More FunThis ED put himself in a locked cage. #vmlearn
    • 18. Now Start Promoting #vmlearn
    • 19. Start With Your Inner Circle Build momentum, then branch out.• Staff• Board of Directors• Key Influencers • Volunteers • Friends • Donors • Your Social Network #vmlearn
    • 20. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Clearly Ask Clearly. “ ” Tie to Direct Impact “$10 provides 500 liters of clean drinking water to refugees in Somalia.” #vmlearn
    • 21. Share & Ask Your Donors to Share One Facebook share is worth a lot. = $18 #vmlearn
    • 22. Stay In TouchAnnounce when milestones have been met. Send “thank you” notes to donors. #vmlearn
    • 23. Keep Donors Engaged Give shout-outs. #vmlearn
    • 24. Show Donors Their Impact #vmlearn
    • 25. How to turn passionate volunteers into passionate fundraisers #vmlearn
    • 26. Volunteers Are Natural Advocates and Ambassadors• They understand your cause and are passionate about it.• They have personal relationships and built-in networks to influence on behalf of your cause.• They can donate both their money and their time #vmlearn
    • 27. Just Ask!• Your volunteers may not be able to be a major donors but they could be a great fundraiser.• Online fundraising is less intimidating for volunteers than face to face fundraising. #vmlearn
    • 28. Make it Easy Provide volunteers with the tools to succeed.• Training on your online fundraising platform – webinars, etc.• Links to your fundraising campaign.• Sample fundraising emails, tweets and posts.• Best practices and fundraising examples. #vmlearn
    • 29. Make it Fun• Offer rewards for fundraising efforts.• Gamify the experience – “Raise $500 and receive X!”• Encourage volunteers to start teams. #vmlearn
    • 30. Create teams #vmlearn
    • 31. Treat Volunteers like VIPs• Celebrate their accomplishments with praise and recognition.• Reach out and thank them for setting up fundraisers.• Promote top fundraisers on your site.• Keep them up to date on the impact of their campaigns. #vmlearn
    • 32. Questions? Lesley Mansford, @razoo #vmlearn
    • 33. Visit use to register formore free webinars! #vmlearn