Nonprofit Insights: A 360-Degree View of Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships


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What are the key ingredients for a successful corporate-nonprofit volunteer partnership? How can nonprofits and businesses, no matter the size, industry or level of experience, create a strong relationship for employee volunteer programs?

In September 2013 VolunteerMatch hosted a special joint edition of the Nonprofit Insights and Best Practice Network webinar series, and welcomed three experts in corporate-nonprofit partnerships to tackle these questions from multiple perspectives: Nonprofit consultant Mazarine Treyz represented the small nonprofit viewpoint, Desiree Adaway of The Adaway Group provided the voice of large organizations, and Amanda Lenaghan from the Charles Schwab Foundation presented the corporate angle.

Whether you work at a nonprofit or a corporation, this webinar will teach you the critical focus areas for partnering across sectors to create fulfilling, engaging and high-impact employee volunteer programs.

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Nonprofit Insights: A 360-Degree View of Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships

  1. 1. A 360-Degree View of Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships September 25, 2013 #vmlearn
  2. 2. Who are we? 2 #vmlearn Mazarine Treyz Wild Woman Fundraising @wildwomanfund Amanda Lenaghan Charles Schwab Foundation @papeamanda Desiree Adaway The Adaway Group @desireeadaway
  3. 3. Agenda 3 #vmlearn • Intros • Finding & Establishing Partnerships • Pro Bono & Skilled Volunteering • Increasing the Breadth & Depth of Partnerships
  4. 4. Intros 4 #vmlearn
  5. 5. A Dialogue with: Mazarine Treyz, Desiree Adaway, Shari Ilsen, and Amanda Lenagan #vmlearn
  6. 6. Volunteers give 10x as much as non- volunteers And corporate volunteers can give so much more than the average donor. #vmlearn
  7. 7. Get you sponsorships Get you cause marketing partnerships Become board members Get you access to a LOT of people who can do Dollars for Doers programs. #vmlearn
  8. 8. Desiree Adaway Principal of The Adaway Group #vmlearn
  9. 9. Charles Schwab Foundation Helping individuals and families achieve lifelong financial well-being through education, volunteerism and advocacy. MISSION EDUCATE ADVOCATE VOLUNTEER #vmlearn
  10. 10. Finding & Establishing Partnerships 10 #vmlearn
  11. 11. AARP: Create the Good Book of Lists (Most Charitable Companies) Foundation Center Database #vmlearn
  12. 12. Do you want corporate board members? Look at companies that support sister nonprofits. Connect with the HR department, CSR. #vmlearn
  13. 13. What companies are physically closest to you? What are you offering in exchange for the company's help? What type of help do you need? How flexible are you about scheduling? What resources above and beyond people are you hoping to get? #vmlearn
  14. 14. Bottom Line: We didn't communicate enough beforehand with individual volunteers about what the volunteering day would look like. I thought we were going to have a phone-a-thon! I thought we were going to do some tutoring?! #vmlearn
  15. 15. Critical Steps to Partnership Building • Partnership requires vulnerability. When partners create a safe space for its members to be vulnerable, it can reach a deeper level of success. • There are no cookie-cutter methods for partnership-building. Each partnership is unique in its needs, its members, and its context. If you forget that, your partnership will never live up to its full potential. • A partnership is made up of individuals and you can’t treat them all the same. Each member carries his/her own stories, baggage, limitations, giftedness, and uniqueness. • Effective partnership building is based on meeting common needs. This means that each partner has to be willing to articulate his or her needs and be welcoming to others’ needs. #vmlearn
  16. 16. Critical Steps to Partnership Building cont. • Effective partners ask the right questions and believe in holding deep and meaningful conversations - even if they are difficult. Growth and positive change require new conversations and deeper inquiry. • Effective partnerships do not ignore conflicts. With individuals come differences and with differences, eventually, come conflicts. A strong partnership will honor the differences and find effective ways of working through the conflicts. • In partnerships, leadership is shared. Once members become engage in a partnership, leadership becomes the responsibility of every member. #vmlearn
  17. 17. Partnership Lifecycle Maturing Maintain Adapt Grow Phase-Out Terminate Realization Produce Sell Deliver Design Describe Define Develop Implement Initiation Self-Analysis Criteria Definition Evaluation #vmlearn
  18. 18. Partnership that Leverages each Partner’s Strengths • True partnership that leverages the core strengths of Schwab and BGCA • Co-designed program and curriculum; Schwab employees’ financial acumen leveraged through volunteerism • 10 year program has served 500,000 teens in 1,700 Clubs • Proven effective by rigorous third-party evaluation #vmlearn
  19. 19. Pro Bono & Skilled Volunteering 19 #vmlearn
  20. 20. Skilled Volunteering Provides Multitude of Benefits VOLUNTEER • Financial literacy programs leverage employees’ core expertise • Pro bono service allows employees to do what they do best in a new environment • Board service provides opportunities for leadership and networking #vmlearn
  21. 21. A.Use email networks of people who match the profile of your ideal volunteer, for example, female lawyers B.Remind through emails, follow up consistently C.Highlight the high level nature of the role D.Talk about networking opportunities in the role #vmlearn
  22. 22. Pro Bono and Skilled Volunteering Evaluate •Evaluate the position, partnership, and work on a regular basis. •Make changes as necessary. Build Relationships •Give the volunteer ownership over the work. •Recognize the work of the volunteer. Find the Perfect Match •Advertise appropriately. •Match skills, desires, an d interests with the position. •Don’t forget to look at personality type. Set Expectations •Share job plans. •Have honest discussions about the work and working relationships. Define the Work •Think both inside and outside of the box/office. •Create clear, concise, de tailed job descriptions. #vmlearn
  23. 23. Increasing the Breadth & Depth of Partnerships 23 #vmlearn
  24. 24. (focuses on finding virtual corporate partners) (for Canada) #vmlearn
  25. 25. If you are a nonprofit and would like to get started with corporate volunteering programs, please go to: I'll give you 1)A checklist to get ready for corporate volunteering success, 2)A worksheet to help you match people with pro-bono and skilled volunteering, and 3)A comprehensive list of companies that have good corporate volunteer programs. #vmlearn
  26. 26. Advice for Working with Virtual Volunteers • Become familiar with the dynamics of online culture and understand how virtual volunteers fit in with your organizational culture. • Why not let volunteers talk with one another? Create an online discussion group for your current volunteers. This will create a sense of team, provide a forum for ongoing feedback, and encourage collaboration among participants. • Educate staff and key volunteers about virtual volunteering. Help everyone understand why virtual volunteering should be/will be implemented in your organization. • Provide vision. • Virtual volunteering is an educational process. Resistance may exist because of a lack of understanding. Be aware of the changing needs of your working environment and how virtual volunteering can meet those needs. #vmlearn
  27. 27. Increasing the Breadth & Depth of Employee Volunteering Hands-On Board ServiceSkills-based & Pro Bono Service Breadth of Involvement Depth of Involvement Hands-on and large scale volunteering provides exposure to nonprofits and your mission; deep mission connection often leads to high-impact pro bono and board opportunities. #vmlearn
  28. 28. Questions? 28 #vmlearn Mazarine Treyz Wild Woman Fundraising @wildwomanfund Amanda Lenaghan Charles Schwab Foundation @papeamanda Desiree Adaway The Adaway Group @desireeadaway
  29. 29. Next Month: The Overhead Myth #vmlearn October 16, 2013