Final Perception Counsel Banking And Finance Social Media Case Studies


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FINAL PRESENTATION: Replaces a draft uploaded yesterday. Review of best practice social media in banking & finance, with emphasis on female consumers.

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Final Perception Counsel Banking And Finance Social Media Case Studies

  1. 1. Can We Talk? Women, Banking & Social Media CBA: Women in Focus Walter Jennings August 2009
  2. 2. Last Time We Spoke Deloitte Innovation Lounge everything you wanted to know about social media
  3. 3. case studies common elements banking & finance why some succeed first impressions next steps women in focus ways to engage
  4. 4. “the largest increase in expressive capability in human history.” - Clay Shirky, Author Source: Burson -Marsteller Social Media Analysis Fortune 100
  5. 5. Trading in ol’ faithful for a newer model? With a little work, your old friend may be worth holding onto 3:30 AM Aug 24th from CoTweet We don’t want to brag, but we did just score a mini basketball hoop for 75 cents. What’s your best garage sale find? 1:30 AM Aug 23rd from CoTweet We hear lingerie mannequins don’t qualify you for the Car Pool Lane. Anyone care to share some money & time saving transportation tips? 6:01 AM Aug 22nd from web Ever been stuck behind someone using 14 coupons for 3 products? Let us tell you, it’s annoying – but thrifty. Got any good coupon stories? 1:12 AM Aug 22nd from web Also On Twitter: banks like twitter Wells Fargo BankofAmerica JPMorganChase ING Direct – 7,079 followers Goldman Sachs First American Bank
  6. 6.  Westpac Employees banks create communities  • 1,165 fans ING Direct • 1,536 fans BankofAmerica – 1,675 fans  Wells Fargo • 874 fans  First American Bank • 94 fans
  7. 7. The primary goals of slingshot are to: • Encourage customers to keep shopping at their unique local small businesses • Help small business owners network for ideas, advice and support to grow their businesses banks help businesses Capital One – small business advocacy
  8. 8. "Our clients and traders in general have a great • communicate need to converse with other traders, to get second opinions, to learn, to get assistance as • blog well as to be social," says Rich Levine, VP Schwab Active Trader. • share • socialised brokerages extend connections Charles Schwab Virtual Community
  9. 9. banks & partners blog future of banking with MIT
  10. 10. Stagecoach Island is an online virtual world created by Wells Fargo. You can explore the island and its hidden secrets, connect with friends and make new ones, and at the same time learn smart money management. bank creates virtual world Stagecoach Island Community
  11. 11. • blogger outreach • twitter insurance attracts like-minded Allstate safe driver outreach
  12. 12. About MyMoney Manage your finances right from your Facebook profile, simply and securely! MyMoney is an online home banking application that interacts with a variety of financial institutions, so you can view your account balances, transfer money between accounts, review histories, and much more. banks provide services Fiserv – 298 users
  13. 13. common elements why some succeed
  14. 14. The Beanie Baby Bubble burst back in the 90’s, but we’re confident they’ll make a comeback. Just like Duran Duran. 6 hours ago from web authentic voice irreverent & fresh
  15. 15. Rodney Martin (Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN) wrote at 12:55pm on August 23rd, 2009 bank of america is great, everyone should bank with them! about the over draft fee's, i have had the same case with other banks as well, now i keep enough money in the account, no problems Christopher Dockens wrote at 11:59pm on August 20th, 2009 BOA sucks. I have been a banking member for 11 years, and I have never been treated so rudely. I was hit with 245.00 in nsf fees due to a "authorization", not a cleared transaction, but an authorization that a company had placed on my account, that I was actually paying ca for, and BOA says my available was low, so they suck 7 fees from me. real conversations? we think rodney’s a banker
  16. 16. “Our credit unions have a problem. The average age of their customer is now 47 years old and rising. If they want to attract these Generation Y consumers, they have to go where they are, and Facebook is a go to the customer clear place to find them.” Jeffery W. Yabuki be relevant to the generation President & CEO
  17. 17. You can earn virtual money by visiting the Learning Lounge “a virtual Wells Fargo ATM” and answering questions about money management. With our introduction of the building functionality, you can now use what you earn to buy land and start building your dream home. Each new member will be given 5000 “shells” just enough to start a mortgage. We've also introduced virtual jobs, credit cards, and home loans so that you can learn, earn, build and play more in-world! Some of the activities require you to spend Stagecoach Island "shells," and these can only be used while playing the let me play game. but help me learn
  18. 18. Woman: Michael is there any ANZ product that is specifically designed for this purpose? Michael: Yes, ANZ has an equity manager product which provides great flexibility in borrowing against the equity in your home. It provides full transaction capability as well as providing an overall limit that you can borrow against depending on your needs. talk don’t sell a podcast isn’t an ad
  19. 19. • share best practise • common interest • closed, secure "Trading can be a lonely activity,” says Rich Levine, VP Schwab Active Trader. • exclusive community created Charles Schwab Virtual Community
  20. 20. 03.13.2009, 4:05 pm Author: Jeff Carter Mobile Payments: $860 Billion By 2013? At the Center for Future Banking we are actively examining the mobile space and attempting to understand the technical, social and business drivers that will define the mobile payments ecosystem. The announcement a few weeks back within Informa Telecoms and Media’s recent report, Mobile Payments and Banking, caught my eye. Since the turn of the millennium we have heard that one day the mobile phone could replace the humble leather wallet, by storing electronic cash and enabling convenient electronic transactions. Yet so far, except for a few isolated cases, there has been little evidence that the consumer has embraced this new paradigm despite the availability of mobile payment and banking services in most markets worldwide. However, according to Informa Telecoms and Media’s recent report, Mobile Payments and Banking: Worldwide Market Analysis, Strategic Outlook & Forecasts to 2013, this day is getting closer. Informa Telecoms & Media forecasts that in 2013 almost 300 billion transactions, worth more than US$860 billion, will be conducted using a mobile phone - a twelve-fold increase in gross global transaction values in just five years. bring in experts facilitate a forum
  21. 21. • be part of the conversation • your community will protect & defend • “salvaged” customers more loyal you’re nobody until somebody hates you hate sites proliferate
  22. 22. first impressions women in focus
  23. 23. women in focus likes dislikes • on the right track • brochure-ware • content rich • no engagement • strong offering – email women: clunky • focused, dedicated • vid-cast – average quality – male presenter – no CBA linkage
  24. 24. becoming a mother “New Moms are much more likely to visit social networking sites and publish or own a blog than most other online users. “(Women) aged 25-35 with at least one child at home....are 85% more likely to spend time with Facebook.” Source: The Global Online Media Landscape Nielsen, April 2009
  25. 25. digital natives “Digital natives share a common global culture that is defined not by age, strictly, but by certain attributes and experiences in part defined by their experience growing up immersed in digital technology and the impact of this upon how they interact with information technologies, information itself, one another, and other people and institutions.” Source: Digital Natives - collaboration of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University & Research Center for Information Law , University of St. Gallen.
  26. 26. next steps ways to engage
  27. 27. ongoing list of social media in financial industry continue learning
  28. 28. get your name
  29. 29. forums and on-line chats let award winners speak
  30. 30. Facebook: CBA Women in Focus create a community
  31. 31. slingshot emphasises small business keep your focus
  32. 32. social media dashboard keep engaging
  33. 33. • Create a list of the changes you want to make - big or small. From changing the world to changing your look • Talk about your changes. Your personal change blog lets you keep track of your progress, ask other community members for help and share what you’ve discovered • Learn how to change. We've invited some of the leading experts in their fields to offer advice on making change in a wide range of areas • Help others change. Join a conversation about the changes your friends and neighbours are making. Canada’s Largest Credit Union – Vancity study best practice
  34. 34. listen to the experts follow trends
  35. 35. you’re crawling. now walk. then run!
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