Sit 1 day workshop-


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Sit 1 day workshop-

  1. 1. Tel: +972-3-6070-480 Fax: +972-3-6070-481 Address: 16 Tozeret Ha'aretz st. Tel Aviv 67891 ISRAEL Systematic Inventive Thinking® Workshop 1-day Innovation Workshop Goals This one-day program is designed to give participants an introduction with hands – on experience to some key aspects of the Systematic Inventive Thinking ® Methodology. The program will focus on the 3 core topics which enable participants to:  understand how cognitive "fixedness" poses a challenge to innovative thinking;  learn how to apply SIT Tools and Principles to reach innovative solutions;  find out how SIT "on-demand" can be applied in daily work so as to think differently. Program Format and Content The program will be run as an interactive workshop combining a mix of theory/case studies, hands-on application of the SIT tools and practical work in small groups. Tentative agenda for the session: 8:30-9:00  Opening exercise to introduce a thinking principle  Setting objectives  Introduction of the day's agenda including objectives, topics and breaks  Brief Introduction:  About SIT  The main structure of the methodology 9:00-10:15 Main thinking principles (teaching using exercises):  Constraints Foster Innovation  Thinking "Inside The Box"  Function Follows Form  The template’s logic  The logic of cognitive fixedness – structural and functional. A cognitive state that stop us from innovating.  The Path Of Most Resistance - principle 10:15-10:30 Coffee break 10:30-12:00 Introducing a thinking tool: Introducing the Division tool "dividing the process components and reassembling them differently in time and space in order to create a new service or process" Division is a strong tool that breaks structural fixedness and very efficient when applying to process and service. Practical Exercise in small groups on a pre-defined topic. 12:00-1:10 Lunch 1:00 - 2:30 Introducing Problem Solving approach
  2. 2. Tel: +972-3-6070-480 Fax: +972-3-6070-481 Address: 16 Tozeret Ha'aretz st. Tel Aviv 67891 ISRAEL  What are the characteristics of a creative solution  Closed World principle  Qualitative Change  How to define a desired action 2:30-2:45 Coffee Break 3:45-4:15 Introducing a thinking tool: Task Unification "To assign a new task to an existing resource" Exercising in small teams. 4:15-5:00 Workshop Summary : 1. Share outcomes 2. Initial thoughts 3. Learnings 4. Takeaways 5. Things to implement 6. What's next? 7. And more… Facilitation The program will be facilitated by an SIT facilitator. Logistics Essential requirements: 1 large room for the plenary sessions and additional working space for small group working. Also required: 2 flipcharts, projector and external speakers to be supplied by the venue organizers. Cost: 8,000 USD. Price Includes:  Program design and facilitation by SIT  SIT back office support  SIT copyright materials (if translation required – excluding translation) Price does not include:  Travel expenses (flights)  Local accommodation, subsistence and local transportation  Workshop venue and AV equipment cost  Off-site Venue  Hospitality for participants  Simultaneous translation – if required  Depending on number of participants – additional facilitator’s fee and expenses. (TBD)