SIT - Innovation Consulting - New Product Development


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SIT - Innovation Consulting - New Product Development

  1. 1. SIT For New Product DevelopmentThe PPT Version (including our hidden notes) ‚
  2. 2. “SIT gave us a systematic way for the first time tocome up with new product concepts on demand.Before SIT, we were too passive about innovation,relying on happenstance or following ourcompetitors for new ideas. In our first SIT project,we generated over 140 new product ideas coveringsix concepts that will address our pipeline needsfor the next six to eight years.”Drew BoydDirector of Marketing MasteryEthicon Endo-Surgery (Johnson & Johnson)
  3. 3. Notes · SIT has conducted New Product Development projects in over 40 countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. We have worked with over 600 companies varying in size from 70 to 300,000 employees. SIT for NPD offers a radically different, highly effective strategy for product development, designed to deliver real and sustainable innovation.
  4. 4. What you get: Fill your new products pipeline for the next few years Ideas for extending existing product lines to new target markets New and exciting features to refresh your existing offerings Detailed action plans to implement the ideas New tools and skills to enhance your innovation abilities
  5. 5. Notes · We consider an NPD project successful when new products or services are actually launched in the market. But even before this stage, you will be able to see results, including the following three deliverables that you can immediately assess when the project is completed: A list of ideas that have passed preliminary filtering (several dozen) A small number of prioritized concepts, to be elaborated on, which will be turned into proposals for development projects A preliminary action plan for implementing the development of your new product Additionally, SIT will work with you after the project’s completion in order to provide assistance with the implementation of ideas and guidelines for getting your whole organization involved in implementing the ideas.
  6. 6. Our NPD projects normally include: Preparations (short) Ideation Workshop Convergence and Action Items Implementation Support
  7. 7. Notes · Preparations: The goal of the preparation stage is to establish the background and framework of the project. Through e-mails, phone calls, and personal interviews with key stakeholders, we define the project objectives, constraints, and criteria for success. Ideation Workshop: During the workshop sessions, participants use SIT tools to generate novel and practical ideas for products. Following the ideation, we use Interim Days to process and filter the ideas, summarize the work so far, and prepare for the Multi- Focus Group (MFG). The purpose of the MFG is to partner with clients in order to evaluate current outputs and raise additional ideas. Convergence and Action Items: On the convergence day the team identifies potential concepts, prioritizes them and develops initial plans of action. This is followed by an action items meeting in which we discuss implementation, next steps, and specific action items. Implementation Support: SIT and project leaders will set a time-frame for progress evaluation and support. SIT will assist in overcoming obstacles impeding the projects progress. Furthermore, the SIT team will be available for any other support needed.
  8. 8. What we bring to the project: Our method and thinking tools Our team of facilitators and back office support Our implementation support Our global network and experience Commitment and enthusiasm (and discipline)
  9. 9. Notes · All SIT projects are, of course, based on our trademarked method. In addition, we apply the following guidelines to all our projects: The project must have clearly- defined goals and objectives; Each project has timetables for ideation and implementation; We work with your existing resources, so that the solutions we help you innovate are appropriate for your organizations scope and technological abilities; The projects we design together, tie into your existing activities; You pay for deliverables only - Dont pay us if you feel that you do not see value in the results. Our facilitators are all experienced in the SIT method, but they come from a wide range of backgrounds, so we can help you select the facilitators who are most appropriate for you.
  10. 10. What you bring to the project:For a project to achieve its goals, three conditionsmust be met: A committed project leader is assigned A cross-functional team is available for ideation and implementationAnd most important: Participants and management are committed to the success of the process
  11. 11. Notes · Workshop days are held off-site where participants are insulated from their daily activities and worries. The optimal number of workshop participants is 10-12. A cross-functional team is essential, including representatives from R&D, marketing, sales, corporate level management, etc.. Preparations and implementation are held either via telecom or on-site as needed.
  12. 12. The Immediate Impact of the process: Specific innovative ideas will be generated and their implementation will be launched Participants will acquire the ability and motivation to think differently when needed
  13. 13. Notes · Each SIT project involves a mix of training and ideas development. Because SIT is a method, there is always some focus on training, so that you can internalize the method and use it well; but because this method is results-oriented, we also focus on generating ideas that you can begin to implement right away. To find the optimal ratio of training to ideas development, we customize each program based on your specific needs.
  14. 14. TestimonialsI must say that I was impressed with the quality of the ideas that cameout of the process. Working within constraints, as opposed to the "alllimits off" philosophy we had been exposed to previously, served asa reality check and introduced us to a robust way of approachinginnovation. We ended up with a long list of ideas, 6 of which weredeveloped, with SIT, into projects that are being implemented andwill be launched shortly. I dont know whether we left no stoneunturned, but we were reassured that we turned over a lot of them.”Rainer Schmidt-Marketing Director Tea Europe, Middle East & AfricaBPW - Beverage Partners Worldwide (a Coca-Cola Nestlé joint venture)I really enjoyed the day - I thought the Multi-Focus Group techniqueswere outstanding and Ive passed the Harvard Business Review articleabout SIT on to my Group President.”Andrew Craig-Bennett Deputy General ManagerCOSCO Maritime (UK) Ltd.
  15. 15. The Pearson Education School Group has had the pleasure of workingclosely with Systematic Inventive Thinking for the past 3 years…Oneof the strongest reasons I can give for why our relationship with SIThas been so successful is because they care about the results just asmuch as we do. We view SIT as a partner in our innovation initiative,and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them in thefuture.”Martha G. Smith-President PearsonEducation School GroupThe difficult thing is that people believe that creativity is a personalitytrait of the best people in the company, but if you apply the rightmethods, like SIT, you generate many, many useful ideas. Today [6years later] the company is still rolling out many of the 149 usableideas generated.”Henk Speijer-Marketing IntelligencePhilips Consumer Electronics