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How to-make-money-online-wlson-tiong-tien hoang

  1. 1. The Definitive Guide to Making Money Online: Using Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing to Boost Your Profits Page | - 1 - WilsonTiong.Net
  2. 2. Table of Contents Introduction- You Will Learn How to Make Money Online! Part One. Internet Marketing Basics Chapter One. The Power of Making Money Online Chapter Two. Internet Marketing Obstacles: How To Overcome Them Chapter Three: The Biggest Misconceptions Of Internet Marketing Part Two. Strategy No.1- Make money with Google Adsense Chapter Four. An Introduction to Google Adsense Chapter Five. How to Find a Profitable Topic Chapter Six. Keyword Research and Criteria for Ideal Keywords Chapter Seven. Competition Analysis Criterion Chapter Eight. Content Creation Chapter Nine. Registering A Domain Name Chapter Ten. Getting A Hosting Account Chapter Eleven. How to Build A Website Chapter Twelve. Guidelines for Posting Articles Onto Your Website Chapter Thirteen. Monetizing Your Website With Google Adsense Chapter Fourteen. How to rank In the Google Search Engine Chapter Fifteen. Tracking Keywords Ranking and Traffic Chapter Sixteen. Rinse and repeat: Creating Multiple Profit Generating Sites Part Three. Strategy No.2- Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Chapter Seventeen. Finding a hot niche market Chapter Eighteen. Finding Affiliate Products Chapter Nineteen. Keyword Research Chapter Twenty. Competition Analysis Chapter Twenty-One. Registering A Domain Chapter Twenty-Two. Getting Hosting Account Chapter Twenty-Three. Building A Website To Start Promoting Page | - 2 - WilsonTiong.Net
  3. 3. Chapter Twenty-Four. Content Creation Chapter Twenty-Five. Banner Ads Chapter Twenty-Six. Promoting Your Website And Affiliate Link Conclusion- Anyone Can Make Money Online! Testimonials Resources Disclaimer: The information contained in this eBook, is meant to serve as a guide to proven strategies that the author of this eBook have utilized to significantly increase their monthly passive income. Though the money making strategies discussed within this book have been highly effective for many, the creator of this eBook cannot guarantee of the reader's earning result. Summaries, strategies, tips and tricks are only recommendations by the author, and reading this eBook does not promise that one’s results will match our own results. Ultimately, one's investment of time and effort will determine earning potential. Page | - 3 - WilsonTiong.Net
  4. 4. Introduction- You Will Learn How to Make Money Online! There isn't any doubt that we live in an era that is geared toward technology. We utilize computers on a daily basis, mobile devices help us to stay on task and stay connected, and the internet provides us with a wealth of opportunity. One of the most significant opportunities offered by this modern-day technology is the ability to make money without even leaving your home. By using proven online marketing strategies, you can turn your computer or mobile device into a profit generating machine. My name is Wilson Tiong, and in this book I am going to show you how you can use two online money making strategies to create a limitless source of income. I know that these two strategies will work because I have used them to transform my financial future and vastly improve my quality of life. In essence, the world of online profit generation has changed my life, and I want to share the information that I've gathered with you. I would like to give you the power to make more money than you ever thought possible with Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing online. Page | - 4 - WilsonTiong.Net
  5. 5. Like so many others, I was deeply affected by the worldwide economic crisis. I am originally from Malaysia, where I spent my days as a child dreaming of the bright future that I would have, as all children do. I worked hard to achieve success in my life, focusing on building my education, and even completed my Accounting Degree at Adelaide University. I went on to become the owner of 2 businesses, where felt as though I had finally achieved my professional goals. Unfortunately, the recession would come along and force me to file for bankruptcy. All of the time and money that I had invested in creating financial opportunities for myself were now gone, and I was left with nothing. I had to sell my home and downgrade my life. I went back to work as restaurant manager, where I worked from from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week. I didn't really have any sort of lifestyle to speak of, save for one that involved working virtually round the clock. I was surviving, rather than thriving, and I didn't know how I was ever going to have the future that I had dreamed of now. That was when I started working as an Internet Marketer. In 2009, with absolutely no IT background and broken English, I started my own online marketing firm. I realized that there were innumerable opportunities to make money via the internet, and seized the chance to make a better life for myself. Today, I am happy to say, that I am a successful full time internet marketer, who coaches others on how to make money online. I even run my own seminar in Australia, where I instruct hopeful internet marketers on how they, too, can turn their dreams of financial freedom into a reality, thanks to the online marketing strategies that I've shown them. As a result of so many people asking me for advice on how they can benefit from Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, especially those who are unable to attend one of my seminars, I decided that it was time to pen the definitive guide to making money online. Herein, you will find a detailed step by step guide for generating online income with my two proven strategies. Page | - 5 - WilsonTiong.Net
  6. 6. When you have reached the end of this book, you will know how to make money online by monetizing website content through Google Adsense and selling affiliate products on your site. I am going to share all of my insider secrets with you, which I have learned over the course of many years of trial and error, so that you can benefit from my experiences. So, if you are looking for a way to earn extra income, or even to quit your job and make money from home full-time, then this book was written for you! If you are willing to invest the time into building your online profit generating empire, then you will soon find that you can have the bright financial future that you've always dreamed of. Page | - 6 - WilsonTiong.Net
  7. 7. Part One- Internet Marketing Basics Before we delve into the two strategies for making money online, it's important to gain a basic understanding of internet marketing, in a nutshell. It's also essential that you are aware of just how much online marketing can benefit your financial situation, and are knowledgeable about how to overcome the hurdles that can potentially stand in your way of achieving your goals. Chapter One- The Power of Making Money Online One of the most popular questions that I am asked during my seminars is “why should I invest my time into making money online?” This is, of course, a perfectly valid question. So many of us already lead busy lives, and adding one more thing to our lengthy to-do lists is nearly impossible for some individuals. However, there are a myriad of benefits to making money online. You can rely upon the fact that, if done right (I will teach you how to do it right in this very book) you can turn your online money making strategies into a blank check. Here are just a few of the benefits that you can expect when choosing to an online marketer:  Earn passive income One of the best things about online marketing is that, once you set up your system, it becomes a low-maintenance money making machine. After you've built a website and incorporated Google Adsense and Affiliate Product Sales, you need only set aside a bit of time upkeep the site. This means that, even if you are on vacation (enjoying the profits that you've generated) you can still be making money.  No restrictions on how much you can earn As I mentioned earlier, making money online is like getting a blank check. You can make as little or as much as you want, depending upon how much effort you put into the process. For example, if you devote an hour a day to up-keeping your site and creating new websites, then you will probably make more than someone who only spends an hour a week maintaining their online money making endeavors. You hear stories all over the web about how people are earning their living through internet Page | - 7 - WilsonTiong.Net
  8. 8. marketing, why can't you do the same?  Low capital Starting a website and incorporating Google Adsense and/or Affiliate marketing into the site requires very little financial investment. In fact, the only costs that are typically associated with making money online via my strategies are the website start-up and maintenance. You can run a profit making website for just a few dollars each month, and receive limitless income from that one site. What other successful business endeavors only require minimal capital, but still have the power to lead to boundless earnings potential?  Low Risk Because there is so little capital involved, making money online through Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing has very little risk. It's not a high-stakes gamble, but a carefully thought out online profit generating strategy that has been proven. As a result, you won't have to worry about losing your savings when you start your online money making pursuits.  Huge opportunity There are very few opportunities today that offer you all of the rewards that you will receive through the strategies that I am going to share, especially ones that aren't associated with a great deal of risk. Every minute of every day is new money making opportunity if you have a site that features Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, because there is always the possibility that someone is visiting your website and clicking on the links/ads.  Lifestyle Are you ready to be your own boss and lead the life you've always wanted? If so, then these strategies can offer you that chance. You don't need to be tied to an office or stuck in a cubicle. You aren't even required to sit at a computer all day. As an added Page | - 8 - WilsonTiong.Net
  9. 9. bonus, making money online can give you the opportunity to vastly improve your financial future (and present, for that matter).  Anyone can do it One of the biggest myths about online money making opportunities is that they are only for those who are tech-savvy. How many times have you heard someone say “Oh, I can't make money on the internet, because I didn't go to school for it” or “I don't think internet marketing is for me, because I just don't have the know-how or computer experience”? What many people fail to realize is that anyone can make money online, as long as they have a will to do so, and the drive to follow through. Even if you're not necessarily a computer guru, you can hop online and start making money, regardless of your educational background or current financial situation. I understand that all of these things sound almost too good to be true, but I can assure you that they are completely achievable. Innumerable people have used online marketing techniques to achieve each and every one of these benefits, and so can you! Page | - 9 - WilsonTiong.Net
  10. 10. Chapter Two- Internet Marketing Obstacles: How To Overcome Them Online marketing can give you the power to be your own boss, earn passive income, and achieve a variety of the other benefits that we mentioned in the last chapter. However, in order to get the results that you want, you must be aware of how you can overcome some of the most common internet marketing obstacles. Virtually every internet marketer faces these obstacles at some point. After all, they are difficult to avoid in this industry. In fact, I am well versed in this particular topic only because I have had my share of hurdles throughout the years, and have had to find my way over, through, and around them. However, learning how you can get past these internet marketing obstacles, and even learn from the experience, is crucial to your future success. So, without further ado...Here are the top 4 online marketing problems that may arise, as well a time tested solution to help you navigate past the problem at hand: Information overload When first starting out in the world of internet marketing, I realized that I was simply becoming overwhelmed by the various money making options that I was coming across online. It seemed as through every blogger, entrepreneur, or “guru” was giving me another strategy that I could use to gain my financial freedom. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because having a myriad of opportunities to choose from is generally beneficial. However, when it comes to finding the strategy that works for you, an abundance of advice, tips, tricks, and resources can quickly turn into a case of information Page | - 10 - WilsonTiong.Net
  11. 11. overload. You can simply become overwhelmed by all of the information that is being thrown your way, and it can begin to hinder your success, rather than help it. This is why you should figure out the niche you are going to specialize in early on in your internet marketing career. Try to avoid skimming through innumerable step-by-step strategies or programs, and just concentrate on one that you think is going to work the best for you. This can help you to stay focused, and not be overloaded by a flood of information that is bound to confuse of overwhelm you. You are actually taking the first step in overcoming this particular hurdle by reading this book, believe it or not. By absorbing the information that I am sharing with you (instead of trying to learn about everything and anything that has to do with internet marketing), you are giving yourself the opportunity to avoid information overload and get on the fast track to online marketing success. Lack of Direction One of the biggest obstacles that new internet marketers (and even a good number of experienced ones) have to learn to overcome is a lack of direction. Many marketers will wander around the virtual world aimlessly, without any clear focus or sense of direction, looking for the next big thing that is going to make them money online. The trouble with this way of thinking is that you won't be able to set clear goals, which means Page | - 11 - WilsonTiong.Net
  12. 12. that you probably aren't going to achieve any results. As is with all things in life, especially in your professional life, you have to have a clear focus. You have to “set your sights” on a specific outcome and commit yourself to a specific path if you want to achieve success in internet marketing. It's essential that you have a clear focus on where you want to take your internet marketing endeavors, and what you would like to specialize in. There's an old adage that suits this particular obstacle perfectly: “Don't be a jack of all trades and a master at none”. This simply means that you cannot possibly try to master all forms of internet marketing, due to the fact that you will not devote enough time or effort to any one particular strategy to succeed. For example, if you try to research and implement each and every online marketing idea that you come across (rather than focusing on the system that I am going to share with you), you just won't be able to dedicate yourself to mastering the nuances of any one specific strategy. As such, you will probably end up spending a great deal of time learning all there is to know about online marketing, but not truly achieving success in any one given area. Perseverance Another of the primary obstacles that many internet marketers face is, oddly enough, the inability to overcome obstacles. You must be able to assess each of the obstacles that you face, and learn how to handle them, if you want to make money online. Usually it's just a matter of being able to determine what is preventing your from succeeding, and then focusing on some creative solutions that can remedy the issue. Perseverance is key though, because it will allow for you to stick with internet marketing, even when it becomes challenging, so that you can eventually find a way to overcome the hurdles that are standing in your way. When I first began my internet marketing career, there were a number of times when I thought that I might not be cut out for it. When the obstacles that just about every novice internet marketer encounters began to pop up, I remember feeling overwhelmed and out of my depth. It seemed as though there were so many hurdles to get over in order to reach my goal. Page | - 12 - WilsonTiong.Net
  13. 13. However, I realized that I merely needed to change my perception of the obstacles. I needed to alter how I was viewing them. Instead of looking at them as though they were the end of my marketing career, I realized that they were an opportunity to gain experience and knowledge that I could in the future. I finally understood that I just had to have a bit of optimism and a great deal of perseverance if I wanted to reap the rewards of online marketing. So, I strongly recommend that you do the same. Whenever you feel as though an obstacle may be too much of a challenge, try to alter the way you are looking at it. Every hurdle that you must face can be overcome, as long as you are able to have a positive perspective and find a creative solution to the problem that is standing between you and achieving the many benefits that internet marketing has to offer. Perseverance is key. Only those who never give up will be able to make the most of internet marketing and truly benefit from the strategies that I am going to share with you in this book. Lack of Patient and Persistence Many internet marketers fully expect to begin making money the minute they begin implementing their strategies. They assume that their endeavors will pay off almost immediately, and that they can quit their jobs the day that they start their SEO marketing campaigns or link building strategies. In a perfect world, this may very well be the case. However, from my experiences, I can tell you that you should be patient and persistent when entering into the world of online marketing. This isn't to say that every ounce of time and effort that you put in isn't a worthwhile investment, because it is. After all, my life has been truly changed by my decision to venture into the world of internet marketing. I have, however, had to come to terms with the idea that you don't get rich overnight with online marketing. You have to wait for it to pay off, and it most assuredly will if you remain persistent and don't let any obstacles deter you from reaching your goal, whatever that goal might be. Page | - 13 - WilsonTiong.Net
  14. 14. Keep in mind that it's not obstacles present you with a unique opportunity: to learn and grow from the experiences that they provide. I know that I am a better internet marketer (and possibly even a more well rounded individual), because of the knowledge that I have gained by tackling obstacles that I've come across throughout my internet marketing endeavors. Page | - 14 - WilsonTiong.Net
  15. 15. Chapter Three: The Biggest Misconceptions Of Internet Marketing When I speak with people about the topic of online marketing, especially those who may not be very familiar with the subject, there are always a handful of “myths” that I have to dispel. It seems as though many people have a variety of misconceptions about making money online, which are preventing them from even entertaining the idea that they can become an online marketing pro as well. I am here to tell you that anyone, and I mean anyone, can make money online. It's just a matter of having a strategy in place (which I will discuss a bit later in this book), and having patience, persistence, and perseverance. So, I thought that I would take this opportunity to clarify some of the most common misconceptions of internet marketing, in order to emphasize the fact that everyone has the ability to make a living online. You need to have I.T knowledge. I am living proof that you don't need to become an Internet Technology expert in order to make money online. I had absolutely no I.T background when I started making money online. All that you need to begin internet marketing is a computer, internet access, a strategy, and the determination to become successful. I hear stories each and every day of individuals who have been able to quit their jobs, improve their quality of life, and remedy their financial issues by making money online. Very few of these people have had any I.T. experience whatsoever, and they are still able to live very comfortably from the money that they earn on a daily basis, thanks to the internet. Page | - 15 - WilsonTiong.Net
  16. 16. There is a push button software to make money online. There are a myriad of software products and “get rich quick” schemes that have been popping up all over the web in recent years. Many of them promise to “double your investment in 48 hours” or “teach you how to make $1,000 over the weekend” by sharing their internet marketing secrets with you for a fee. Unfortunately, there isn’t any push button software or get rich quick program that can help you to make money online. If there were, believe me, everyone would be using it to get rich at this very moment. There also isn't any strategy that you can use to start making money right away. At least, not one can allow you to achieve any sort of passive income over time. When I first began online marketing, I have to admit that I was lured in by the appeal of the push button software claims. I realized early on, however, that these products just didn't live up to their “guarantees”, and that I was wasting my time with them. So, I began devoting my time and effort to developing a proven strategy instead. You need to spend a lot of time everyday. You'll often hear “horror” stories about how internet marketing will consume your life, or how you will have to spend 18 hours a day to see any results. That couldn't be further from the truth though. In fact, in order to become successful, you usually only need to spend about 3 to 4 hours a day to your online marketing strategy, and forcing yourself to work for hours on end can actually hinder your success. In the beginning, I'll admit that I went a bit overboard with making money online. I devoted most of my day to trying to perfect my techniques and brainstorming new marketing ideas. I eventually suffered from a severe case of “burn out” though. I realized that I wasn't being as productive as I Page | - 16 - WilsonTiong.Net
  17. 17. could be, simply because I was just too mentally exhausted to make the most of my internet marketing strategy. So, I limited by work day to just 3 or 4 hours, and began to see an improvement in my results almost immediately. This was because I was able to completely focus while I was working, thanks to the fact that I was fully rested and ready to go when the time came for me to hop online and make money every day. It is too late for me to start making money online. This is, by far, the myth that I hear the most often. Many people think that the internet marketing industry has just become too saturated. So, they believe that there isn't any room left for them to make money online. I want to clear this up here and now though...It is NOT too late to make money online today because the opportunity is huge! There is enough opportunity to go around, and even you can start making money online right now. Think of it this way: each day that you procrastinate about starting your internet marketing strategy is another day that you aren't making money online. Every day is a missed opportunity. You have just as much right as anyone else to start improving your life and to gain your financial freedom through online marketing. So, don't let the fact that there is thousands of other internet marketers stand in your way. Hopefully I've helped to dispel any myths that have been preventing you from starting your own internet marketing strategy. You, too, can make money online, regardless of your background, experience, or schedule. In the next section of this book I am going to tell you how, and share some of my online money making tips with you. Page | - 17 - WilsonTiong.Net
  18. 18. Part Two- Strategy No.1- Make money with Google Adsense The first strategy that I am going to share with you is centered around Google Adsense. Online marketers have been using Adsense for years to generate passive income, and it has quickly become one of the most effective ways to make money online. However, if you are new to online marketing, getting started with Adsense may be a bit of a daunting task. That's why I've outlined the entire strategy in the following chapters, and have provided you with a step-by-step guide to making money with Google Adsense... Chapter Four- An Introduction to Google Adsense Before we begin talking about how you can make money with this invaluable tool, I thought it wise to go over the basics of Google Adsense. This will enable you to make the most of strategy that I will share with you, and to begin raking in those profits as soon as possible. What is Google Adsense? For many individuals (especially those who don't have experience with online marketing), Google Adsense may be something that they've heard of, but aren't necessarily familiar with. It's an online money making tool that countless web masters and internet marketing firms utilize today, and just about every successful blog or site has integrated Adsense into their overall strategy. After you have enrolled in Adsense, ads generated by Google will be displayed on your site. When your site's visitors clicked on these advertisements, which are typically in the form of Page | - 18 - WilsonTiong.Net
  19. 19. banners or ad boxes, your Google Adsense account will be funded. Essentially, you are monetizing the content on your site, and will be paid for simply displaying targeted ads. You even get to choose where you want the ads to be shown, and what types of ads can compete for a spot on your site. Benefit of using Google Adsense to earn money. Quite early on, I realized that putting Google Adsense on my site was a “no-brainer”, as they say. In fact, there are almost too many benefits associated with Google Adsense to list here, so I will mention just a handful of the top advantages:  Continuous stream of passive income Of course, the main benefit of using Google Adsense is that you gain the ability to generate passive income. Advertisers are willing to pay for their ads to be shown on your site, and you don't have to do anything more than placing the ad code on your site and posting content on your web page. Once you reach the $100 threshold that Google has put in place, the amount you've earned will paid out.  Track visitors stats and revenue quickly and conveniently Not only can you earn a significant profit with Google Adsense, but it also gives you the ability to view a detailed report of your visitor stats and current Adsense revenue. By simply logging in to your account, you are able to access information, such as the popularity of certain web pages and how much you are earning per ad click, which can help you to improve upon your website to increase your profit.  Offer your visitors the opportunity to view products/sites that appeal to them Google will display ads that appeal to your target audience, and give them the opportunity to view special promotions and sites that they may find useful. For example, if you have a tech gadget site, Google Adsense might display an ad about a site that is offering a sale of mobile devices. So, not only will your visitor receive the helpful information that you will be providing via content on your site, but the chance to learn about a deal that can potentially save them money. Google also allows you to Page | - 19 - WilsonTiong.Net
  20. 20. have complete control over which ads are displayed, due to the fact that you can choose to block certain advertisers. Be sure to read the Google Adsense terms and policy. Before you enroll in the Google Adsense program, I highly recommend that you thoroughly read through their terms and policy. The reason for this being that Google can suspend or disable your account if you don't adhere to the terms. Content guidelines, traffic sources, ad and site behavior, copyrighted material, an product specific policies are all covered in their guidelines, which you can view via the Google Adsense site. Also, they have been known to update the Terms and Conditions, so it may be wise to check the policy every now and then, to ensure that you are aware of any changes that may affect your Adsense account. Important Note: Do not to click the ads on the own website. Web masters and content publishers are not able to click on their own ads, as this would inflate your revenue. All of the clicks or ad impressions must be a result of “genuine user interest”. Therefore, it is against their policy to either manually or artificially generate impressions or clicks on any ads that are being shown on your site. Google's site specifies which methods is violation of their policy. “These prohibited methods include, but are not limited to, repeated manual clicks or impressions, automated click and impression generating tools and the use of robots or deceptive software. Please note that clicking your own ads for any reason is prohibited.” You are also prohibited from asking others to click on your ads, or using “deceptive implementation methods” to get clicks. This Page | - 20 - WilsonTiong.Net
  21. 21. means that you cannot offer others any sort of compensation for clicking on or viewing your ads, and are unable to place graphics near ads that state you are trying to raise money for a third party (such as a charity or special group) via the Google Adsense ad. Chapter Five- How to Find a Profitable Topic Now that we've covered all of the basics of Google Adsense, it's time to delve into the first step of the strategy: finding a topic that will result in profit. This is the one of the most important aspects of the Google Adsense strategy, because the subject that you choose will determine your visitor traffic and the ads that are going to be placed on your site. For example, if you opt for a topic that isn't necessarily popular, or doesn't appeal to a significant number of people, then you will limit your revenue. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when trying to select the perfect topic for your site: Choose evergreen topics Always go with a topic that will stand the test of time. This was one of the main hurdles that stood in my way when I began using Google Adsense. Instead of discussing topics that people would be looking for months, or even years, to come, I was only focusing on topics that were trending that the moment. While it may be a good idea to do this every now and then, you should always include content that is evergreen, and will of interest to your visitors now and in the future. When I look for topics that may be ideal for my various sites today, I always consider whether the subject will provide me with a constant stream of traffic over the course of time, rather than just a small burst of traffic in the beginning. This is mainly because I have come to realize that they key to passive income generation through Google Adsense is providing information that will always be relevant. Where to get topic ideas There are a variety of online resources that you can turn to when looking for great, profit Page | - 21 - WilsonTiong.Net
  22. 22. generating topics for your site. The first place that I always turn is Google Trends. The site will allow you to view the hot topics that are trending that the moment in the searches. If the internet is all abuzz about a breaking news story, then you can write a post based upon that. The trick is not just summing up the information that's already been provided elsewhere, but putting a unique spin on the topic. For example, if you happen to own a health and fitness site or blog, and one of the trending topics pertains to a celebrity who has just announced that she is trying a new crash diet, then write about the benefits and disadvantages of the diet itself. Offer your readers an inside look at the basics of the diet, or give advice on alternate eating habits that may be more beneficial. You can also take a look at blog comments that are being posted on your competitor's site. Quite often you'll find that readers will post questions about the topic being discussed, or ask to learn more about a particular aspect of the subject. You can then address their need for more information by creating a post for your own site. This is a great way to come up with a topic because you already know that there is interest in that particular subject, and that there will most likely be a steady stream of visitor traffic (and adsense revenue) if you dedicate a post to the topic. Choose topic with commercial intent You also need to choose topics based upon commercial intent. In other words, your subjects should also draw in those who intend to purchase a product, not just visitors who are looking for research data. Those who are simply searching for information aren't likely to buy anything, so they probably won't click on your ads (and you won't be able to convert the visitor into a Google Adsense revenue source). Therefore, when you are brainstorming ideas for topics, it's important to include keywords (which we will talk about in the next chapter) that draw in those who are seeking information about a product or service they would like to purchase within your niche. These keywords are Page | - 22 - WilsonTiong.Net
  23. 23. known as “conversion keywords” and you should never underestimate their power when it comes to making money online through Google Adsense. Page | - 23 - WilsonTiong.Net
  24. 24. Chapter Six- Keyword Research and Criteria for Ideal Keywords In this chapter I am going to walk you through how to conduct keyword research and the basic criteria that you should keep in mind when searching for keywords. Keywords are essential, because they are going to help your site rank in the search engines. Sites that rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the ones that are going to get the Adsense revenue, given that visitors will be able to find them more easily among the innumerable other niche sites on the web. Keyword Research It's essential that you carry out keyword research before you begin creating your content, so that you can effectively incorporate these key words into your post. Here are just a few of the techniques that you can utilize in order to find keywords that can help you to rank and increase profits via your site or blog:  Free Keyword tools The first keyword research tool that I recommend is the Google Keywords Tool, which is completely free. It allows you to type in one particular keyword or subject, and receive a myriad of other keywords that you may want to consider using. This is ideal for those who are just starting out, as there is no investment involved, and you can begin to get a feel for how keywords work and which keywords may be best for your site. Google Keywords Tool  Paid Keyword tools In addition to the free keyword research methods, there are also paid keyword tools, such as those offered by Market Samurai and Traffic Travis. The reason that these may be more beneficial is primarily due to the fact that they provide you with an Page | - 24 - WilsonTiong.Net
  25. 25. abundance of keywords that you can utilize, as well as an in depth analysis of the relevancy, competitiveness, and commercial appeal of your keywords. You can download Market Samurai Free Trial Here You can download Free Traffic Travis Here  Generate as many keyword ideas as possible from the keyword tools When using the keyword tools, whether they are free of charge or paid, it's important to gather as many keyword ideas as possible. In fact, you'll want to build a rather extensive list of keywords, so that you gain the opportunity to attract as many visitors as humanly possible. Remember, increase visitors equals increased potential to make money with Google Adsense. Criteria for Ideal Keywords In order to help you get the most out of your keyword research, I thought that I'd share some basic keyword selection criteria with you. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using the Google Keyword Tool (as well as pictures to help you through the process):  Use the “Exact” Match Type. Once you've landed on the keyword tool page Google Adwords (which is the site through which you can access the tool), be sure to click the “exact” box under the match types section. Page | - 25 - WilsonTiong.Net
  26. 26.  The keyword must have at least 1,000 Exact Match Type search volume per month You can input this number in the “filter ideas” section of the page (as shown below). If a keyword has at least 1,000 exact matches per month, this means that there is a higher likelihood of it increasing your visitor traffic stats. Page | - 26 - WilsonTiong.Net
  27. 27.  Keyword with at least $1 CPC Under the “Approximate CPC (Search)” column, look for keywords that have at least a $1 CPC, as these words will help you to generate more revenue per click.  Find at least 10 keywords to target And last, but certainly not least, choose at least 10 keywords to target when writing your content. Also, keep in mind that all 10 keywords must pass the keyword research criteria and competition analysis criteria (which I will discuss in the next chapter). Page | - 27 - WilsonTiong.Net
  28. 28. Chapter Seven- Competition Analysis Criterion Now that we've gone over the keyword research criteria, it's important to talk about the importance of competition analysis and its respective criteria. I highly recommend using Market Samurai for keyword competition analysis, as it provides you with the ability to gauge how difficult it will be to achieve a high ranking by using a particular keyword. The keyword competition relies heavily upon the popularity of the keyword and how much of a challenge it will present if you are trying to rise in rank with that specific word. Before venturing over to Market Samurai, it may be good to get a “lay of the land”, by typing your chosen keywords into the Google Search Engine. The top 5 results are where you want to be, so analyze those particular search results first. These sites are at the top for a reason, so take a close look at the content they've created, the keywords they've used, and every other aspect of their site. Next, I would recommend that you use Market Samurai to carry out a keyword competition analysis. Here is the criteria that you should follow when using Market Samurai to determine the keyword competition. 1. Criteria #1- Low page rank on top 5 results on Google You will want to search for sites that have low page ranks on the top 5 results. Page rank is, essentially, they system that Google uses when ranking web pages, with a higher page rank being more desirable. A site can increase its ranking by receiving a greater amount of clicks than a competitor who also comes up with the same search criteria. For example, if your site is received more visitors than another site in your niche, then you will most likely be above them in the search results. Therefore, you will probably receive even more traffic to your site, thanks to the fact that those searching for information on your chosen Page | - 28 - WilsonTiong.Net
  29. 29. keyword can find you more easily. 2. Criteria #2- Low amount of Backlink pointing to the top 5 search result on Google You should keep in mind that the total backlink to the page must not be greater than 300 when using the competition analysis tool. Backlinks are links that are shown on other sites. For example, if you make an arrangement for another blog to post a review of your site, including a link back to one of your pages, then that would be considered a backlink. These links are important because they contribute to your overall ranking in Google, and help you to elevate your ranking. Page | - 29 - WilsonTiong.Net
  30. 30. 3. Criteria #3 How old is the domain age? A domain age is the length of time that the domain has been active. For example, if someone purchased a domain four years ago, the domain age would be four years. The older the website is, the harder it is to beat. This is mainly because the age of the site is also taken into consideration when Google is ranking sites. Older sites are generally given more value, because they have been establishing a presence for a longer period of time. Page | - 30 - WilsonTiong.Net
  31. 31. 4. Criteria #4 Site Authority An authority site is, essentially, the site that everyone turns to for information about that respective topic. For example, if you always visit a tech site for the latest information about mobile devices, and know that you can rely upon them to provide you with reliable data, then they may be considered an authority site. Generally, authority sites rank higher in the search engines, given that they receive so much traffic from the topics and keywords that they choose. You can usually tell if a blog or site is an authority site by how high they rank, how frequently they post, and how engaged they are in social media. Authority sites are typically more active, and will have fresh content on a continuous basis. Every webmaster wants to become an authority site, as it increases the likelihood of earning substantial passive income. Page | - 31 - WilsonTiong.Net
  32. 32. Chapter Eight- Content Creation The most important element of your new website is going to be the content that you post. In order to draw in visitors who will click on the ads that are being shown, you will need to provide them with them information that they are looking for or solutions to their problems. As such, spending time developing content for your posts is a top priority for any online marketer. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that content creation is key to any site's success, regardless of the specific niche or target audience. The Importance of high quality content The content that you provide your visitors should be informative, helpful, or even provide an answer to a commonly asked question. Poor quality content will not only hinder your visitor stats in the long term, thanks to the fact that it won't help you to rank, but it won't bring any passive income via Google Adsense either. So, it's not only important to choose perfect keywords for your posts, but to put a great deal of time into the creation of that content as well. Tips for Writing your own content There are a handful of tips that you'll want to consider when you are creating unique content for your site, in order to ensure that it is of the highest quality, and that it helps you to achieve a loyal readership:  No duplicate content allowed! Never use content that has already been utilized on other sites, due to the fact that it won't help you to rank whatsoever. In fact, duplicate content is often flagged by Google, and can end up hindering your SEO efforts, rather than helping you to Page | - 32 - WilsonTiong.Net
  33. 33. increase visitor traffic.  Use images in the content It's also wise to use images in the content. Be sure, however, that they are royalty free image or pictures that you own. Using images can make your posts more visually appealing to the reader, and help them to better connect with the content or illustrate a certain point that you are trying to make with the post.  Use Video in the content Site visitors generally enjoy multimedia in posts, such as videos, given that it can be a more interactive experience. It is, however, still important to write content along with the video, in order to include important keywords.  At least 500 to 700 words in the content Your content should never be shorter than around 500 words, but it shouldn't be too lengthy either. Between 500 and 700 words is the “sweet spot”, because that length allows for you to engage the reader with valuable information, while not taking up too much of their time. Hire expert to write your content – Outsource If you simply don't have the time to create your own content (or don't feel as though you're up to the task), then why not hire someone to do it for you? A talented freelance content writer can whip up posts for you quite quickly, and without any time or effort on your part. Visiting freelance sites can enable you to search for professionals who can create informative, memorable content, you need only provide them with the keywords that you would like to target or the topics that you would like to cover. Hire writers from iWriter is one of my NO.1 option. Page | - 33 - WilsonTiong.Net
  34. 34. Chapter Nine- Registering A Domain Name Choosing an effective, memorable domain name is just as important as creating powerful, attention grabbing content. So, it's best to take your time when trying to figure out a domain name for your new Google Adsense site. It took me quite awhile to come up with the name for my first domain, and I still do a fair amount of research and pondering when I choose domains to this day. Here are just a few of the tips that I'd like to share with you when it comes to picking a domain that will serve to help you make money online. Using Keyword as a domain name Using a keyword as a domain name is a great idea, given that it will help you to rank more quickly in the search engines. It will also enable visitors to quickly determine what your site is going to offer them. For example, if you choose the keyword “diet product reviews” as your domain name, then your visitors can expect to find a wealth of information about diet products that may benefit them. Choosing a domain name that doubles as a keyword also allows you to build credibility in your niche, and to become an authority site more quickly. As we discussed earlier in the book, becoming an authority site can increase visitor traffic and, therefore, increase your chance to generate revenue. Using brand name as a domain name You can also opt to use a brand name as your domain, in order to enhance your brand image. If you are offering reviews for a particular company, such as an Page | - 34 - WilsonTiong.Net
  35. 35. electronics manufacturer or game development company, using their brand name in your domain can be a bit risky, however. You should always be aware of copyright laws, in regards to using other people's brands as your domain name. For example, if you are offering information about the muscle building niche on your site, instead of using keyword as a domain or another person's product name as your domain, you can create your own brand for the website. or are examples of domain names that may help you to increase your credibility by building a brand and using it as a domain name. Sign up with Godaddy to register a domain name There are a number of web domain providers on the web today. However, I strongly suggest that you sign up with Godaddy, as they offer competitive pricing and wide range of features. They are also reliable, given that they have been around for a number of years and have a high customer satisfaction rating. The sign up process on Godaddy could not be easier either, and they even offer you the opportunity to purchase upgrades and additional features while you are checking out. I have used them for quite some time and have been very happy with their customer service and the user-friendliness of their domain maintenance platform. Click Here To Visit Godaddy Page | - 35 - WilsonTiong.Net
  36. 36. Choose .com extension When choosing your domain, be sure to choose a .com, rather than a .net or .org (or any of the other innumerable extensions that you can select from). A .com lends to your credibility and will even help you to rank higher. As a general rule, visitors will go to a .com over sites that have any of the alternative extensions, given that the .com is seen as being more reliable and established. Page | - 36 - WilsonTiong.Net
  37. 37. Chapter Ten- Getting A Hosting Account Once you've selected your domain name and purchased your .com from GoDaddy, it's time to find a hosting provider that can help you to make your site go live. If you are new to the world of site creation, and aren't familiar with hosting, then have no fear. In this chapter, I am going to walk you through the basics of hosting, and offer even give you a discount code that you can use to get a special deal on your new hosting plan. What is hosting? Web hosting gives you the ability to launch your site on the web and insures that the files, images, and content that you have on your site can be accessed at all times by your visitors. In essence, a web hosting service stores and maintains your site for you, so that it can be viewed by anyone online. You are, basically, renting storage space from a hosting service, and are guaranteed that your readership will be able to visit your site round the clock, even when your computer is not physically online. Where to Get Website Hosting While I recommend going to Godaddy for your domain, I highly suggest that you venture over to Hostgator to sign for hosting. They offer a number of affordable plans that can get you online quickly and conveniently. Here is a quick walk through of the plans that they do offer:  Hostgator- Hatchling Plan. With this plan, you get a single domain, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth, as well as a shared SSL certificate. As the name suggests, this is ideal for those who are just starting out, and are still trying to get a feel for websites and online marketing. Page | - 37 - WilsonTiong.Net
  38. 38.  Hostgator- Baby Plan. This plan includes the features that are offered in the hatchling plan, save for the fact that you do get unlimited domains. Therefore, if you are planning on hosting several sites, this plan may be an ideal option.  Hostgator- Business Plan. Once again, this plan includes all of the features that you'll find in the Baby plan, with the addition of a few extra ones, such as a free private SSL certificate and IP address, and a free toll free number. If you do choose to go with Hostgator (which I cannot recommend highly enough), then you can use my coupon code to get a special discount. When ordering, simply input the Coupon Code: WilsonSpecialDiscount. Click Here To Visit Hostgator Page | - 38 - WilsonTiong.Net
  39. 39. Chapter Eleven- How to Build A Website Now is the moment that you've probably been waiting for...actually building your brand new website. This part of the process will allow you to show off your creative side, and make your mark upon the virtual world. However, it's important that you keep in mind that this new site is going to provide you with an opportunity to generate limitless revenue. So, throughout the entire website creation process, you should ensure that it provides your visitors with a memorable and long lasting impression. It should look professional, while still appealing to your target audience, if you want to rake in Google Adsense profits. After conducting quite a bit of research (and a great deal of trial and error), I found that Wordpress is the best website creation platform, regardless of your experience level. I searched far and wide for the perfect design platform, and Wordpress is now my go-to site, thanks to its ease of use and wide range of features. What is Wordpress and Why Should I Use It? Wordpress is a website/blog creation site that allows you to design a website using easy to use templates. Best of all, it's free. You can create a wordpress account and begin designing a website in just minutes. I, personally, use Wordpress for all of my sites, given that it does offer so many benefits. I experimented for awhile with other designing sites, and found that Wordpress is, by far, the best. And I'm apparently not alone in this belief, as it has risen to become one of the most Page | - 39 - WilsonTiong.Net
  40. 40. popular free website/blog design platforms online today. Using Wordpress to build your website To begin using wordpress, you simply have to visit their site and create an account. From there, they will ask you to choose a sub domain of wordpress or a link the wordpress site to a domain you already own. You can also choose to install wordpress onto your hard drive (which I suggest you do), which you should do if you are planning on hosting your own site. From there, the platform will walk you through every step of the creation process, from choosing a them to uploading your first post. It's just that simple. Installing the Wordpress Theme The design program already has templates to choose from. However, if you would like alternate themes, then you can download those from the themes gallery (for free). Once you've downloaded the theme that you prefer, you simply upload it to the 'wp-content/themes' directory of your site, at which time you can select it as a default template. There are two ways to go about uploading the theme:  Upload the .zip file of the theme in the 'wp-content/themes' directory by using the File Manager and then extract it online.  Extract the file in your computer, then to upload the contents of the file into the desired folder by using FTP. The web is filled with sites that are offering free wordpress template themes, so you should have any trouble finding a template that is perfect for you new site. There are also new themes added on a continual basis, so you can always choose a theme for now, and then check back often if you would like to alter it at a later date. Installing the plugins Wordpress also happens to have a myriad of plugins to choose from, all of them offering you the chance to enhance the functionality and user experience of your site. For example, there Page | - 40 WilsonTiong.Net
  41. 41. are plugins that enable visitors to quickly see your twitter feed, and others that post a live news feed on your page. The plugin that I suggest you install right away is the Google Adsense plugin, which enables you to integrate Google Adsense onto your site quickly and stress free. Purchase premium wordpress theme – Studiopress If you've scoured the free wordpress template sites and just can't find one that is to your liking, then you may want to consider purchasing a premium wordpress theme at I've purchased a number of themes from them in the past, and have found that they have designs that are difficult to find elsewhere. Plus, when you buy a theme through Studiopress, your template is already search engine optimized, and you get unlimited support and upgrades. If you want to find out more about Studio Press Theme just click here. Important Note: While you can opt to just have your site hosted on Wordpress, I would highly recommend that you do self-host your site and purchase a domain. There are a myriad of advantages to having a self-hosted site via Wordpress, including:  Access to hundreds of web design themes and thousands of plugins.  Gain the ability to completely customize the display and functionality of your chosen themes and CSS files.  Ability to add in Google Adsense ads (which is a must if you are opting for this money making strategy).  Boost your SEO (given that Wordpress enables every page to be indexed).  More storage space for your site. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the reasons why getting a self-hosted site is ideal. I, Page | - 41 - WilsonTiong.Net
  42. 42. personally, self host all of my sites, and can assure you that it is well worth the extra bit of time and effort that it takes to purchase a domain and obtain hosting. Page | - 42 - WilsonTiong.Net
  43. 43. Chapter Twelve- Guidelines for Posting Articles Onto Your Website The quality of your content and the topics you choose are essential to making money online. However, having consistent content is also imperative. In order to build a loyal readership (and to draw in new visitors), fresh and interesting content on a continuous basis is key. Here are the guidelines that I recommend for posting articles onto your website.  Post 1 article every week You should post at least one new content piece every week. This will enable you to always ensure that you are attracting new visitors by featuring new keywords, as well as help you to increase your returning visitor stats. Remember, your article shouldn't be any longer than 700 words, and you can even outsource the work if you like, so creating new content every week shouldn't be too time consuming.  Scheduling the article Wordpress also gives you the power to schedule when you would like an article published. For example, if you write an article today, you can schedule it to be published a week from now, in case you aren't going to be able to access your computer that following week for one reason or another. This makes it even easier to stick to the “once a week” rule.  Interlinking the content Linking between various content pieces is also essential, as it can raise awareness of posts that may not be ranking high in the search engines. Interlinking can also allow you to raise your Google Adsense revenue, as you will increase the number of chances for visitors clicking on ads displayed throughout your site. Better yet, if you have other websites, interlink between those as well.  Remember: Google likes to see fresh content! When Google ranks pages, it likes to see sites that are offering new content. This means that, if you do post on a regular basis, you will rank higher in the search engine. Page | - 43 WilsonTiong.Net
  44. 44. So, be sure to post content as often as possible, in order to increase your revenue generating opportunities. Page | - 44 - WilsonTiong.Net
  45. 45. Chapter Thirteen- Monetizing Your Website With Google Adsense In order to begin generating revenue with your site, you will have to integrate Google Adsense into the coding. While this may be a difficult task for those who are new to website design, Wordpress makes the task quick and convenient. As soon as you integrate Adsense, you have the potential to begin making money almost immediately. This chapter will go over the basics of Google Adsense integration, and some helpful advice that I wanted to share from my own experience.  Generate the code from Google Adsense Account After signing up with Google Adsense, a code will be generated that you can place into the coding of your website (if you are not familiar with how to do this, then you can use the plugin offered by wordpress). You can use this code to create an ad on your site, which will end up turning it into a source of passive income.  Use the “Quick Adsense Plugin” to insert the Google Ads As I mentioned before, you can also integrate your Google Adsense code into your site by using the Quick Adsense Plugin in Wordpress. This is yet another reason why I utilize Wordpress (they make it easy for me to make money online through Adsense).  Tips to keep in mind There are a few things to remember when integrating the code. Firstly, you are only able to place three ads on each page. So, place them carefully. You should try to test the positions of the ads, as well. If an ad doesn't look quite right in one position, or just isn't bringing in the revenue results that you've been hoping for, then try shifting the locations of the ads on your page. The trick is to find what works best for your site. If you are discovering that you seem to get more clicks by placing an ad on the left sidebar of your page, then by all means, place the ad in the sidebar. Once again, it's all a matter of trial and error. However, you should always take advantage of the opportunity to place all three ads on each page: 1 Page | - 45 WilsonTiong.Net
  46. 46. in the sidebar, 1 at the beginning of the article, and last ad at the end of the article. Page | - 46 - WilsonTiong.Net
  47. 47. Chapter Fourteen- How to rank In the Google Search Engine I've already emphasized how having great content is crucial. However, even posts that are extremely well crafted and informative won't help your revenue generation whatsoever if it doesn't adhere to the principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the key to ranking in the entire major search engines, such as Google, and will allow you to make money online. What is SEO and Why is it so important? SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a group of online marketing techniques that enables you to get traffic from organic listings that are featured on the major search engines. The main goal of SEO is to rank high in the results pages of these search engines, as a higher rank means an increased flow of traffic. SEO, in essence, allows visitors to find you amongst the countless other websites online today. It's a bit like a road map. Without SEO, you may have exceptional content and information that they won't find elsewhere, but the visitors simply aren't able to find you amidst the scores of other blogs and sites. And, if they can't find you, then that is a missed opportunity for Google Adsense revenue. SEO Strategies that Work  Using keyword as anchor text link Anchor text links are visible words that link to another page of the site or another site entirely when they are clicked through. By using keywords as anchor text links, you increase your chances to being ranked higher in search engines for that particular keyword or phrase. This can then increase your traffic and bring in visitors who are Page | - 47 - WilsonTiong.Net
  48. 48. more likely to click on your Google Ads (given that search engines use anchor text links to determine the ranking of a particular page), thereby bringing in increased potential for Adsense revenue. I highly recommend that you don't just use exact keywords as anchor text links when trying to implement a successful link building strategy. Instead, use a combination of different anchor text links. For instance, you can use a URL as an anchor text link, or even as LSI keyword. You can also place a picture for back linking purposes, or a non-keyword (such as “click here” or “visit this website”) as an anchor text link. The key is to use a wide range of combinations, so that your links profile looks more natural and organic to the Google search engine.  Getting a Back link from a relevant site Another great SEO strategy is getting a back linking with another niche site that has impressive visitor stats. Try contacting other webmasters who may be willing to post a link back to your site. This can help you to reach a much broader target audience, which can increase the chances of someone clicking on your ads.  Do blog commenting for relevant site Post comments on blog topics that are relevant. In the comment, be sure to include a link to your site or a brief mention of your site and the content that you've posted (especially if that content answers questions that are being asked by fellow posters).  Do forum posting to get the signature link Post on forums and message boards and make sure to include a signature that links back to your site or a recent post that you've featured. This can enable you to reach your target audience and bring in new visitors to your site. Page | - 48 - WilsonTiong.Net
  49. 49.  Do article posting to the article directories Write an informative article that covers a topic in your niche and post it to article directories, such as ezines. These articles help to boost your keyword ranking, and can drive significant traffic to your site, given that you are able to include links to your site in your submission.  Submit site to rss feed directories and website directories RSS feed directories (which allow you to syndicate your content) and website directories are great places to post your site, given that they are provide you with the opportunity to attract visitors who may not be able to find you otherwise.  Submit Press Release to get backlink There are a number of free press release distribution sites online that enable you to create and publish a press release, which can then be reference by other sites (who will need to include a backlink to your site or press release in their posts).  Social bookmarking A social bookmarking service gives users the ability to add, edit, and share bookmarks of web pages. By signing up with social bookmarking sites, such as Twitter and Pinterest, you can reach a network of people that quickly and virtually effortlessly.  Using web 2.0 site to create link A web 2.0 site is a website that transcends the traditional static web pages. A perfect example of a web 2.0 site is YouTube. You may want to consider posting various forms of media on a 2.0 site, such as as video on YouTube, which includes a Page | - 49 - WilsonTiong.Net
  50. 50. backlink to your page.  Advance SEO strategy- Link wheel and tiered linking You may want to consider more advanced SEO strategies as well, like tiered linking (which involves having links to your back links) and the link wheel (which creates backlinks to your website's home page). These strategies can help to boost your rank and bring in profit generating visitors. Page | - 50 - WilsonTiong.Net
  51. 51. Chapter Fifteen- Tracking Keywords Ranking and Traffic In order to get the most out of your SEO strategy, it's important to track your overall keyword rank and traffic sources. This will enable you to fine tune your marketing plan and switch out any of the keywords or strategies that aren't necessarily effective. As a result, you will gain the ability to make even more money online, given that you will be able to make virtually every element of your online marketing tactic successful and highly effective. Why you should track keyword ranking & Tracking Tools that I recommend. It's essential that you track your keywords and how they are faring online, given that you will need to assess whether they are effective or not. If they are not working as well as you hoped, then you will need to begin using a new group of fresh keywords. It will also allow you to see if your site is becoming an authority site early on (even before you start receiving a steady flow of traffic). Google and other keyword tracking tools (such as Market Samurai) let you see how well your keywords are doing, and from what sources you are receiving your website traffic. Keeping a close eye on this will provide you with the opportunity to shift the focus of your keyword campaign to concentrate on keyword groups that are successful, and steering clear of those that aren't really bringing in traffic. Both Market Samurai and Google Analytic offer great tools that can help you track traffic of certain keywords. Both of these sites go through Google's pages and keywords in order to find out what people are searching for, and to figure out whether a keyword that you've been utilizing is being indexed or not. By doing this, you can develop new strategies or fine tune the ones you are already using to increase traffic and adsense revenue. Page | - 51 - WilsonTiong.Net
  52. 52. Using Google Webmaster tools Google Webmaster tools offer you the opportunity to keep track of your site's visibility for free. You will receive detailed reports that tell you how your site is being indexed, as well as any problems that Google may be experiencing when trying to access your site. You are also able to view information about internal and external links to your site via their link reporting tools, which gives you the power to see how your visitors are reaching your site. Page | - 52 - WilsonTiong.Net
  53. 53. Chapter Sixteen- Rinse and repeat: Creating Multiple Profit Generating Sites At this point, you've officially created a website that features valuable content and a variety of SEO techniques. More importantly, you're now able to begin earning passive income thanks to the Google Adsense strategy that I've shared with you. While a single site does have the power to bring in extra income, I highly recommend that you create multiple profit generating sites, in order to achieve limitless revenue. Find a new niche to target It's best to go with an entirely different niche when you create your new site. This way you don't create competition for you already existing site. So, choose a topic that you can write extensively about, as well as one that you know will draw in a good reader base. Sit down and brainstorm some topics that you are interested in or already have a fair amount of knowledge on, and then do your research to see if there is also a fair amount of interest from others. If you happen to have a hobby that is quite popular, then you may want to think about turning it into a profit generating site. Follow the same steps to create more websites Page | - 53 - WilsonTiong.Net
  54. 54. Once you've settled upon an ideal topic, then simply repeat the steps that I've outlined for you to create your next source of passive income. You can create an unlimited number of sites by following the guidelines that I've shared in this book, and can achieve a limitless earning potential. Just remember that each site will take time to maintain, so don't get in over your head by creating too many sites all at once. It's better to slowly but surely build up your online marketing empire, in order to give yourself the chance to get a feel for how everything works and to not become too overwhelmed in the beginning. Selling website to get fast cash on Optional After your website has become a success, you might even want to consider selling it on This is also ideal for those who have too many sites going at once and want to reduce their workload. I've used the site on numerous occasions, and have recommended to clients who are looking for fast cash for their sites. It's also a great place to buy sites as well, if you are looking for a domain that has already been taken or a turn-key site that is already up and running. Now that we've covered the Google Adsense strategy, we're going to move on to the second strategy that I would like to share with you: Affiliate Marketing. Using both strategies can provide you with the opportunity to boost profits and increase traffic to your sites, so I suggest using both strategies to get the most revenue generating potential. Page | - 54 - WilsonTiong.Net
  55. 55. Page | - 55 - WilsonTiong.Net
  56. 56. Part Three- Strategy No.2- Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Google Adsense has the power to bring in a steady stream of income. However, if you really want to make the most of your online marketing efforts, it's best to employ yet another money making strategy: affiliate marketing. While you may have heard this term quite often (especially if you've been searching through “how to make money online” posts and message boards), those who are new to the world of online marketing may not be familiar with what affiliate marketing is and why you should do it. So, this chapter is going to cover the basics of affiliate marketing, before we dive into the step-by-step of the strategy itself. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online, wherein you (the publisher of the content on your site) is compensated for helping a business or site by marketing their product or service. This type of promotion typically rewards the publisher via a commission, which is paid when a visitor to your site follows a link to a seller's site or purchases something. Affiliate marketers can also receive a commission if another action is taken, such as a visitor signing up for a mailing list on the business' site or taking a survey. The exact terms of the commission that will be paid out to you, the publisher, are agreed upon beforehand, so as not to have any confusion later on. For example, if a business would like you to review one of their products and then feature a link to their site at the bottom of the post, you may be paid for a simple click-through to their site or the visitor may have to actually purchase the product before you can receive your commission. Page | - 56 - WilsonTiong.Net
  57. 57. Benefits of affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for both parties involved. You, as the publisher of the content, get compensated by the business or site. Also, the content that you provide on your site (even if it is just a review of the company's product) will result in increased traffic. As such, if you do have Google Adsense already integrated, you have a higher likelihood of receiving revenue from that income source as well. You also gain the opportunity to build a business relationship with the business or site who is offering the product or service. In turn, they may be willing to drive traffic to your site (which is especially helpful if they already have high visitor stats). In essence, you build up your network of contacts, which can help you to increase your revenue in the long run. There are is the potential to receive free products, as well. On occasion, the business or site who is offering the product will send you one sample, so that you are able to create a more informative and in depth review that you can post on your site to promote their goods. Promoting products with your own website Throughout this section of the book, I will walk you through how you can get affiliate marketing opportunities, and will share some tips on how to promote the products on your own website. You will find that many of the techniques I discussed in the first strategy are present here as well. So, if you've already obtained hosting, purchased a domain, and created a website, you are already well on your way to implementing this strategy. Page | - 57 - WilsonTiong.Net
  58. 58. Chapter Seventeen- Finding a hot niche market First things are going to have to find a hot niche market that appeals to a particular target audience. While you may be tempted to simply create a “catch-all” site that doesn't necessarily focus on any one specific thing, I strongly advise against this. Creating a niche site will help you to become an authority on your subject, and will enhance the credibility of your site, which will draw in affiliate opportunities. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when trying to figure out which niche you would like to cater to. You should never underestimate the importance of finding just the right topic. After all, you will be devoting a fair amount of time to writing about the topic and promoting it, so it's crucial that you select a niche that you can write extensively about, and one that you believe is worth your time and effort. I always say that it's imperative to do a good deal of research before settling on a topic. See what's trending right now, and what has the potential to generate interest in the near future. For example, if you notice that the internet is all abuzz about a new video game platform, you may want to consider creating a site that reviews games and new gaming gear. If the hot niche topic that you have decided to go with isn't necessarily something that you are familiar with, then take the time to become familiar with it. Do a bit of online research to learn the lingo associated with the subject, or to find out about the different products that are offered in that niche. Remember, you want to become the authority site, so you'll want to know as much as possible about the topic before you begin creating posts or writing reviews. Page | - 58 - WilsonTiong.Net
  59. 59. Chapter Eighteen- Finding Affiliate Products After you've chosen the ideal niche, you'll need to begin finding affiliate products that will most appeal to your core readership. While you can contact the companies directly and ask them if they would like to form an affiliate marketing partnership, this process can be quite time consuming. There are, however, a number of sites that you can turn to, which specialize in matching publishers with businesses who want to promote their products, services, or sites. Affiliate Product Sites Here are just a few of the more popular Affiliate Product sites that you should peruse, in order to find the opportunity that's right for you:  Clickbank. This site is simple and easy to use. They have been around since 1998, and offer you the chance to either monetize your content or become an affiliate. The site has over 100,000 active affiliates, making it a great place for publishers and advertisers to meet up, and allows affiliates from over 150 countries to sign up for their service.  Commission Junction. You can sign up with Commission Junction for free and get started almost immediately. The enrollment process is easy. After your application has been approved, you will have access to the “CJ Account Manager”, where you can apply for various affiliate programs. Page | - 59 - WilsonTiong.Net
  60. 60.  Amazon Associates. Amazon allows you to earn up to 10 percent in advertising fees, and no third party (advertiser) approval is necessary when signing up. The site also provides linking tools, which make website monetization even easier. How do I get paid from them? The commissions that you receive are quite often a percentage of the sale or a flat rate commission that is given each time a visitors clicks through. These transactions are normally tracked when you, the publisher of the content, embeds a specific code into your site, which enables the business (advertiser) to track where conversions/sales are coming from. The advertiser could also opt to place a coupon code on your site, which will be unique, and will allow them to track where the sale originated from. Page | - 60 - WilsonTiong.Net
  61. 61. Chapter Nineteen- Keyword Research The keyword research that you have to conduct is a bit different from that of the Google Adsense strategy, given that you will be trying to target those who are specifically looking to purchase a product or service. As such, you will have to choose a keyword with buyer intent, and will have to attract those who are online to make a purchase, not just those seeking information about the topic. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when doing your keyword research (by using the keyword selection tools that we talked about in the first strategy): Target 10 to 30 keywords Be sure to target between 10 to 30 keywords. This is considered to be the ideal range, because it can allow for you to focus on a particular group of keywords when writing your content, without becoming overwhelmed by an abundance of keywords or phrases. Targeting any less than 10 keywords would, most likely, not achieve significant results, especially if those keywords were highly competitive. Product and Author name keywords Include product and author name keywords in your list. For example, if you are reviewing digital cameras on your site, include the name of the camera manufacturer and the model on your list of keywords. This will enable you to attract visitors who are looking for information about the camera before they make a purchase (which increases the likelihood that they may simply click through to the advertiser and buy the camera from them directly). Crisis keywords Include what are known as “crisis keywords”, such as how to, learn, and lessons. This will clue your visitors into the fact that you are offering good for information and education on the topic, and will raise your site's credibility, which can help you Page | - 61 - WilsonTiong.Net
  62. 62. to gain that coveted 'authority site' status. Long tail keyword vs short tail keyword There are two primary categories of keywords: long tail and short tail. Long tail keywords target a more specific audience and typically contain 3 or more keywords. For example “los angeles watch repair” is a long tail keyword. A short tail keyword, on the other hand, targets a much wider audience and includes less than 3 keywords. A good example of a short tail keyword would be “watch repair”. I recommend that you use long tail keywords to reach your target audience. Despite the fact that short tail keywords can help you to bring in more traffic, long tail keywords are the ones that help you to rank more effectively. Page | - 62 - WilsonTiong.Net
  63. 63. Chapter Twenty- Competition Analysis I provided a step-by-step walk-through of how to conduct competition analysis and its basic criteria in Chapter Seven. However, I thought that it was important to emphasize just how important this type of analysis is when you are making money online with Affiliate marketing. As I mentioned earlier, I highly recommend using Market Samurai for keyword competition analysis. It provides you with the opportunity to determine how difficult it will be to achieve a high ranking by using a specific keyword, and allows you to fine tune your keyword strategy. For example, if a keyword may be too competitive, you can opt for a keyword that is still relevant, but not quite as popular. The reason why competition analysis is so very important is mainly due to the fact that you simply don't want to waste your time on words that are too popular, or those that aren't going to bring in a significant amount of traffic. In the beginning of my internet marketing career, I was guilty of trying to go with keywords that everyone else was using and trying to compete with sites that were much older and well established than mine right from the get-go. After a short while, I realized that I was going about it the wrong way. Instead, I should have been focusing on building up my site as an authority site and targeting more specific long tail keywords that appealed to those who were looking to purchase the product or service my advertisers were offering. Rather than trying to beat all of the sites that were ranking higher than me right away, I simply needed to focus on slowly but surely moving up in the results. Competition Analysis can allow you to get an accurate picture of what you are up against so that you can set realistic and achievable goals. That's what it helped me to do, and now I am proud to say that my sites consistently do well and achieve higher rankings than I ever would have imagined. Page | - 63 - WilsonTiong.Net
  64. 64. Chapter Twenty-One- Registering A Domain Choosing an effective, memorable domain name is just as important as creating powerful, attention grabbing content. So, it's best to take your time when trying to figure out a domain name for your new site. It took me quite awhile to come up with the name for my first domain, and I still do a fair amount of research and pondering when I choose domains to this day. Here are just a few of the tips that I'd like to share with you when it comes to picking a domain that will serve to help you make money online. Brand name vs Keyword domain name You can also opt to use a brand name as your domain, in order to enhance your brand image. Or, if you are offering reviews for a particular company, such as an electronics manufacturer or game development company, using their brand name in your domain can help you to raise in rank as well. This is due to the fact that an established brand already has a loyal customer base that is searching for them online, and you can catch some of that traffic as well. For example, if you are offering product reviews for a beauty product company, you may want to include their brand name in your domain, to further increase your credibility as an authority site and to appeal to the brand's core demographic as well. Using a keyword as a domain name is a great idea, given that it will help you to rank more quickly in the search engines. It will also enable visitors to quickly determine what your site is going to offer them. For example, if you choose the keyword “diet product reviews” as your domain name, then your visitors can expect to find a wealth of information about diet products that may benefit them. Choosing a domain name that doubles as a keyword also allows you to build credibility in your niche, and to become an authority site more quickly. As we discussed earlier in the book, becoming an authority site can increase visitor traffic and, therefore, increase your chance to Page | - 64 - WilsonTiong.Net
  65. 65. generate revenue. Sign up with Godaddy to register a domain name There are countless web domain providers on the web today. However, as I stated in the first strategy, I highly recommend that you sign up with Godaddy. They offer competitive pricing and boast a wide range of features. The sign up process on Godaddy is also simple and stress free, and they even offer you the opportunity to purchase upgrades and additional features during the check out process. Visit Godaddy Here Brand name vs Keyword domain name When creating a domain name, I suggest that you choose either a brand name or keyword domain name. If you are offering reviews for a particular company, such as a game console manufacturer, using their brand name in your domain can help you to rise in rank and build an image as an authority site for their brand. As discussed earlier in the book you should aware of the copyright law when using other people’s brand as your domain name. On the other hand, using a keyword as a domain name can help you to rank more quickly in the search engines, and will allow visitors to quickly determine what your site is going to provide them. Choosing a domain name that is also a keyword gives you the ability to build credibility in your niche as well. Choose a .com extension When selecting your domain name, try to select a .com, rather than a .net or .org (or any of the other extensions that you can choose from today). A .com tends to enhance your credibility and can even help you rank higher in the search engines. Typically, those who are searching for content on a particular subject will go to a .com over sites that have any of the other extensions, because the .com is seen as being more reliable and credible. Page | - 65 - WilsonTiong.Net
  66. 66. Prevent using Hyphen in the domain name If at all possible, avoid using a hyphen in your domain name. Sites that feature a hyphen are often confused for other sites, which means that all of your promotional efforts may go to waste if a visitor accidentally enters your hyphenated domain name without that all important hyphen. So, try to steer clear of hyphens, and opt for a more creative site name if your ideal domain name is already taken. Page | - 66 - WilsonTiong.Net
  67. 67. Chapter Twenty-Two. Getting Hosting Account Once you've chosen the perfect domain name, you should begin looking for a hosting provider that can host your .com for you. This chapter is going to recap the basics of hosting with Hostgator, and provide you with a discount code that you can use to get a deal on your hosting plan through their site. Where to Get Website Hosting: I suggest that you turn to Hostgator to sign for hosting. They offer a affordable plans that can get you online quickly. Here is a quick explanation of the plans that they do offer:  Hostgator- Hatchling Plan. With this plan, you get a single domain, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth, as well as a shared SSL certificate. This is great for those who are just starting out, or may be trying to get a feel for the world of online marketing and website ownership.  Hostgator- Baby Plan. This plan includes the features that are featured in the hatchling plan, with one exception-you do get unlimited domains. As such, if you are planning on hosting several sites, this plan may be a great option.  Hostgator- Business Plan. This plan includes all of the features that you'll find in the Baby plan, with the addition of a few extras, like a free private SSL certificate and IP address, and a free toll free number. If you do choose to go with Hostgator, then you can use the code WilsonSpecialDiscount to get a special discount. When ordering, simply input the Coupon Code. It's that simple. Sign Up Hostgator Here Page | - 67 - WilsonTiong.Net
  68. 68. Chapter Twenty-Three. Building A Website To Start Promoting After you've secured a domain name and a hosting account, it's time to begin creating the site that will eventually become a source of constant passive income. In Chapter Eleven I went over the basics of creating a Wordpress site, as well as the benefits of using this particular web design platform. So, if you've skipped over the Google Adsense strategy that I've shared (which I highly recommend you do utilize, in order to make the most money with your online marketing endeavors), please reference that chapter to get an in depth look at how to create a high impact Wordpress site. Wordpress makes it easy and stress free to create a website that you can use to promote your affiliate ads and links. In fact, you can start promoting in a matter of minutes, thanks to their quick sign up process and streamlined platform download. The first time I used the site I was actually quite shocked by just how hassle free it was, in fact, especially given that it is a free website/blog creation tool. There are other free website design sites out there, such as Blogger and Weebly, but I've found that Wordpress is ideally suited for both Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing integration, thanks to their plugins. So, if you haven't already created a site at this point, it may be a good idea to hop over there and get a feel for the platform and starting looking over themes that may be a great match for your affiliate marketing site. Want to learn more on how to build a website with Wordpress? Join today to learn the step by step on how to build a website. Click Here Page | - 68 - WilsonTiong.Net
  69. 69. Chapter Twenty-Four- Content Creation Informative and attention grabbing content is also a crucial part of affiliate marketing. After all, the content is the element of your site that is going to draw in the visitors who may potentially click on the affiliate link, so you'll want to offer content that is going to attract your audience and build visitor loyalty. Here are a few of the tips that I utilize whenever I create core content for my sites, in order to increase revenues via affiliate marketing. Write your own content It's essential that you write your own content, as that will give you the chance to appeal to affiliate advertisers. These advertisers are looking for sites that offer fresh, informative content, not those who simply copy and past from other blogs and sites. So, take the time to do a bit of research and create your own custom content if you want to make money online with affiliate marketing. Outsource your content If you don't have the time to create your own content (or just don't feel as though you are up to the task), then hire someone to write it for you. There are a number of freelance sites online today that have a myriad of writers who can craft valuable content for your affiliate marketing niche site. You need only provide them with the topic and/or keywords, and they will create posts on your behalf. Click Here to Visit iWriter Page | - 69 - WilsonTiong.Net
  70. 70. Provide good value to the reader Despite the fact that your site may be geared toward making money with Affiliate Marketing, you still need to provide high quality content to the reader. They are coming to your site because they want to learn about a product or service, and you should be able to supply them with the answers to their questions, or at least offer them the chance to gain knowledge about an aspect of the topic. Write an honest review for the product & Don't forget the affiliate link You should always be honest when writing your review. After all, you are the one who the reader is looking to for information, and you should supply them with a review that features both the pros and cons of the product or service. Also, be sure to include the link to the advertisers site or page in the content itself. I cannot tell you how many times I wrote a well crafted review and published it, only to remember that I had completely forgotten to integrate the link. As the whole point of the post is to promote the affiliate, forgetting this crucial step could be costly. Page | - 70 - WilsonTiong.Net
  71. 71. Chapter Twenty-Five- Banner Ads Yet another affiliate marketing tool that you can utilize to generate revenue is a banner ad. These ads have been around for quite some time for one key reason: they work! If they are well designed and attention grabbing, banner ads have the power to significantly increase your site's profits and to make your current affiliate marketing campaign a successful one! What is a banner ad? In many ways, a banner ad is much like a link or traditional advertisement that you would place upon your site. It is intended to entice the visitor to click on the ad, which will then redirect them to the affiliate site. The difference with a banner ad is that it is much more visually appealing. Instead of merely having a text link or ad on your site, placing a banner ad gives you the ability to include a graphically appealing ad to your visitors. Generally, the product provider will give you the code for their banner, which you will then embed into the coding of your site. You can also opt to create a banner on your own, if you would prefer to choose the look and content of the ad yourself. When visitors click on the carefully placed banner, they will be sent to the seller's site, where they can view their promotions. Page | - 71 - WilsonTiong.Net
  72. 72. How to Get Banner Ads from Product Owners There are two primary ways to get banner ads: contacting the seller directly or visiting a banner ad site. Banner ad sites allow you to shop around for the banners that you would like to display on your site, which allows you to conveniently pick and choose which products or services you'd like to promote. This option is ideal for those who may not necessarily have a clear idea of which affiliate niche they would like to specialize in or simply don't have the time to contact sellers directly. If you would like to have a specific banner ad placed on your site (such as one that features a product you have a fondness for or would like to promote to your visitors), then contacting the seller directly is a great option. Simply send them an email or message via their site suggesting that you would like to become an affiliate, and possibly even mention any impressive site stats that you may have (such as a good number of visitors or demographics that you appeal to). Where to Place Banner Ads on Your Site It's often more beneficial to place banner ads on the sidebar of your site, rather than in the header. This is mainly due to the fact that a banner placed toward the top of your site can be off-putting to some of your visitors, and can detract from the overall aesthetic. Whenever I embed the code for a banner ad in my sites, I always place them on the left or right sidebar, as it seems to attract the most clicks, while still properly showcasing my own content. That being said, there are some product providers who will request that you place their banner ad in a specific location on your site. For example, they may stipulate the the banner must be inserted at the top of your page or in the middle of your home page text. If you would like to partner with these sellers you should adhere to their guidelines, so that you don't compromise your business arrangement. However, if you simply don't want banners interrupting the overall experience of your site (as mid-page banners have a tendency to do), Page | - 72 - WilsonTiong.Net
  73. 73. then you may want to go with another product provider who is a bit more flexible. Chapter Twenty-Six- Promoting Your Website And Affiliate Link There are also a handful of marketing techniques that you can use to promote your website and the affiliate links you've integrated. While finding the write promotion strategy is normally a process of trial and error, I've provided you with a number of tips for time tested techniques that have worked for me (and will undoubtedly work for you, as well). Search Engine Optimization (SEO The primary online marketing technique that you should always utilize, regardless of the niche you've chosen or the products that you are promotion, is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By using the SEO technique that I outlined in Strategy #1, such as including keywords in your core site content and your posts, you gain the ability to attract your target audience. It also allows your site to be found by those who are more likely to purchase the affiliate products and click on their ads, given that they will be probably be searching for that product or service in particular. You don't need to have extensive I.T. knowledge to implement a successful SEO strategy either. In fact, you can begin your own SEO marketing campaign by just using the tips that I've provided for SEO in Chapter Fourteen of the book. Social Media While many people view social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, as a means to keep in touch Page | - 73 - WilsonTiong.Net
  74. 74. with friends and family, they are also great marketing tools. You can create a facebook fanpage, twitter account, or Google plus page (just to name a few) that you can use to reach your target audience. You can even include the links to the affiliate marketing page of your site, so that visitors are delivered right to the section of your site that can generate revenue. Email Marketing You should always have a mailing list sign up section on your site, where visitors can type in their email addresses in order to be added to your database of “subscribers”. You may even want to offer them a special perk for signing up, such as a free report or even a small ebook. Once they are added to your mailing list, you can send them updates about new posts that feature affiliate links, information about the products that the affiliate is offering, as well as a wealth of other promotional information. It's important to constantly build upon your mailing list, so that you can reach out to your readership and keep them informed about new content that you're offering. You can also send them monthly newsletters or special discounts through email. This will give them the sense that they are receiving something of value from your site, and will build visitor/customer loyalty. The software that I’m using for my email marketing campaign called Aweber and I am highly recommended you to try it out. Sign up your trail Aweber here. Page | - 74 - WilsonTiong.Net