Innovation program sit for the academy-


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Innovation program sit for the academy-

  1. 1. SIT LTD. 16 Tozeret Ha'aretz St., Tel Aviv 67891, Israel. Tel: 972-3-6070 480 Fax: 972-3-6070 481. Innovation Training Program for the Academia SIT– March 2014 Rational Universities in Vietnam are looking to enrich their students with a new set of thinking tools. For that reason SIT LTD was asked to design a training plan that will include both the teaching of some SIT tools and the development of innovation capabilities of using these tools, within the participants. This program is also designed to inspire Universities’ students with understanding and enthusiasm regarding thinking differently in a useful and effective way. About The Program The training program is divided into 3 main stages:  The first stage includes a series of 12 webinars, aimed at enhancing participants’ knowledge regarding key innovation terms and concepts. 2 of the webinars will be facilitated by Prof. Jacob Goldenberg.  The second stage includes an Innovation “Hands On” Workshop, which is dedicated to learn how to identify, initiate and plan innovation processes and opportunities at our professional environment.  The third stage will take place at the following day of the workshop, and will include SIT clinic hours, in order to allow the participants to accelerate and integrate what they've learned into their own projects and relevant professional issues. Program Goals  Provide a general understanding of the Systematic Inventive Thinking method and its unique characteristics (thinking patterns, divergence – convergence model, etc.).  Provide the participants with tools they can implement in order to promote a new approach to innovation in their professional environment.  Learn basic elements of the SIT innovation process, which will allow the participants to generate and sustain efficient and tangible novel ideas and solutions.
  2. 2. SIT LTD. 16 Tozeret Ha'aretz St., Tel Aviv 67891, Israel. Tel: 972-3-6070 480 Fax: 972-3-6070 481.  Enable participants to recognize fixedness in their thinking and work, and change these habits. Program Outline The program is composed of on-line webinars and face-to-face work: Webinar Series:  The dates for the webinar series shall be defined collaboratively.  According to our extensive experience in running webinars, each webinar should be between 30-45 min long.  2 Webinars will be facilitated in English by Prof. Jacob Goldenberg.  10 webinars will be facilitated in English by an SIT facilitator. Optional topics 1. Introduction to innovation 2. Introduction to Systematic Inventive Thinking 3. Introduction to Cognitive Fixedness 4. Introduction to “Opportunistic Innovation” 5. Introduction to the effective way of articulating ideas 6. Introduction to “Function Follows Form” 7. Introduction to “Subtraction” 8. Introduction to “Division” 9. Introduction to “Multiplication” 10. Introduction to “Task Unification” 11. Introduction to “Business Model Innovation” 12. Introduction to “Attribute Value Mapping” 13. Introduction to “Creative Problem Solving” 14. Introduction to “Extreme Consequence” 15. Introduction to “Absurd Alternative” Innovation “Hands On” Workshop
  3. 3. SIT LTD. 16 Tozeret Ha'aretz St., Tel Aviv 67891, Israel. Tel: 972-3-6070 480 Fax: 972-3-6070 481.  The first part of the Face-to-Face work consists of 1-day training where the participants will acquire the knowledge and skills as described in this document  By the end of the workshop, participants will know how innovation can be applied on different scales and levels of organizations after they have: o Learned how to identify needs and opportunities for innovation o Participated in a team-innovation session on a real business topic o Learned what needs to be done to ensure personal deployment of the results o Mapped what resources they have as individuals, and what is required from the organization in order to support them. Clinic Hours  The second part of the Face-to-Face work consists of 0ne day of clinic hours which will be used to prepare and guide the participants in their first steps as “SIT for Innovation” practitioners. Cost – 12,000 USD Price Includes:  The program as described in this document  Standard materials in English provided to participants.  Travel time of 1 facilitator Price Does Not Include:  Economy class International flights  Hotel, subsistence, and transportation for SIT facilitators while onsite  Offsite venue where participants are insulated from their daily activities and worries (phone calls during breaks only) for the sessions including A/V equipment and catering  Materials’ translation if required. Simultaneous translation if required.  Fees and travel expenses for an additional SIT facilitator – if amount of participants’ so requires. Payment terms  30 days from invoice submission