The development and competitive analysis of the Job Portal Industry
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The development and competitive analysis of the Job Portal Industry



When an organization creates a new industry and starts its business it enjoys the advantage of being the first mover. Slowly and steadily the business grows along with the market and thus leading to ...

When an organization creates a new industry and starts its business it enjoys the advantage of being the first mover. Slowly and steadily the business grows along with the market and thus leading to overall development of the industry.



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The development and competitive analysis of the Job Portal Industry The development and competitive analysis of the Job Portal Industry Document Transcript

  • 1 | P a g e The development and competitive analysis of the Job Portal Industry Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Certification of having successfully completed the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) from Unitedworld School of Business, Kolkata SUBMITTED BY Name: PRABAR RAKSHIT Unitedworld School of Business, Kolkata
  • 2 | P a g e TABLE OF CONTENTS SERIAL NUMBER TOPICS PAGE NO. 1 Executive Summary 5 2 Objectives 6 3 Introduction to the Industry 7 4 The players in the market 13 5 The business model of the job portal industry 6 General process of recruitment through job portals 7 Efficiency of the job portals 8 Competitive analysis of the top 3 job portals 9 Services offered by the different portals 10 The present and the future 11 Conclusion 12 Bibliography 13 Annexures
  • 3 | P a g e EXECUTIVE SUMMARY When an organization creates a new industry and starts its business it enjoys the advantage of being the first mover. Slowly and steadily the business grows along with the market and thus leading to overall development of the industry. After this new players comes in to the market and thus competition rises. Similarly the job portal industry in India was developed with being the first mover in the market followed by others. Eventually the market which was at a lag in the beginning just because of lack of internet usage suddenly started soaring high and took an upturn and started developing. Similarly players in the market increased leading to an increase in competition. In today’s world people loves saving time. That is why they prefer smart things like a smart phone or a smart television. Due to this the launch of job portals started saving their time and created a new industry altogether keeping in mind the new technological innovations taking place in the market. Thus I have decided to study in detail, the reasons for such development of the job portal industry in India and the benefits and features offered by the top 3 job portals in India and its competitive and distinctive analysis along with the structure and work process of the industry. View slide
  • 4 | P a g e . OBJECTIVES OF THIS STUDY The main objectives of this study are as follows: The development of job portal industry The reasons for such developments Why business clients prefer job portals than print media advertisements The competition prevailing in the market The value added benefits offered to the respective customers The competitive analysis of several job portals The different products of such job portals How these job portals function The working staff behind such job portals and how they manage and retain their clients Swot analysis of the overall industry Finding out further relevant facts and data and information View slide
  • 5 | P a g e Introduction to the Job Portal Industry The early days From being a completely new territory back in 2001, the Internet medium saw crazy valuations post the dot com crash. A lot of effort went into promoting and advocating the prophecy of Internet as a medium and the only community that was attracted to online businesses was, of course, the IT industry and they were also looking at hiring the kind of numbers that was unheard of by the Indian market then. Hence, the proposition of a job portal became to deliver candidates to this industry as they’re online, close to technology and thus, easy to attract. While efforts continued in educating the market, it was only after 2005 that the job portals started stabilizing with respect to volumes and people started venturing beyond IT, to sectors such as engineering, automobile, manufacturing and financial services. Both jobseekers and companies saw the value proposition in taking their search online – better reach at higher speed and at lower cost. Back then, all English papers would have a readership of about 14 million but by 2004 – 05, the job portals had 22 – 23 million registered users on job website. This migration brought about changes in product offerings and slowly diversified the e-recruitment industry. Post 2007, the industry witnessed many interesting developments. The mobile explosion overtook the Internet market by storm and its penetration grew exponentially. Today, they have 700 – 800 million mobile users compared to the 100-odd million Internet users. And the Facebook phenomenon saw the sector shift focus to social media from 2009. That was also the time when technology and consumer consumption, and behavior patterns of jobseekers started changing fast. The employers also started talking about talent-demand
  • 6 | P a g e supply gap, offering more engagement tools, positioning their brand better and thinking whether job portals can take their brand successfully into Tier II and III towns. In 2009, the economic crisis put pressure on the business to become more cost conscious. Hence, every event from attracting talent to sourcing strategy was evaluated in terms of its return on investment. From focusing only on sourcing, attraction and recruiting, people realized that it is critical to have a retention strategy as well. Today, it is imperative to not only have an online presence but also harness it to one’s advantage. From having profiles of candidates with mainly formal education, job portals now gets an interesting mix of graduates, post graduates, those with certified courses and from entry level to professionals with 13 or more years of experience. In the rising era of social media, Indian recruitment industry – especially, job portals segment is going through a bit of struggling though an interesting period. Though the Indian numbers of Social Media penetration are much lesser (5% India Vs 60% USA), it has certainly made top job portals to take a notice of this trend and respond to it rather re- actively. The traditional job portal industry in India is heavily dominated by (InfoEdge Ltd.) and (Subsidiary of The other players like,, Careerbuilder.cometc has been on the edge, struggling for their market share for a long time. Today corporate companies are looking at social media channels to lower their sourcing costs, increasing candidate engagement and enhancing employer brand. In fact, a professional networking site like LinkedIn has been keeping a strong pressure on job portals. The effect of this trend has been felt by job portals significantly in past couple of years. and has been under pressure to increase their profit shares and market value in the current scenario. Both of these houses contributes to an overall INR 600 Crore (120 Million USD) turnover in between them.
  • 7 | P a g e This market trend has definitely led a paradigm shift in a ways job portals are looking at their internal business model and diversifying their service stream. The days are gone when job portals were happy to maintain their candidate database and earn yearly service contracts. Today they cannot simply depend on their traditional model and there is a greater need to diversify their service streams. Market is already witnessing some of the new equations that are being tested by many of these players. Two sides of a coin One of the biggest opportunities for the e-recruitment sector is to explore the vast potential of the rural landscape. For both the jobseekers from Tier II and III areas and the employers, expanding the reach and penetration to these areas will prove beneficial. With job portals being largely restricted to white-collar jobs, opportunities in the blue-collar workforce will be promising despite the infrastructure challenges. It is about how many people can be put to work and with the landscape changing so fast, companies will find newer opportunities to build products and services around it to harness it efficiently. These very same prospects could serve as threats for the sector. Tapping into newer markets and geographies comes with its own share of risks. From a 10,000 feet point of view, education and employability is the biggest challenge. Do people have the necessary knowledge and skills to be employable? And since job portals are focused on talent, they can be positively or negatively impacted by it. Monster’s alliance with V Skills, a government initiative in skills certification and employability, is a move in this effort. The market will become a tougher place for the number three and number four players to survive as industry leaders strengthen their position. It will be tough to manage unless they get funded or get acquired by leaders or see a consolidation in the category happening.
  • 8 | P a g e On a concluding note, The sector’s future outlook really depends on how the economy play itself out. And, whether we like it or not, the economy does depend on various external factors – be it policy decisions made by the Indian government or the European crisis.
  • 9 | P a g e
  • 10 | P a g e
  • 11 | P a g e
  • 12 | P a g e The players in the market
  • 13 | P a g e – Naukri is by far the biggest job portal in India with around INR 330 crores of yearly turnovers. Recently they have launched and as new services for the segmented and focused target audience. – as name suggest is targeted for graduates. In this case, Naukri is offering assessment tools, on-boarding platform and employer branding options for employers. Similarly, they are also providing options like events employer-connect / engagement tools, contests and consulting for students. On the other hand, they have also targeted high-end segment of executive / leadership level candidates through This portal is a focuses on senior level candidates who are typically above INR 15 lakh CTC. Interestingly, Naukri has also launched the Internal Referral Tool that is integrated to their job portals. This tool lets recruiters to open their Naukri jobs internally to employees and receive candidates. This move certainly suggests that Naukri is looking at a different segment of business. This may be a good option for small to medium enterprises that do not have in-house system for referrals. Nevertheless, this certainly raises the risk of exposing internal associates to Naukri and other related data security concerns. –
  • 14 | P a g e Monster’s BeKnown, the social media networking tool is around for past one year or so, but have not earned much success globally. They are now trying to integrate BeKnown in their job search results page to gain momentum. I recently learned that Monster has added Social Connections to their job listing which lets candidate to view who all in their BeKnown network works in that company. This feature is yet to release in India, but it certainly shows the path going ahead. In addition to above, MonsterIndia has recently launched Monster College in their service offerings. Monster College connects colleges to recruiters. It offers to strengthen a relationship between college T&P officers with company HRs. They also have assessment tools for filtering candidates presented to HR. TimesJobs- is TBSL’s flagship business and has been in existence since 2004 and has established a strong competitive position in the online recruitments space amidst tough competition. In January 2004,, the fastest growing and most innovative Indian online recruitment portal, was born with a mission to reach out to all Indians in the country and abroad and provide them with the best career opportunities available. Its focus was to ensure their skills were showcased and matched suitably with the HR requirements of employers from diverse industries, in a timesaving and cost-efficient manner. Its concentrated approach has made the blue-eyed boy of recruiters and aspirants alike.
  • 15 | P a g e – MyParichay is a Summit HR start-up is a social media employee referral tool in Indian market. It has announced a partnership with to let recruiter shares their jobs on MyParichay through the network of company associates. This is an interesting development indeed as a “Job portal meets Social Media meets Employee Referrals” scenario. This partnership will definitely give a way to new equations in the industry if it creates a successful case-study. Headhonchos – Senior Hiring Job Portal One of the oldest and largest executive search company ABC Consultants Ltd has initiatedHeadHonchos last year to build a new job portal that is targeted to senior / leadership / executive level candidates. Interestingly, they used “LinkedIn” in big way initially to promote HeadHonchos to lure candidates into their database. They work on the candidate-drive pricing model and provide premier level services to candidates from consulting perspective.
  • 17 | P a g e Such a kind of business model is a cross between the brokeage model and the advertising model. Every job portal has a revenue model from the beginning. There is direct flow of revenue for the services rendered to the customers. The job portals are not just in the business of online recruitment advertising. Infact it is in the business of providing a match between the job seeker (who is looking for a career) and the employer ( who is looking for the right candidate) using an online medium. Thus these portals are into recruitment advertising- advertising that communicates the availability of a position or a job designed to recruit staff of any kind. The revenue is earned in three ways: Job seekers: They for services like upgradration of CVs and similar services Consultants: They pay for buying database for any particular job profile Employers: They pay for buying database of candidates or for posting a job and other services like SMS subscription packs and refreshing the jobs.
  • 18 | P a g e GENERAL PROCESS OF RECRUITMENT THROUGH JOB PORTALS A general recruitment through portals is as follows: Identify current needs of employment in the organization. Posting the advertisement of job vacancy on board (online). Managing the response i.e. Applicant database. Short listing of applicants according to the job specification. Arranging and conducting online interviews (by chatting, video conferencing etc). Decision making regarding further progress. There are two key areas where the minimum requirements of the service and functionality are essential to the success of this type of recruitment system. Candidate should be able to:  Build and maintain their profile and CV.  Personalized about their requirements or interests.  Apply for online vacancies and openings.  Attach resumes, cover letters and academic documentation.  Get informed about automated job alerts.  Accept and decline invitations to interviews.  View saved copies of all correspondence from the prospective employer in a personalized mail section.
  • 19 | P a g e Recruiters should be able to:  Handle and manage an online or email based application approval process.  Coordinate all advertising and workflow of vacancies.  Acknowledge at any stage of the recruitment process.  Filter, screen, score candidates according to application responses.  Adapt their application process for any type of recruitment – contract, part time, full time etc.  Handle and manage a real talent pool- not just a database full of previous applicants.  Handle and manage all interviews online, with the ability of the candidate for self schedule.  Handle and manage all communications. E.g. offers of joining.  Report on all aspects of the recruitment process easily.
  • 20 | P a g e EFFICIENCY FROM THE JOB PORTAL INDUSTRY TIME EFFICIENCY Job portals save a lot time both for the employers and the job seekers. It provides round the clock services. COST EFFICENCY There are no middle persons involved. The work flow is not hampered as such. QUALITY EFFICIENCY Filters ineligible and unsuitable candidates. ADVERTISEMENTS Job advertisements are regularly posted on online communities like forums, blogs and other websites. VISIBILTY The jobs can be visible for as many number of days depending upon the recruiter. EVENTS Online career events and job fairs also taking place to involve more of the job seekers.
  • 21 | P a g e HIRING TRENDS ACROSS TOP INDUSTRY SECTORS INDUSTRY JULY 2008 APR 2009 APR 2010 APR 2011 APR 2012 JAN 2013 FEB 2013 MAR 2013 APR 2013 IT- Software 1000 698 1033 1185 1400 1455 1531 1464 1551 BPO and ITeS 1000 681 979 853 861 986 1008 1075 1156 Construction and Engineering 1000 659 730 830 722 755 725 784 777 Auto and Auto Ancillary 1000 582 825 1100 1185 1143 1140 1079 1082 Banking and Financial Services 1000 590 987 907 1196 1588 1386 1378 1519 Oil and Gas 1000 778 942 1001 1015 1117 1018 890 953 Telecom 1000 875 791 650 842 689 644 648 744 Insurance 1000 586 1069 514 575 597 540 495 627 Capital Goods 1000 794 996 987 1022 868 942 923 877 Pharma& Biotech 1000 1041 1062 1027 1255 1381 1455 1657 1559 No. of new jobs posted in July '08 for each industry was scaled to 1000; all months have been compared with previous column.
  • 22 | P a g e
  • 23 | P a g e
  • 24 | P a g e
  • 25 | P a g e COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS OF THE TOP 3 JOB PORTALS The top three portals of India are as follows as per their rank: 1. 2. 3. Now we will analyse each of them and the services offered by each.
  • 26 | P a g e was launched in March 1997. It was the first company to enter the job portal industry in India. Due to this it enjoys the first mover advantage and has a huge amount of stored database. The next brand to enter his market was in the year of 1999. It is aninternational company which stared its operations in India in 2003 thereby becoming the next big name after Naukri. The third major player in this industry was which was a late entrant in the industry in the year of 2004. Many other companies became a part of this industry but eventually they were late entrants and thus were unable to grab the market share. The major market share is grabbed by the above top three brands and have been there for a long time having their own unique database and stored contacts. More or less all the companies offer the same kind of services yet the differentiating factors lies with the new innovative kinds of services and features provided by these portals and the database of several candidates that they have. Since Naukri was the first player in this industry therefore it has a larger database compared to the others. But the services offered by them are almost same with different names except afew. The report will proceed with such changes and differences in the respective top three companies and the new features and services that they are offering and innovations that are being brought in by them. Let us have a look at the database of these top three brands.
  • 27 | P a g e
  • 28 | P a g e searches job based on the following parameters:  Browse Jobs by Functional Area/Department  Browse Jobs by Industry/Sector  Jobs by Locations  Jobs by Industries  Jobs by Companies  Jobs by Designations  Jobs by Skills  Jobs in Top Cities  Jobs in States/Union Territories and Cities across India  Jobs in International Locations searches jobs on the following parameters:  Jobs in the Following Area of Specialization  IT Software Jobs  Sales Business Development Jobs  Marketing Jobs  IT Hardware Jobs  Customer Service Jobs  Finance Jobs  Jobs by Function  Jobs by Location  Jobs by Designation  Jobs by Education  Government Jobs  Jobs by city  Gulf jobs  Jobs by Function  Advertising jobs searches jobs on the following parameters:  Jobs as per job title  Jobs as per location  Jobs in US  Jobs as per key skills  Jobs as per industry  Jobs as per company
  • 29 | P a g e Monster has over a million job postings at any time and over 1 million resume in the database (2008) and over 63 million job seekers per month. The company employs approximately 5,000 employees in 36 countries. Its headquarters are in New York, NY, United States. As of March 31, 2011 had a database of about 33 million registered job seekers and over 80,000 live job listings from Corporate Customers. During the Fiscal year 2010-11 serviced approximately 42,000 Corporate Customers, an average of about 12,000 resumes were added while about 72,000 were modified daily in the database in Fiscal year 2010-11. Timesjob has a database of more than 26 million with over 20000 new resumes added everyday and 25000 client base as of present. It has got its alliance with Zoom Tv, Times Now and Indiatimes. The database of Timesjob is known as Hire Excess. The database of Naukri is known as Resdex. The job validity after posting a job is 30days for Naukri and Monster whereas the validity for Timesjob is 60 days. The reason for monster being in the s4econd position is that it being a global company focuses more on the countries abroad than in India. If compared only in Indian market then Naukri stands first but if compared globally then Monster is way ahead than Naukri.
  • 30 | P a g e GRAPH FOR NAUKRI: GLOBAL RANK- 427 RANK INDIA- 39 COUNTRY PERCENT OF VISITORS RANK IN COUNTRY INDIA 95.5% 39 USA 0.8% 16272 Search Traffic What percentage of visits to this site come from a search engine? Search Visits 9.30%35.00%
  • 31 | P a g e MONSTER: How popular is Alexa Traffic Ranks How is this site ranked relative to other sites Global Rank 60672 Rank in United States 155 COUNTRY PERCENT OF VISITORS RANK IN COUNTRY INDIA 5.7% 912 USA 78.8% 155 INDONESIA 1.3% 958 CANADA 1.2% 1366 NETHERLANDS 1.1% 751 Where do's visitors come from? Search Traffic What percentage of visits to this site come from a search engine?
  • 32 | P a g e Search Visits 16.50%22.00% TIMESJOBS: How popular is Alexa Traffic Ranks How is this site ranked relative to other sites? Global Rank 2,26284 Rank in India 167 COUNTRY PERCENT OF VISITORS RANK IN COUNTRY INDIA 94.5% 167 USA ` 1 1.2% 41342 Where do's visitors come from?
  • 33 | P a g e Search Traffic What percentage of visits to this site come from a search engine? Search Visits 12.80%12.00% THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF SERVICES OFFERED BY THE RESPECTIVE COMPANIES All the companies- Naukri, Monster and Timesjob offer similar kinds of services with different names. Let us have a look at the different kinds of services offered by these three companies. NAUKRI: For candidates: Registration: Become a Member of and find the right job. Search jobs: job search by using any parameters like by location, by industry etc. Email and phone alerts: related information shared via mail and messages. Resume writing: Get our experts to write your resume Visual resume: Our innovative Visual CV enhances your text resume by adding key highlights of your experience in a visually appealing manner. Resume Quality Score: Know where your resume quality stands amongst others for FREE. Sample Resume for Freshers: verify and check sample CVs and design according to it. Naukri Background Check: Make your profile credible and stand a better chance of getting shortlisted. Create/Manage Profile: maintain your profile and edit the way you want. For recruiters:
  • 34 | P a g e Job Posting: What features does the Job Posting have? Job posting subscription with, brings more than just a form. Additional features help you post your job easily, manage your job openings conveniently and manage responses being received efficiently. Auto- Fill: You can select previously posted jobs to fill details while posting a new job. The option is available on the job posting form itself. Auto-Save: Details being entered by you are saved every few minutes to ensure that data is not lost during loss in network connections or in case of session time-out. The draft can be recovered from ‘Manage Jobs’ section from the Drafts Tab. Auto-Refresh: Allows you to set a frequency for refreshing your job postings on the site. Refreshing your job increases its visibility on the site for 30 more days from the date of refresh. Refreshing is not allowed in case you have single job posting subscription. Resume Database: Resdex is's Resume Database Access. has acquired a large database of over 36.7 million jobseekers across industries, functions, locations and experience levels. Branding solutions and namelinks: selling space for branding by displaying logo of the companies. The name of several companies are displayed. Naukri charges extra for this.
  • 35 | P a g e MONSTERJOBS.COM: Job Posting: Advertise your job to millions of job seekers and get qualified responses the same day! Power Resume Search: Match people with your jobs faster and better than ever before. Job Bolding: Make your job posting stand out from the crowd. Job Refresh: Recharge your job postings. Launch your job posting to the top of the job listings to increase visibility. Career Ad Network: Turn your job posting into an online recruitment ad and reach targeted candidates across Monster's vast network of thousands of sites. TargetPost: Connect instantly with local skilled, hourly and administrative candidates. Choose from over 300 job titles. Target Slot: A flexible, one-year solution to fill your ongoing skilled, hourly and administrative hiring needs. Choose from over 300 job titles. Repost existing or new jobs every 30 days. Veteran Job Posting: Attract the best veteran talent with a premium job posting on Veteran Career Ad Network :Reach even more military talent by advertising your job posting on sites where veterans spend their time. Candidate Spotlight: Get qualified candidates for your job postings – instantly! Monster Complete Job Posting:Access the biggest talent pool by posting jobs on,, and a variety of diversity websites. Monster Newspaper Posting: Combine online and print recruiting. Advertise your job in the Sunday edition of a leading newspaper! Monster Diversity Products: Diversify your workforce. Attract new talent. Enhanced Job Branding: Use Enhanced Job Branding to reinforce your company's image and make your job postings stand out from the competition. Social Recruiting Solution: Establish your recruitment presence on Facebook and Twitter and showcase your open positions.
  • 36 | P a g e Monster Communities: Extend your reach to active and passive seekers on targeted communities where like-minded people connect. Training: Get the most from your Monster tools. Use Monster Training to make sure you get the best return on your Monster investment. Talent Management Suite: Get a comprehensive suite of pre-hire and post-hire solutions to help you accomplish your talent management objectives. Video Profile: Tell your company story and drive more candidates to your positions with an engaging, powerful, high quality video. TargetMail: Use targeted emails to drive job seekers to your job postings, recruitment events, local hiring events, and new store openings! Monster Media Solutions: Reach the most qualified candidates with strategically placed, targeted ads on Standard reporting included. Monster Job Wrapping: Post jobs on Monster directly from your company's career site! Business Gateway: Integrate your systems with Monster to allow automated, efficient, and convenient access to Monster's products. Monster Evolutions: Help your former employees land on their feet and stay connected—with you and with each other. HR Vendor Alliance Program: Use our partnerships to your advantage. Streamline your recruiting process. while saving time and money. Company Profiles:Give job seekers an easy and quick way to get an overview of your company.
  • 37 | P a g e TIMESJOBS.COM: Job Postings Solutions- WIZ jobs:You can subscribe for Region Specific Database. IntelliFilters - Filter and send only desired job responses in your email inbox CustomQ- Help you gain add-on candidate information by applying customized questions to your job postings. IntelliSeek- Help you search and find relevant and best matching job applications against your job. Print Combo - Print Job Listings is an innovative service, with which you can get double advantage for your Job Listings. With Print Job Listings, you get online job postings on TimesJobs and Job Listing in Print. You can choose to publish your job listing in any of the "The Times of India Group Publications" along with online Job Posting on HireXS- Get access to the most active database of online resumes. Our robust search engine help you automatically filter through millions of resumes, quickly zero in on the best candidates for your business and start interviewing right away! Divine-IT: A unique Search Tool, driven by Dynamic Semantic Search, that helps you get 50% more number of Relevant IT Resumes. Divine-IP: An innovative search platform that helps you Head-hunt Passive & Exclusive candidates (who may not be active on job portals) from across the web. Flexi HireXS- Choose the product as per your requirement; use our database at ultra low costs with the flexibility of using your number of days anytime within the validity.
  • 38 | P a g e Xpress Hire- Xpress Hire enables recruiters to send SMS to targeted candidates at a single click. With this service even multiple candidates can be contacted at one go and you can receive their responses and applications. Visibilty Services-  Banners: By having your company banners displayed on the Homepage  Logos: The Hot Employers section on the homepage helps you build your employer brand amongst jobseekers who visit TimesJobs  Name Links: By displaying your company name under Featured Employer section on TimesJobs’ home page you build your employer brand amongst jobseekers visiting our site.  Shoshkeles: With this Intelligent branding option, you can advertise your Job Openings, Company profile or any events organised by your organisation right there on the home page of TimesJobs.  Pop-Ups: Pop-Ups helps you achieve maximised reach among thousands of jobseekers visiting TimesJobs.  Campus Direct: With Campus Direct, you get the opportunity to advertise about your educational institution among millions of talented prospective professionals. For candidates: Explore Career Options – search for jobs depending pon parameters like Company, Industry, Skills etc. JobBuzz – Career related information, news regarding industries and companies, company reviews and salaries offered, insights and news of market and industries etc. Step Ahead:  Improve Resume: Guidance on improving resume writing and viewing samples of resumes for national and international jobs.  Maximize Reach: Reach out to maximum recruiters and maximizing the resume reach.  Profile highlighter: Highlighting the profile among the recruiter search results.  Job seek: Preparing for the interviews and job search management.  Profile Verification: offer verification on profile credentials like Highest education, Current employment and Previous employment.  Career Astrology: The expert astrologers assess the influence of key houses and planets to revel how they affects your career. By analyzing your planetary positions and vedic charts, they help you in making better decisions, and provide remedies to achieve career growth and success.
  • 39 | P a g e  Behavioral Assessment: Providing career development reports, career growth reports and career options report.  E Learning: Banking and financial certification courses and Interview and soft skills development courses. JobPulse: Blogs on topics like corporate world, industry news and related data. Job Fairs: A Job Fair presented by is a unique model where jobseekers can meet, interact and interview with several top employers under one roof that serves as a dual advantage. Mobile alerts: Sending notifications via sms or mails. It is all these services provided by the respective portals that creates a differentiating edge. Moreover the price plays an important factor in this case. Naukri and Monster being the premium job portals charge comparatively a higher price compared to that of Timesjob. Times being pretty much new to the industry charges low and provides added benefits in order to earn the market share. Significant Facts : o Ranked No.1 on 'Total Unique Visitors' fifth time since December 2010 (as per comScoreInc* reports for Dec '10, Jan '11, Mar '11, Apr '11 and May'11) o Ahead of by 2 lac Unique Visitors in May, 2011
  • 40 | P a g e o 40% ahead of on 'Total Unique Visitors' o 'Total Visits' grew by 27% from April, 2011 to May, 2011 o 'Total Unique Visitors have grown 16% from Apr, 2011 to May, 2011 According to, got the traffic rank of 21 and with rank 58. The number of potential employers in is greater than and also is more than 12years old in India which has huge database.
  • 41 | P a g e THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE As we have seen about the industry analysis and the companies existing in this industry, it seems that the industry will perform well in the long run only if there are no economic pressures on it like that of depression, poverty etc which ultimately leads to lack of jobs in the country. But even if the companies keeps on doing well then it should also keep in mind the relative competitions that it is already facing from other sectors like:  Social Media like Linked in  Campus Recruitments  Internal Referrals  Print Advertisements  Consultants Nowadays people depend more on social sites for recruitment like that of LinkedIn and Facebook which is major threat to these job portals. Keeping all those factors in mind the Job portals should start creating its own value and differentiation in order to compete with its distant competitors instead of competing amongst others. More focus should be brought in to the rural market as it is a huge market which is still very much untouched and can be tapped. Great opportunities lies in the rural markets. The major advantage of the portals are that it provides numerous facilities apart from recruitment possibilities and this should be marketed properly. Infact the scams linked to these portals should be taken care. There are many a times when database hacking have been tried by asking clients to give their mail ids or sending
  • 42 | P a g e fraudulent mails and asking for passwords. A similar incident had happened earlier with the clients of Naukri and Timesjob. Infact it also in news that the huge amount of the database of Monster were being hacked. If one can tatctfully deal with the pre-existing problems and create their own differentitating edge specially in the Indian economy then it will surely step out ahead and prove its worth. If Monster tries to concentrate more on the Indian market then may be it is possible that it may eat up Naukri’s share. And yet the future depends upon certain environmental factors of the economy which needs to be taken care of.
  • 43 | P a g e