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    Talent presentation2 Talent presentation2 Presentation Transcript

    • Talent as Foundation Skills Knowledge Talent Work Style Influence TalentDrives and People Thought Values Acumen Process
    • Traditional Paradigm vs. Talent- Based ParadigmTraditional Talent-Based• Equal treatment Individual treatment• Believe anyone can do anything with Believe excellence requires talent excellence Believe selection is the key to excellence• Believe training is the key to excellence Manage people individually• Manage people equally Selection of talent diversity• Diversity by filling quotas Strong focus on developing strengths• Strengths taken for granted Create strategies to make weaknesses irrelevant• Focus on remediating weaknesses In selection, focus on talent, potential and fit• In selection, focus on skills, experience and Promotions based on talent for new job education Wide variety of methods accepted• Promotions based on current job performance Self-managed/self-directed• Work methods are prescribed Prima donna accommodated• Control/dictate Rely on performance measurement• Prima donna punished Accept people for who they are• Rely on performance evaluation Spend most time with high performers• Try to make people well-rounded Assignments based on who’s best• Spend most time with poor performers Expectations based on uniqueness of person• Assignments based on whose turn it is Recognition tailored to each person• Expectations are generic Review winning plays and how to duplicate• Recognition is generic Supervisors encouraged to get close to direct reports• Review mistakes and how to avoid• Supervisors maintain distance from direct reports
    • Talent vs. Advantages• An M.B.A. Positivity Nice Home• A Ph.D. Integrity• Caring Friends• Work Ethic Winning the Lottery Focus• Responsibility A Problem Solver• 10 Years of Experience Persuasion• Family Empathy Vision• A Developer• Athletic Image• Drive to AchieveWhat is a natural ability vs. something attained?
    • (T + Fit) x I = G Experience SM PreView Education Application Talent Plus ® TalentListening Interview Fit DYLT Talent Interview/ Drug Screen Talent Benchmark ® Reference Check/Background Check