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Past Recomendations

  1. 1. February 23, 2003Bridgewater State CollegeOffice of Human ResourcesBoyden HallBridgewater, MA 02325To Whom It May Concern::Andres has asked that I write a letter of recommendation in support of hisapplication for the International Student Advisor Position at Bridgewater StateCollege . I can recommend Andres highly. He is an outstanding studentacademically, who is not only proficient in three languages, but has spentconsiderable time in the countries of these languages.I have known Andres for five years in my capacity as International StudentAdvisor at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. He is active in studentorganizations, and now serving as an Admissions Counselor upholding andpromoting the name of our University.Mr. Traslavina is exceptionally well qualified in his major area of Education with aconcentration in Student Affairs As his resume shows, he has earned manyhonors and awards. What his resume does not show is his professionalappearance, his pleasant disposition and his bright smile. Andres has a verypositive attitude and is always courteous and appreciative.I am pleased to give Andres Traslavina my highest recommendation; he is bothacademically and socially qualified to succeed in any higher education institution.Please let me know if I can provide any further detail to support his endeavors.Sincerely,Corliss SüllwoldDirector
  2. 2. March 6, 2004Bridgewater State CollegeOffice of Human ResourcesBridgewater, MA 02325To Whom It May Concern:It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation in support of Andres Traslavina,whom I understand has applied for the position of International Student Advisor, at yourinstitution. As an immediate colleague of Andres, in the Division of Student Affairs at theUniversity of Nebraska at Kearney, I have known Andres for nearly three years now. In this time,I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with him on a day-to-day basis. During this time, Andreshas displayed an unsurpassed level of maturity and a work ethic that has set a standard to befollowed by other Student Affairs practitioners. Specifically, it has been my experience thatAndres accepts responsibility for his duties and demonstrates commitment to accomplishing goalsin an ethical, efficient and cost effective manner. Further, Andres has proved his ability tomanage several, time sensitive responsibilities simultaneously, while keeping pace withcompeting priorities. Andres anticipates and monitors the needs of the students and responds tothese needs accordingly. Further he displays a talent for identifying their underlying needs andestablishing ways to improve the quality of international student programs and services.Throughout his employment in Student Affairs, Andres has completed countless assignments.These assignments include, but are not limited to; assisting with the establishment of theInaugural Cultural Unity Conference, designed to assist students from underrepresentedpopulations with successfully transcending barriers to higher education; the creation of theMulticultural Community Service Scholarship, design to increase the number of multiculturalstudents attending UNK; and, serving as an institutional liaison for external constituents of theuniversity on the local, state and regional level. Perhaps more importantly, Andres brings to ouroffice and our institution a high regard for diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism, couple withan unsurpassed level of consciousness on all accords.In conclusion, it is my professional opinion, Andres successfully demonstrates an exceptionallevel of proficiency in the principles and practice of student affairs programs and service. Furtherhe demonstrates a commitment to the improvement and understanding of facets of student life.He works well with external and internal constituents, including faculty, staff, students andparents and he actively participates in building a “group” identity characterized by pride,commitment and “teamwork.” Thus, I am confident that Andres Traslavina will be an asset toyour institution and continue the impeccable reputation synonymous with. I irrevocably supporthis candidacy for the position of International Student Advisor “without reservations.” If furtherinquiries are in order, please do not hesitate to contact me at or call (308)865-8243.Respectfully,Bryan D. Samuel, M.Ed.UNCA EIO Presidential Fellowand Coordinator for Multicultural RecruitmentUniversity of Nebraska at Kearney
  3. 3. Masahiro Kitagawa Renaissance Sapporo Hotel 3-25 Yuuai 3-Jyo 4-Chome Toyohira, Ku Nishioka Sapporo, Japan 0062-0033 Kitagawasenaissance@marriot.corp.orgFebruary 19, 2010Bill SmithDirector, International DepartmentMicrosoft Co2456 Rodeo DriveSan Francisco, CA 57889-3345RECOMMENDATION OF ANDRES TRASLAVINAMr. Andres Traslavina, whom your company is considering for the position of international publicrelations manager, asked me that I submit confidential information on his behalf. Deciding whichcandidates to interview from among the many applicants can be an overwhelming task. I believe Andrespossess all the qualities that you are looking to take on this challenging position. Andres has beenworking in our hotel for the past year in our International Marketing Department.Andres has achieved extensive experience in the international relations field. The time that he spentworking at our Hotel gave him the insights to work with customers from all over the world. He learned tomaintain the highest organizational standards by providing the fastest and the most effective systems andprocedures in order to exceed the international customer’s expectations.Andres came to Japan to master his language skills, along with getting acquainted with the way that wedo business over here. Besides his trilingual skills, Andres works independently, without wastingcompany time talking to colleagues. Andres never thinks twice about assisting fellow employees and healways finish given assignments on time. Often Andres takes extended measures to complete his work.Andres is a dedicated individual who has absolutely no vanity in spite of his high accomplishments andprofound knowledge in the international relations field.Andres’ goal has always been to be in a position where he can give his 110 percent, always having anopportunity to grow. I firmly believe that Andres can be classed as a high-caliber employee.Consequently, I duly recommend Andres for the international relations management position offered inyour corporation.Yours Truly,MASAHIRO KITAGAWA, DIRECTOR, HUMAN RESOURCESMK:rtd
  4. 4. College of Business and Technology West Center Room #403 Kearney, Nebraska 68849 “We cannot change the wind... But we can direct our sails”March 6, 2001RE: Letter of Recommendation Mr. Andres TraslavinaDear Potential Employer:I have been asked to provide a letter of recommendation for Andres Trasalvina. I amdelighted to have been asked to write this letter and I am confident about myrecommendation. I have known Andres since 1998. He has been a student in my classes. Ihave found Andres to be bright, energetic, and assertive. Andres’s individual work has beensuperior and his efforts with helping others have been exceptional. Andres is very selfsufficient as a young man and possess the abilities and attributes that contribute to fineacademic performance and will integrate with the success determinants of any position hemay seek.Andres has continued to demonstrate his academic performance throughout his time here atthe University of Nebraska at Kearney, and further demonstrated by academic honorsreceived in 1999. Andres is never satisfied to be just part of something, rather he works hardto make situations better. He has actively pursued work, service, and internship opportunities,both on and off campus, that have supplemented and heightened his understanding of workexperiences and specific management and marketing applications. Andres is a strong rolemodel for the attributes and successes our campus wishes to instill and nurture in its students.On a personal note, I feel strongly about the character and promise of Andres. His smile, hisdetermination, his level of commitment, his work habits, his self-sufficiency, his maturity, andhis general outlook on life cause me to believe he stands head and shoulders above the typicalcollege student. Andres will use his work ethic, enthusiasm and leadership ability to quicklybecome a valuable asset to any organization.I am very proud of this young man, and do without reservation support my recommendation.After 25 years of active management practice and observation, I have confidence in my abilityto pick winners and Andres ranks high on that list and has tremendous promise.Stephen G. Amundson, MBALecturer,Management & MarketingAccounting & Finance
  5. 5. May 9th 2001Lee Ann AmmAssistant Director of AdmissionsUniversity of Nebraska at KearneyKearney, NE 68849-2340Dear Ms. Amm,It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Andres Traslavina. I haveknown Andres through his participation in the Youth For Understanding exchangeprogram for high school students. I have been impressed by his deep understanding ofthe opportunities and challenges that an exchange experience brings to a young person. Ithas deepened his awareness to the diversity in culture and has given him a richerunderstanding of how each of us as individuals can make a difference in the world.His desire to give back to the organization is admirable in his belief that there is manyways to continue his exchange experience as he grows in his adult life and embarks onhis career. He has a deep appreciation for his culture and is a very enthusiastic individualcapable of inspiring young people to follow their dreams and continue with their desiresfor higher education.We feel very fortunate at YFU that Andres has continued to work and volunteer his timeto bring opportunities that a youth exchange offers to other young people in Canada andthe United States as well as his own country of Colombia. We value his high standard ofexcellence and appreciate his creativity in working with other people in the program. Iwould highly recommend Andres for the position of Admissions Counselor for HispanicStudents. His experience and sensitivity would be a compliment to your staff and I amsure your students would benefit in a variety of ways by his guidanceIf you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at my office duringregular business hours at 1-519-653-0550. I would be pleased to talk with you.Sincerely yours,National DirectorDiane Hahn
  6. 6. To:All organizers of theJames E. Smith Midwest Conference on World AffairsWith special thanks to:Jerald FoxAnn Marie HarrFrank HarroldAllen JenkinsMargaret BenderDear friends, March 16, 2002This is to express my heartfelt gratitude for the James E. Smith Midwest Conferenceon World Affairs! It was both an intellectually and socially rewarding experience. Thekind of hospitality that you showed all of us is truly world-class (to use Britishunderstatement…).In terms of academics, the choice of topics was excellent. The combination of theconference with classroom visits was both productive and stimulating. In terms ofsocial experience, I was pleased to meet a large number of students. A special thanksgoes to a group of Colombian students--Andres, Carlos, and Lina--who showed mearound and gave me a set of beautiful presents. I hope I can welcome them some timeto Palacky University.Thank you very much for the tourist activities such as visiting the archway and thetour to watch the cranes. Last but not least, I enjoyed the food you offered at theInternational Food Festival, the dinner in the Whiskey Creek restaurant with Dr.Harrold, and the fine cuisine at the Museum of Nebraska Art.Given the many positive experiences with UNK both here in the Czech Republic andin Kearney, I believe there is a good case for expanding the relationship between ouruniversities in the future. I would be delighted to be involved in a collaborativeprogram involving student and/or faculty exchange. Another option could be tocollaborate on joint curriculum development similar to a program we have currentlywith Valdosta State University in Georgia. Sponsored by USIA with a 3-year grant, thisprogram resulted in the first English-speaking Master in Public Administrationprogram in the Czech Republic.I look forward to welcoming the group from Nebraska next week.Sincerely,Gaudenz B. Assenza Cc: Andres TraslavinaPalacky University Lina TraslavinaCzech Republic Carlos Vivas
  7. 7. May 2, 2001Lee Ann Amm,Assistant Director of AdmissionsUniversity of Nebraska at KearneyKearney, NE 68849-2340Dear Lee Ann:I hereby submit this letter of reference for Mr. Andres Traslavina, currently an applicantfor the position of Admissions Counselor for Hispanic Students. I have known Andresfor over four years and have come to understand the sincere commitment and dedicationwith which he carries out his duties and responsibilities.In the time that I worked at the Office of Multicultural and International Student Servicesat the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Andres and I have worked on various highprofile programs together. These programs included Hispanic Heritage Month and theparticipation in the United States Hispanic Leadership Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Iknew that I could always count on his support in dealing with just about any issue havingto do with these programs. Furthermore, he was one of the founding members of theUNK Hispanic Student Association. When I first arrived at UNK, I found that his yearsof experience in dealing with multicultural and international issues, particularly as theyapply to the Hispanic community, made him a valuable asset in developing strategies andinitiatives to address the needs of this community.On a more personal note, I know Andres to be a generous, dedicated and drivenindividual. During my time at UNK, he and I had many discussions where wecontemplated the future directions that our respective careers would take. The position ofAdmissions Counselor for Hispanic Students will certainly help him get his career off toa good start. His past experiences as an intern at Disney World in Florida and as anexchange student in Japan will serve any future employer well.In closing, then, I strongly recommend Mr. Andres Traslavina for the position ofAdmissions Counselor for Hispanic Students. I consider it an honor that he would askme to serve as one of his references. He indeed has the necessary talents and abilities forthe position.Please feel free to contact me should you require any additional information. Best wishesfor a successful search.Sincerely,Rolando J. Diaz, M.A.Director